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  1. Three drinks at once because 15 isn't the limit...its a challenge!
  2. We were on the Horizon in April and thought the bed was awesome!
  3. I had the same experience on the Horizon in April. Atrium bar Funship was great. Tides Bar Funship not so much. I think they used dark rum in the Tides Bar.
  4. My wife works in the school system and can't take time off during the year. We chose Sunshine due to value, trip dates and itinerary. Horizon with my family in one week, then an anniversary cruise adults only with friends on Sunshine. I have nothing to complain about!
  5. My first CCL cruise was on Triumph 3 years ago out of NOLA. I would like to sail on the new Sunrise too. I liked Triumph and would love to see the transformation. We looked for a Sunrise cruise for 2020 but it didn't work out and we booked on the Sunshine for 2020. I live in Maine, and when the Sunrise is in port on Jeff's cruise I plan to go check her out.
  6. Have any recent Carnival cruisers seen the return of escargot?
  7. Thanks for taking us along! I enjoyed it very much. Cheers Sid!
  8. I have to travel for work.....a lot. Used to be a real drag until I found out I could use Best Western Rewards for $100 Carnival gift cards. Got 4 of them in the mail a little while back. Add in cash back bonus on a credit card that I use and it adds up to Free Cheers. YES! I still have to look into a Carnival card.
  9. I've never been much of a tequila drinker. Then I found your reviews. Now I love it. Go figure.
  10. We were in Cozumel two years ago and had one of these really tasty blue shots. Trouble is neither DW or I know what they are called. Do any of you??
  11. Oh my word...you just gave me a great laugh. Hope you had an amazing trip Sid~
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