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  1. Interesting…our last stop was shortened significantly too. We went from 9 to 5:30 to 10 to 3:30. I have no idea honestly when the change was made (a few days precruise or once we were on the ship) but we had booked through the ship for the same reason you mentioned. We ended up at Blue Hole which was amazing but it was a LONG drive for such a short stop.
  2. We had two staterooms and checked our towels for each other a lot. The day before we ended the cruise, we asked how many were checked out of each room to get it sorted out. We were worried about the same thing!
  3. We sailed her last November and had a fantastic time. Plenty to do, good food and service were both excellent, and it was clean and well maintained. I actually much preferred our entertainment on that ship than our recent cruise on Oasis.
  4. We went to Giovanni’s for lunch on the Oasis and my kids LOVED it. The waitress suggested straight away and our kids could all order off the adult menu if they wanted. The all did…one got the steak, one stuck with pasta, and my son got the branzino. We weren’t charged extra for any (although I did just remember my oldest is technically adult pricing. It was a fabulous experience!
  5. I was hoping this would get bumped, I couldn’t find it! We got off the Oasis last week and found out a week before sailing we went from an interior guarantee to a Boardwalk balcony. I was thrilled since we bid on the lower end of mid range ($300 total for the upgrade) and the interior guarantee was a phenomenal deal to start. It was for a cabin of 4. We had bids in on our other room as well but canceled those after the first got accepted since we really just needed one upgrade.
  6. We booked early dining on this cruise bc I thought MTD was a hassle when I went with my husband in November. Not terrible but I did sorely miss having the same waiter and waiting in line. Was really annoyed when we got on the ship and early dining was moved from 5:30 to 5. We missed sail a way and the sunset most days. I did really enjoy the same server and table all week so still worth it and preferred it over late dining.
  7. You guys took over the ship from us! Not quite, we were in a much smaller room but still on the Boardwalk in a balcony. Our day in Cococay was the opposite…started off cold and windy but ended gorgeous.
  8. No just the one…we really just wanted one with a balcony and since we were guarantee for both rooms we knew we wouldn’t be together anyway. Ironically before the Royal Up we ended up really close together. Both right by the stairs on the same end just one floor apart. With the upgrade we were in opposite sides three floors apart. It wasn’t a big deal.
  9. We did this excursion through the ship bc we were docking in Falmouth and didn’t want to risk private with that long drive. We just did the express (no lunch included). The excursion itself was the highlight of our trip. I am 41 and overweight and my youngest is 9 and we have two other kids and my husband and we could all do it no problem. The whole thing took about an hour. Our tour guide did a to go order at Scotchies for us which we just got two meals and shared. Not sure if that is typical.
  10. We used it for Pullman (we got a day room with Dayuse but needed one more pass as a family of 5). Such a great option and went smoothly!
  11. I would HIGHLY recommend using Dayuse to rent a room at the Pullman Airport Hotel. I think it was about 115 for the room from 10 to 6. Seamless check in, we got a nice room with two doubles and we’re able to store our luggage, nap, etc. as well as use their lovely pool. Walking distance to several easy restaurants like Panera and Chipotle. If also included a free shuttle to the airport that ran every 30 minutes.
  12. Check recent reviews…we had used them several times in the past and loved them but recent reviews over the last year show LOTS of issues with no shows. I would not trust them. We used an Lyft XL for our family of 5 and I think it cost about 65 to get from FLL to our Airbnb in South Beach. Regular Lyft would’ve been about 45.
  13. I was trying to just add this to the thread but I searched and searched and couldn’t find it. We just got back from our Oasis of the Seas sailing on Sunday. We got phenomenal deals on two rooms inside guarantees. I wanted to bid for an ocean view but the minimum was about 360 a person so we passed. We bid on several other categories and our room for four won about a week out! We paid $300 total to go from an inside guarantee to a Boardwalk Balcony. I loved it! Right by Central Park, right by the action, and could see some of the theater. It was a nice deal!
  14. We just got back from Oasis on Sunday this was our biggest letdown. One ice show, one Aqua show, OneSky, and Cats which we chose not to do for the first time ever. Comedy club had no family friendly option. The Headliner was a singer which we went to for something to do, but IMO a headliner should never be a singer when so many of the other shows involve singing and dancing. It left us with a lot of evenings to fill with older kids. One Sky was only offered twice I think and Cats, if we wanted to see it, was offered 3 times and at very odd times. Like one of the the times was 3:15 on a port day which was an hour before the all aboard. Very weird. No show for opening night either. We ended up watching Aqua 80 2 1/2 times (ended abruptly due to weather once) and the ice show twice.
  15. Not the minim, but we just got back from the Oasis where we went from an interior guarantee to a Boardwalk balcony for 300 total. Not a bad deal at all!
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