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  1. Thanks all for the input. They both sound like great options but I am thinking the Australia/NZ might be better just for the weather aspect. Although I’ve been obsessed lately reading the CC posts on the Quest Antarctica cruises...very very tempting!😁
  2. Thank you - that thread is very helpful! I look forward to any thoughts on the Australia/NZ cruise if you get a chance.
  3. Hi all. First time poster! My husband and I did our first cruise ever on Encore this September and fell in love! We enjoyed everything about it - the suite, the service, the food, everything! I'm now contemplating a holiday cruise for 2020 for our family (adult children, ourselves, and my 80-year old mother). My choices are the Singapore to Hong Kong trip on Ovation versus the Sydney to Auckland trip on Encore. None of us has been to any of the places on either cruise so it will be exciting regardless of which one we select. Anyone have any advice on one versus the other? I have read a few reviews of the Singapore to Hong Kong which were pretty varied, and am aware that weather could be an issue if we choose that one. Based on some research it seems that ports like Halong Bay might be cold/foggy at that time of year? I have no idea what to expect from the Sydney to Auckland route as far as rough seas/sunny days. To me both cruises sound fabulous, so I'm really just looking for some input from some who may have done either one at that time of year, just to tip the scales one way or the other. Thanks in advance for any replies, and thanks to all posters from whom I have gained so much insight and information on cruising. You guys are the best!!
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