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  1. Looks like free service charges added
  2. By end of July there should be another announcement. I would hold out until then and if it were me I would wait for NCL to cancel. That's my 2 cents
  3. Anyone with any progress yet? Mine is still MIA
  4. I get it. My mom is 87 and got out the nursing home rehab late February (luckily). I do her shopping and other errands as well.
  5. Thanks - I get people want to be safe but vacation is a big part of a healthy life
  6. I am supposed to be on my Alaska cruise today. If they were sailing I would have no problem flying to Seattle and getting on the ship
  7. Did you get your FCC due on 6/25? Mine has yet to appear and they told me to wait up to 10 days even though the website says it should be there on 6/25. What was your result?
  8. I bring a bundle of $2 bills and use them to tip. Usually find my favorite server or two and they bring me drinks without even having to ask many times. Like I go into the showroom and here comes my server with what I drink in the casino
  9. There should be some fireworks for 4th of July. Expect a good addition to basic current promos
  10. You can get Fireball with the package
  11. Should be less of an issue once sailings start up
  12. What game show should NCL add to the atrium events they have on mega ships?
  13. In this era all policies will be reevaluated by cruiselines and may change. Its good to bring back cruise topics instead of just cancels, refunds, and covid. Keep an open mind please
  14. Pretty good chance in the new environment
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