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  1. Which dining room is assigned dining? We've sailed several times on the Fascination, but this will be our first time on the Paradise as well. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.
  2. Verandah deck balconies are Junior Suites.
  3. Waiting patiently on the rest of the review We're on the Paradise in November, so I'm curious about the upgrades.
  4. Thanks! This answers my question.
  5. Unfortunately, this is not the case. She is asking for confirmation from our ships authority on the island time that we will be arriving. I had already given her the posted arrival time.
  6. Normally I set my watch to ship time and don't worry about anything else. This time, we are taking an independent tour of the Island and the tour operator would like to make sure they know what time island time we will be arriving. Can anyone tell me if the ship time and island time are the same for George Town Grand Cayman?
  7. Hey! Thank you all very much. Our hotel is less than 70 miles from the Port of Tampa. We're going to check Waze and the traffic site shown above ( Thank you Capt BJ) around 8am. If it's backing up, we'll leave then. If traffic is lighter, we'll hang out and have another cup of coffee. It's all good.
  8. There is an Alamo Car Rental place right there at Shades of Green and the Tampa agency is on Kennedy about 10 minutes from the Port. They run a shuttle on cruise days.
  9. Thanks. We've done the Kissimmee to Universal and back traffic during the week, in all of that construction. Whew! Glad to have some perspective on heading on into Tampa from there. I appreciate it.
  10. We'll be in Orlando for a few days before our cruise out of Tampa in November. We'd like to just leave the morning of the cruise and drive straight down to the Port. How is traffic usually on a weekday morning? If we want to arrive at the port by 10am, how much time should we allow?
  11. AARP Rewards for Good let me log in today. I'm no longer locked out.
  12. We sailed on the Miracle through the Canal from Long Beach last January. Booked a private whale watching tour in Cabo. It was amazing. https://whalewatchcabo.com/ We had an excellent private excursion in Cartagena as well, but I do not remember the name of the company. It was run by a woman. We did a ship excursion in Guatemala because everything is at least a two-hour ride from the port. If it's offered, do not do the Mayan Ruins tour. Not worth the time or money. (If you absolutely must do the ruins, wear long pants & take a jacket, it's at altitude) Go visit Antigua instead. In Puntarenas Costa Rica we did a ship excursion to a coffee plantation that was excellent. Very informative, fun and there was food and shopping time included. We did not have a stop in Puerto Limon, but I hear there is an excellent sloth rescue there.
  13. Interesting. Would you mind sharing which tour company you are using? I thought Strawberry Tours was "free". (And by free, I mean that I thought you tipped heavily at the end)
  14. My apologies. I thought I was answering exactly what you asked.
  15. As with any port, no matter what time they tie up to the dock, you can't disembark until the ship has been cleared with the port authorities. If you're on a ship excursion, your tickets will tell you where and what time to meet. If you're taking a private excursion, you may not be able to disembark until the first wave of ship excursions have gone.
  16. From my understanding, Cuban authorities did a sweep of waiting tour guides in Plaza de San Francisco one day a couple of weeks ago. Held about 10 of them in jail for a full day and fined them (I assume for operating without proper Cuban licenses?). Since then, Blexie has changed his meeting spot for his groups, FerTours has gone out of business, and CubaOutings has closed due to "injuries to all employee in a vehicle accident".
  17. I'm not going to flame, and I'm not even going to disagree with your comments. :) ....but I am wondering what your comments have to do with Blexie making changes to his meeting place? The Cuban government hasn't said that these tours are illegal. They aren't trying to discourage tourists from taking them. If anything they are trying to discourage the tour guides themselves from operating.
  18. The cruise lines do not know any more than we do at this point. Bolton's remarks were very non-specific about Cuban travel. It could take months for the administration to work out what the new policies will be. So what should Oceania be doing?
  19. 1) Control your children. Not all children, just the ones who need more parental guidance. 2) I am happy to aid the scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs load the elevators first, please be kind enough to not run over my feet as we're getting off the elevators. 3) Scooters sounding their horns do not have the right of way through the casino or the Lido. 4) Please shower between your beach/shore excursion and dinner in the MDR. Your tablemates (and the tables close by) will thank you.
  20. I'm not so sure about that one. Carnival's policy on compensation seems all over the map at times. I think it depends on how many and how loudly people complain and to whom.
  21. Got caught as well, and I only used one of the codes once. I called today and the woman was extremely apologetic, but couldn't tell me if our account would be released or not. She did say that the codes we receive are linked to our accounts, and couldn't be used on others. Lesson learned.
  22. This day tour company has good reviews on Trip Advisor, but does anyone here have any experience with this company? Thanks
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