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  1. I supposedly won a $15 Uber gift card on one of their instant wins, but I never saw an email from them, never got a code and now the instant wins are gone from the website.
  2. He's on his 3rd machine since February of 2018, which is why he's a little concerned about it breaking. He doesn't trust them now. He's already ordered a smaller portable backup, so we're good to go. 😊
  3. Thank you all. He's currently looking at a portable/battery powered back up. I appreciate the advice. 😊
  4. My husband has recently been diagnosed with COPD and he uses a nebulizer for his daily breathing treatment. He is a little worried about getting out to sea and having his machine quit working. Does medical have a nebulizer onboard in cases like this? Thanks!
  5. I've used the kiosks on-board to add Gift Certificates to my S&S, but they do not always work. Hit or miss kind of thing.
  6. Which dining room is assigned dining? We've sailed several times on the Fascination, but this will be our first time on the Paradise as well. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.
  7. Verandah deck balconies are Junior Suites.
  8. Waiting patiently on the rest of the review We're on the Paradise in November, so I'm curious about the upgrades.
  9. Thanks! This answers my question.
  10. Unfortunately, this is not the case. She is asking for confirmation from our ships authority on the island time that we will be arriving. I had already given her the posted arrival time.
  11. Normally I set my watch to ship time and don't worry about anything else. This time, we are taking an independent tour of the Island and the tour operator would like to make sure they know what time island time we will be arriving. Can anyone tell me if the ship time and island time are the same for George Town Grand Cayman?
  12. Hey! Thank you all very much. Our hotel is less than 70 miles from the Port of Tampa. We're going to check Waze and the traffic site shown above ( Thank you Capt BJ) around 8am. If it's backing up, we'll leave then. If traffic is lighter, we'll hang out and have another cup of coffee. It's all good.
  13. There is an Alamo Car Rental place right there at Shades of Green and the Tampa agency is on Kennedy about 10 minutes from the Port. They run a shuttle on cruise days.
  14. Thanks. We've done the Kissimmee to Universal and back traffic during the week, in all of that construction. Whew! Glad to have some perspective on heading on into Tampa from there. I appreciate it.
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