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  1. These threads kill me. A lot of people with built up false hopes because they want to cruise again. I understand it. But as many have said, this will not happen overnight . More than likely end of 2021 would be a more likely scenario
  2. Here in lies the problem in peoples thinking of the vaccine. My guess is even if people get vaccinated, there will still be a need to practice social distancing and wearing of masks for a period of time as a precaution . Just because one gets vaccinated doesn’t mean the need to be extra careful goes away.
  3. Agree. It’s likely resumption of cruising may not be until end of 2021
  4. Until everyone in this country starts taking the virus more seriously, the virus numbers will continue to spike and the no sail order will come You can’t win the virus war if only half the people are engaged in the battle Everyone seems to want to blame everyone else for what’s going on but take a look in the mirror and ask that person, am I doing enough?
  5. Yes we’re going to cruise again, and it’ll be in 2022 Sorry folks
  6. This is a huge disaster for the cruise industry for sure i don’t think they could come up with enough protocols now that would make most people feel comfortable cruising
  7. All I can say is do the math. Current infection rates in the USA is 4% since Covid started If you have a cruise of 53 people , 4% suggests a possibility of 2 people having it. And once people come into close quarters, it will spread if people aren’t wearing masks, frequently washing hands and social distancing .
  8. It was 1986. I was getting married and needed to decide on a honeymoon . Wanted something different and special I worked for a guy that had already discovered cruising and spoke very highly of them so I made up my mind that we’d cruise the Mexican riviera Now were 20 + cruises in and never looked back
  9. I love the b) change . Too many people like to quote on somebody’s long exhausting posts (my biggest pet peeve). Now I don’t have to suffer through these long posts as they get shortened PS - if you want to comment on something specific about someone’s long post, do us all a favor and spend a little time to delete content of the long post to only the part you are responding to . It’s a little extra work but helps us all (just like I did above )
  10. Add Carnival to this list for ports of Miami and Port Canaveral. Princess is likely to follow this path soon
  11. This is far from a political statement . And now seems Norwegian is realizing that we are nowhere close to cruising and issued its own decree for delayed sailings into 2021. The CDC announcement had one intention was to drive unrealistic hope for someone’s personal gains.
  12. I concur with your assessment . Interestingly, most of the islands have had relatively low cases as they shut the borders early . We were on the March 8 to 15th Celebrity Edge sailing and we were the last cruise to stop at St Maarten before they shut it down . I think we were also the last ones on the Edge before she closed down.
  13. Woah easy there Charlie . Just making conversation and sharing opinions. Don’t turn this into something ugly
  14. Has anyone even considered even if a cruise is allowed to sail, will the Caribbean ports even allow anyone to disembark on their island ? Might be a bunch of 7 day cruises to nowhere
  15. when the no sail order was lifted, victory was proclaimed . The rest is just a smoke screen
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