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  1. Thank you all so much for your insights! As I suspected it will be a tough decision. We are very active and I love the thought of going all the way past the Arctic Circle. We also love cities and museums and have never been to any of the Baltic states. Hmmm... Also like the idea of adding Viking Shores to Trade Routes as a combo cruise. Thanks deec! FYI we are from Northville so practically neighbors! Our biggest obstacle is that we are far from retirement so can't take quite as much time as I'd like. But all of these itineraries I think would be doable for us.
  2. We are looking to do our first cruise on Viking but can't make up our mind which would be the best one. Tough problem I know! 😊 The itineraries of both Homelands and Midnight Sun sound very appealing, and the Viking Shores and Fjords sounds like a nice option for a one-week cruise. Anyone done these and can make a comparison please? Thanks!
  3. I just got off the phone with a Seabourn representative. She assured me that Seabourn will resume cruising on May 1. I hadn't actually called to ask about that - it just came up in conversation so to speak. She seemed very certain of it. Was hard not to feel a little twinge of hope that she might be right!
  4. I'm curious as to how cruise lines contemplating mandatory vaccinations to start back up are looking at the issue of children. Specifically, children under 16 who are not able to be vaccinated even if parents want them to be. So all those lines that cater to families will have to decide either to say no to kids and yes to full vaccination or vice versa. I have a cruise scheduled in late June with my son who will luckily be 18 by then so not really affecting me. But it did make me wonder when I was thinking about whether my daughter age 14 would be allowed on board. I know most o
  5. We are booked on a Riviera sailing on June 27 this year. My TA emailed us a few weeks ago to say that Oceania had moved the final payment date to 60 days instead of the original 90 days. Also cancellation penalties don't kick in for us until 60 days out as well. We are really counting on this cruise sailing so I haven't put a whole lot of thought into the FCC question yet...
  6. Yes we are aware of the reduced privacy of course. The three rooms we are looking to open up to are for my immediate family - my husband and I and our children ages 15-26. At this point my greatest concern is not so much the balcony dividers but whether we will be able to sail at all. From what I read, the vaccine is only recommended for people ages 16 and over, which means my daughter would not be vaccinated by the time of our scheduled cruise as she will only be 15 then. I am assuming that she (and therefore our whole group) would not be allowed on board if that is the case.
  7. Thanks all. I had no idea that it was a fire risk - that's pretty scary. Think we will skip opening up the dividers and just use the cabin door as Sheila suggests.
  8. Does anyone know if the balcony dividers on Explorer can be opened? We are sailing in three Concierge D suites in a row and would love to be able to open up the balcony to each other. I'm curious if the entire partition is folded back, or just a portion. If anyone has a pic of open dividers on Explorer that would be really helpful. Thanks!
  9. Hmmm...I love that piece of advice Tiramisu! "Take the top three must-sees and don't go to them". That is such a great working plan for the short time that you have during a port stop. Makes so much sense - I'm going to put that plan into place for our next cruise (supposedly in June 2021). Thanks for that!
  10. No worries I felt the humor! To be completely truthful my kids are "mostly" adult - my sons will all be over 18 but my daughter will only be 15 at the time of sailing. They will be thrilled with the opportunity and years of squishing them into hotel rooms have prepared them for a triple cabin 😆. We decided to book three Concierge D cabins all in a row and were able to get the pull-out couch 857 for the triple. So excited for Sydney to Auckland 2021!!
  11. Agree would love to see a picture! Thanks again for the help. Would be so wonderful to have some exciting travel to look forward to...
  12. Thank you all! That information is very helpful. I will make sure to have my TA check it out and recommend the appropriate suites. Not sure where I came up with the rollaway bed scenario - I thought I saw something about that on the website maybe? Or just a senior moment🤪.
  13. I’m looking at a 2021 holiday cruise on Explorer (Sydney to Auckland). As it’s a pretty pricey cruise, I was hoping to put three of my adult children in a concierge D cabin, or possibly a penthouse suite. Does anyone know how Regent accommodates this in rooms that do not have designated pullout sofas? The suites with pullouts seem to be unavailable yet Regent website still allows for a 3-person selection so I assume they must use rollaway beds or something? Just curious if anyone has any experience with this and could provide some input. Thanks!
  14. Thanks all for the input. They both sound like great options but I am thinking the Australia/NZ might be better just for the weather aspect. Although I’ve been obsessed lately reading the CC posts on the Quest Antarctica cruises...very very tempting!😁
  15. Thank you - that thread is very helpful! I look forward to any thoughts on the Australia/NZ cruise if you get a chance.
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