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  1. Hilton The Main is currently open for booking thru May 31st. It is not open for June 1 and forward. That should help give you an idea as to when your dates should open up.
  2. Hotels don't normally post their available rooms until less than a year out. Check back in late June/Early July.
  3. Thanks from two retired Navy vets. 😄 No. We have 2 options. 10AM (ish) or getting back to our home station @ 3am. We could drive, it's only 8 hours but I don't get to ride the train very often.
  4. Thank you. If we manage all 3 currently booked cruises by then ( cross yer fingers!!), we will be platinum and can make a run for it, but hadn't considered new COVID regulations. So I'll just plan for an extra night in a hotel and catch the next day's train.
  5. Hi there! We have a bit, cruising out of Baltimore in September of 2022, but since we have nothing else better to do than dream.... We're looking at taking Amtrak to Baltimore and back home and this will be our first trip to Baltimore. We'd naturally come in a day before, but is is feasible to plan on making our 10:04 am train upon debarkation? What's the best way to get to and from Penn Station and/or the Cruise Port?
  6. I supposedly won a $15 Uber gift card on one of their instant wins, but I never saw an email from them, never got a code and now the instant wins are gone from the website.
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