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  1. It’s not off topic. The thread is about when cruising will restart and one of the opinions was never for the reasons explained in each of the recent posts. Just because they don’t concur with your own beliefs doesn’t mean these are insignificant opinions that needs to be shared . I hope this explains what it means to have a constructive discussion . Have a great day !!
  2. I ashamed that is people’s reaction . I’m not shocked that the country is going through a bad second wave with that kind of attitude
  3. Canadians get it. So do Europeans, Asians and pretty much every other nation, EXCEPT AMERICANS. i wish we weren’t so egotistical and arrogant to not get what every other nation has figured out. Very sad and ashamed
  4. Agreed. Until people make mask wearing a science and right vs wrong issue, and not be about politics, we’re stuck with this Covid thing for a few years at the least. I’m so disappointed in the people of this nation and very proud for foreign nations that get it (about mask wearing)
  5. Really enjoyed Select Dining and the smaller main restaurants . Cosmopolitan was our favorite (mostly due to the staff like Johanna, Savin and Paul). The ocean view cafe buffet for breakfast and lunch was phenomenal and very fresh . Impressed that there were many hand washing stations at all entrances to the buffet and staff there to make sure people washed up. We did Eden Cafe for breakfast once and it was very nice but liked the selection in the buffet so we usually stuck to that. Specialty restaurants - didn’t really use these but we did do breakfast at Eden cafe and it was very good.
  6. where would one go to find listings for cruise ships for sale ?
  7. Exactly correct. If people understood business , they would understand cash flow and paying bills when there is no income and that this would NOT be the time to spend money if one wanted to survive for the long haul
  8. One ship is newer and more grand (Magic) and the other 3 are older ships. Not to say older ships are bad but they have their limitations Thats how I compare them
  9. In most Asian countries , if one doesn’t feel well, one wears a mask to help prevent spread of the illness. This has been the norm for many many years. They seem to care more about preventing infectious disease spread than what people think about their appearance . I pray that the USA will get to that point someday and stop the vanity. I realize now, during the pandemic, that many people wear masks (Not all but many). But when this all blows over , we’re more apt as a society to go back to the way things were. We have a lot to learn from Asians about caring for your fellow man.
  10. Cruise pass history (in millions) 1980 1.4 1990 3.8 2000 7.2 2010 18.4 2018 28.2 After each decade, it seems that we double from the previous decade . What will happen by 2028? Will we double again or will numbers retreat ?
  11. Cruise pass history (in millions) 1980 1.4 1990 3.8 2000 7.2 2010 18.4 2018 28.2 Supply and Demand changed things over the years. I suspect in the 1990’s, the volume of cruisers Versus the 1980’s created the need to turn this into of a more sustainable and enjoyable vacation experience. And every decade seems to double from the previous decade . What will happen by 2030?
  12. And how would that business make money if half its customer base gets ill and never returns
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