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  1. Man, I hope Carnival realizes this cruise is full of VVIFP's.
  2. Do they give a Pulitzer for travel review?? If not, they should!
  3. Spectacular trip report Sid! I enjoyed sailing with you! As you move forward, remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Make your changes slowly and deliberately. You have a ton of people behind you!
  4. Let Mr. I'm having brunch for dinner leave first then steal his....let him pay for them!
  5. Hello all, DW and I are booked on our first X cruise in November. Does anybody have a currentish Silhouette Today planner that you could post so we can read through it? Thank you in advance!
  6. Father Saint Greg from this undated photo in the 80's. Sorry to say if you recognize him like I do... we're getting old.
  7. I'm a bit behind so apologies if this has already been discussed.....but are those tablecloths in the MDR??
  8. You missed Sid's?? You missed A LOT! Greg has really large shoes to fill.....😜
  9. This has been an amazing Live Sid. Thanks for the laughs! This report is 55 pages and growing. Your Celebration was 88. I think you found the balance of Live time, and vacation time. Of course what you found under the covers seemed to have helped a bit too.... Bet you didn't see all this coming your way as you comtemplated life in the ocean off Grand Cayman! 😉
  10. Please tell us you informed them of how many times you have snuck, or weaseled your way into The Haven! On second thought don't. One hazmat team this week was enough!
  11. I'm pretty sure you're already the Mayor of CC!! Carry on Mr. Mayor!
  12. I love to watch the ships leave the ports on PTZtv on the weekends. Must have been a hoot to be right there!
  13. This has been a truly epic Live Trip Report Sid. Thanks for the week of fun while we droned on through everyday life. 246 days for our next cruise, on Mardi Gras.
  14. T+hem right there are genuine Dominican cigars....made from cuban seed tobacco.
  15. Husband Day Care? Jammin54 I hope you're taking notes!
  16. I haven't read your last virgin TR yet, the last one I read was your Mardi Gras. I'm glad to see you have your swagger back. Have a great time!
  17. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say "Sandra" is not a hand model...
  18. We just had our first sideways cabin on Sunshine this year. I hope yours is the same because ours was huge and really comfortable! Have a great trip, I'll be following along!
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