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  1. We docked in Kahului on Maui. We walked directly across the street to Enterprise Car rental. It was very easy. Every car rental was very easy, but this one had the longest wait by far. Oahu - Aloha tower. We took a bus to a car rental near the airport. We just followed all the transit directions on our iphones. Again really easy, probably would have tried for something closer in Waikiki had I known how easy the bus was to use. I wasn’t sure about drop off times. Kona - tender, rented a car right off the pier at Marriot King Kamehameha, very easy to get to. Just reserve as soon as you can and get off as soon as you can. This was the trickiest port because we had to tender reposition the ship which took awhile. Also, “priority” boarding for tenders is an issue as more than half the ship was platinum. This was extremely annoying and took A LONG time to get off the ship. The car rental almost closed, we got there just in time. They close pretty early, so be aware of that. Hilo - We rented a car at the airport. I can’t remember which line we used. We did not see them listed on the airport shuttles, so we thought it was separate and took an uber. It turns out it was sharing a booth & we could have just taken the free shuttle. Lesson learned. Again, really easy to get to. This one also through me off because on maps it looks like a very easy walk, but it is not. Just take the shuttle. I am SO happy with how smooth all our car rentals went. Hands down saved hundreds and saw way more by doing our own thing. It was the best decision ever. Just be sure to reserve early. 😁
  2. Im hoping we get to see some whales on our upcoming Hawaii venture! I would imagine you get a great view.
  3. Alaska & Canada are on our bucket list! I’m sure the sights of wildlife and landscapes are just incredible.
  4. Perfect! Thank you! We get on the Miracle in 13 days!
  5. Being a recent cruise addict convert, but life long ocean lover, I’m fascinated with any sea wildlife. Anything super exciting? The flying fish are fun. I’d watch dolphins ALL day. The coolest thing we saw though, was pulling into Cabo, we saw a school of 5 or 6 manta rays swimming right along with us for a minute & then go on their way.
  6. Im totally bringing my own if that’s allowed! Have you ever had a problem doing this?
  7. One more, haha... Was the deli premade, or could you somewhat customize?
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