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  1. I’ll give a different perspective . I am a non swimmer (dog paddle only) and I’ve snorkeled for years. But I always snorkel with a blow up life jacket / vest that’s strong enough to keep me afloat. And if I’m snorkeling off of a boat, I have felt comfortable to stray away from the boat (although I try to snorkel amongst others) I’ve never had an issue.
  2. Interesting. The policy says that a passenger should be ready to show the original proof of vaccination upon boarding . But my question is if they actually do check or not
  3. Sorry but I need to be a little more frank that you shouldn’t be surprised when they say NO With all the safety measure they do on the ship, do you really think they want all their cabins to have kettles on them. I think not. And to answer the question , we have never asked for a kettle as we already know the answer
  4. Mostly cruise ship jails are drunk tanks and I’m guessing they get used a lot based on how much people drink sometimes. Couple alcohol with mask rage and you get an awful combination
  5. That’s too bad you didn’t try Cosmopolitan. That was our favorite one
  6. Is it really that shocking on how Carnival is handling this ?
  7. Completely agree . NCL is giving the FL Governor one last chance to do the right, decent and humane thing before he ruins the cruise industry in Florida. I feel very sad for our society when politics trumps health and well being
  8. Bravo to the cruise lines for finding a work around for that ridiculous law Actually there are cases where unvaxed passengers got off the ship without a ship approved excursion and they were booted off the ship at that port. Good for them
  9. FL Governor saw to it that cruise ships can’t exclude non vax passengers onboard. I applaude the cruise lines for their efforts to keep everyone else safe as you now can’t count on the government to look after the people’s best interests Politics wins again over human decency
  10. Yes that is what I prefer to hear from real people about their real experiences .
  11. I had heard this and am happy to hear this news. Means they are being serious about non vax pax. Bravo Celebrity
  12. The reason for Cruise critic is to get answers and opinions from fellow passengers. I posted and got my answer on the Princess forum. Thanks for nothing 😂
  13. Thanks . Been hearing rumors to the contrary and appreciate the information
  14. Just curious if Princess is letting passengers do ports on their own, or do they require you to book a ship excursion to be able to get off the ship? I’m especially interested in St Thomas and St Kitts in January
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