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  1. We were very lucky we booked when we did. Did two insides on the Oasis and paid around 3500 total. It has gone up significantly since we booked a couple of months ago.
  2. Varies by state! Completely legal and I was very good at it 🙂 It was just for an hour or two and gradually it became my main source of income until I went to college!
  3. This is very much a nowadays problem. I am 40 and I walked to kindergarten by myself at 4. Would ride my bike around town by myself starting around 8 and was babysitting other people’s kids at 9. I was responsible and trustworthy and knew what do in case of emergency. We all managed to survive without cell phones and I would argue were better off bc we had to learn to problem solve on our own. I can’t believe the number of people I saw on one of my Facebook groups who wouldn’t leave their kids alone at 16. But nobody blinks an eye about kids having access to electronics and their own phones at 10 which statistically had a much higher chance of being dangerous. Anyway…off my soap box. We let our son sign himself out of Kids club when he was 10. He could go back to the room or to where we were at…usually the show. He isn’t a big kids club guy so usually ended up with us, but he sure felt proud of himself for having the option. My current 10 year old…not a chance lol. I am not sure there is any age I could trust him unsupervised. You know your kid!
  4. I don’t know why people always get so worked up about sleeping 5 in a cabin. We did it in 2019 and our kids were 9, 5, and 4 at the time. We were absolutely fine and we got a fantastic deal. Yes, it is cozy with the beds me but they were easy to put back and we had no issues. As the PPer mentioned, it is 2 on the couch bed and then a drop down bunk and the king bed. This upcoming cruise we have booked, it was cheaper to do 2 rooms bc of a guarantee rate.
  5. Thanks! I really think we will keep it our MSC cruise in the end…I am just slightly worried about activities for kids as their last cruise preCovid was Allure and that had so much to do!
  6. We currently are booked with MSC in two balcony staterooms for 1,000 less than we would pay for sharing a family oceanview on Norwegian. We just really loved the Norwegian experience last time we sailed and I would like to at least consider it.
  7. Ok here are the screenshots that show the date, the price listed, etc. The second screenshot shows in the top left that I have already selected 5 guests and the correct date. The last two show the price breakdown.
  8. Sorry, January 29th, I am getting it confused with the cruise we actually have booked.
  9. This particular cruise rate, however, is listed AFTER I have already chosen both the cruise date (In this case to the PP, January 8th, 2023) and the number of passengers. I have tried both with and without the "perks" and it just removes the gratuities, it doesn't change the price. I will take a screenshot of the breakdown of the price on the final screen as well.
  10. We would love to book another cruise with NCL for the spring but have been having issues with the pricing…whether I check online booking online or directly through NCL, the price for 5 in a family ocean view is listed somewhere between $275 and $312 a person. When I get to the page to actual book, the price jumps a total of $500 or more depending on the site. It still shows 3rd and 4th guest free, but the price for the 1st, 2nd, and 5th guest have jumped. I reached out to NCL and they kept saying it was taxes, but I can clearly see taxes and fees in a separate category in addition to this base fare subtotal (in addition to gratuities for the “perks”. Am I missing something? I thought maybe they auto added gratuities but since it isn’t listed for the 3rd and 4th guests that doesn’t make sense. I will try to add screenshots.
  11. We are currently booked in two balcony view cabins with obstructed view on deck 8. One of them is a bigger balcony, which I like, but of course the lifeboats just below are a bummer. My husband wants to switch to an unobstructed view in one of the cabins, but the starboard cabins left on deck 8 show large lines of white right over the entire starboard side of them on the deck plan. What is this and does it effect the view? He would like to stay on the same floor, but is he better off moving up? Are the obstructed views better or worse on deck 8 vs. 14? Thanks! I attached a picture below for reference.
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