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  1. I was hoping this would get bumped, I couldn’t find it! We got off the Oasis last week and found out a week before sailing we went from an interior guarantee to a Boardwalk balcony. I was thrilled since we bid on the lower end of mid range ($300 total for the upgrade) and the interior guarantee was a phenomenal deal to start. It was for a cabin of 4. We had bids in on our other room as well but canceled those after the first got accepted since we really just needed one upgrade.
  2. We booked early dining on this cruise bc I thought MTD was a hassle when I went with my husband in November. Not terrible but I did sorely miss having the same waiter and waiting in line. Was really annoyed when we got on the ship and early dining was moved from 5:30 to 5. We missed sail a way and the sunset most days. I did really enjoy the same server and table all week so still worth it and preferred it over late dining.
  3. You guys took over the ship from us! Not quite, we were in a much smaller room but still on the Boardwalk in a balcony. Our day in Cococay was the opposite…started off cold and windy but ended gorgeous.
  4. No just the one…we really just wanted one with a balcony and since we were guarantee for both rooms we knew we wouldn’t be together anyway. Ironically before the Royal Up we ended up really close together. Both right by the stairs on the same end just one floor apart. With the upgrade we were in opposite sides three floors apart. It wasn’t a big deal.
  5. We did this excursion through the ship bc we were docking in Falmouth and didn’t want to risk private with that long drive. We just did the express (no lunch included). The excursion itself was the highlight of our trip. I am 41 and overweight and my youngest is 9 and we have two other kids and my husband and we could all do it no problem. The whole thing took about an hour. Our tour guide did a to go order at Scotchies for us which we just got two meals and shared. Not sure if that is typical.
  6. We used it for Pullman (we got a day room with Dayuse but needed one more pass as a family of 5). Such a great option and went smoothly!
  7. I would HIGHLY recommend using Dayuse to rent a room at the Pullman Airport Hotel. I think it was about 115 for the room from 10 to 6. Seamless check in, we got a nice room with two doubles and we’re able to store our luggage, nap, etc. as well as use their lovely pool. Walking distance to several easy restaurants like Panera and Chipotle. If also included a free shuttle to the airport that ran every 30 minutes.
  8. Check recent reviews…we had used them several times in the past and loved them but recent reviews over the last year show LOTS of issues with no shows. I would not trust them. We used an Lyft XL for our family of 5 and I think it cost about 65 to get from FLL to our Airbnb in South Beach. Regular Lyft would’ve been about 45.
  9. I was trying to just add this to the thread but I searched and searched and couldn’t find it. We just got back from our Oasis of the Seas sailing on Sunday. We got phenomenal deals on two rooms inside guarantees. I wanted to bid for an ocean view but the minimum was about 360 a person so we passed. We bid on several other categories and our room for four won about a week out! We paid $300 total to go from an inside guarantee to a Boardwalk Balcony. I loved it! Right by Central Park, right by the action, and could see some of the theater. It was a nice deal!
  10. We just got back from Oasis on Sunday this was our biggest letdown. One ice show, one Aqua show, OneSky, and Cats which we chose not to do for the first time ever. Comedy club had no family friendly option. The Headliner was a singer which we went to for something to do, but IMO a headliner should never be a singer when so many of the other shows involve singing and dancing. It left us with a lot of evenings to fill with older kids. One Sky was only offered twice I think and Cats, if we wanted to see it, was offered 3 times and at very odd times. Like one of the the times was 3:15 on a port day which was an hour before the all aboard. Very weird. No show for opening night either. We ended up watching Aqua 80 2 1/2 times (ended abruptly due to weather once) and the ice show twice.
  11. Not the minim, but we just got back from the Oasis where we went from an interior guarantee to a Boardwalk balcony for 300 total. Not a bad deal at all!
  12. Independence offered it the second to last day on our November 2023 cruise. They had signs as some bars around the pools.
  13. Not bad. One floor apart and close to the stairs so really just a couple of cabins down on separate floors.
  14. I have been reading the posts on here and they each say a different thing. We booked two inside rooms for our sailing next week for our family of 5. For whatever reason for our booking, it was significantly cheaper to book it with an even number of people in each stateroom rather than splitting up 3 and 2 or 4 and 1. So we booked a "fake" person (my mother in law) who isn't going to be coming with. I know from here that it is best to just have her be a "no show" at the port, but when they ask us, are we supposed to tell her she isn't coming or just say she is arriving separately? Besides that, anything special we need to do? I know we will get the port charges back but I just want to make sure we aren't missing anything.
  15. We did a regular balcony cabin with a family of 5 in 2017. Our kids were younger (4,5, and 10) at the time and it was cozy but very doable. This time it was cheaper to book two inside guarantees so we went with that. We did that on the Allure and we loved the ship!
  16. I had the most awful time trying to get the 100 OBC I had earned on a cruise years ago. In the end it hadn’t been worth my time but I pursued it more out of principle bc they outright refused to give it. I finally got a flyer off of here from someone that showed the promo and I got it. Ironically we cancelled that cruise in the end.
  17. We are on the Oasis in three weeks and comedy shows have never been available for booking
  18. I have read recent reviews and it sounds like it is only a 30 minute booked time slot that is actually only 20 once you get equipment and such. They rotate everyone on the island through all day so no chance to stay longer. If snorkeling is the appeal I would go elsewhere
  19. I would not use them! Check out recent reviews…it looks like the last 6 months have been terrible for service and people getting stranded. We used to love them.
  20. Sas has terrible reviews right now. Lots of people with no show transportation issues. I was glad I looked bc we have used them in the past and loved them.
  21. They would end up costing about the same...Good Hope we would probably rent one of the cabanas that include lunch and transportation and then do ziplining. I like that it is only 30 minutes or so from Falmouth so I feel comfortable booking independently. Blue Hole looks amazing but I would book through the ship and don't like the long drive. We have been to Ocho Rios and Falmouth both once but haven't done much of the "regular" stuff (river tubing and beach once and all inclusive another time).
  22. We were very lucky we booked when we did. Did two insides on the Oasis and paid around 3500 total. It has gone up significantly since we booked a couple of months ago.
  23. Varies by state! Completely legal and I was very good at it 🙂 It was just for an hour or two and gradually it became my main source of income until I went to college!
  24. This is very much a nowadays problem. I am 40 and I walked to kindergarten by myself at 4. Would ride my bike around town by myself starting around 8 and was babysitting other people’s kids at 9. I was responsible and trustworthy and knew what do in case of emergency. We all managed to survive without cell phones and I would argue were better off bc we had to learn to problem solve on our own. I can’t believe the number of people I saw on one of my Facebook groups who wouldn’t leave their kids alone at 16. But nobody blinks an eye about kids having access to electronics and their own phones at 10 which statistically had a much higher chance of being dangerous. Anyway…off my soap box. We let our son sign himself out of Kids club when he was 10. He could go back to the room or to where we were at…usually the show. He isn’t a big kids club guy so usually ended up with us, but he sure felt proud of himself for having the option. My current 10 year old…not a chance lol. I am not sure there is any age I could trust him unsupervised. You know your kid!
  25. I don’t know why people always get so worked up about sleeping 5 in a cabin. We did it in 2019 and our kids were 9, 5, and 4 at the time. We were absolutely fine and we got a fantastic deal. Yes, it is cozy with the beds me but they were easy to put back and we had no issues. As the PPer mentioned, it is 2 on the couch bed and then a drop down bunk and the king bed. This upcoming cruise we have booked, it was cheaper to do 2 rooms bc of a guarantee rate.
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