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  1. Here is a photo of Mendenhall Glacier when we were there in 2003. The current photo is shocking to say the least.
  2. Thank you Fouremco for your input about bringing my snorkeling equipment. If it were anywhere but the Galápagos Islands I wouldn’t even ask. I wondered because there are so many restrictions in the Galapagos.
  3. Thank you so much for the info about the two tests. Since I didn’t have to fill anything out I’m assuming the ones I ordered are the OTC.
  4. I realize Princess requires a monitored test, but does Abbott sell two different testing options? I’m sure it would be the same test and procedure. Does every BinaxNow test come with an option to be observed?
  5. Thank you for all the wonderful information. I have a question about snorkel gear. I have a very nice dive mask and dry snorkel. I realize these items are provided but could I use my own? I would use the ship’s fins.
  6. So I’m confused. I bought 4 tests online from Walmart. They will be here on Wednesday. There was no registration required when I ordered them. These are the Abbot BinaxNow home test kits. Is there a different test kit?
  7. This has been my experience with Princess going back to 2001. When I book initially through a TA a Princess peep is involved in the booking process regardless. So I don’t see how it makes a difference.
  8. This may have been discussed 2 years ago when the change occurred but I was not aware. If a cruise is booked initially through Princess the customer has only 60 days after booking to transfer the booking to a travel agent. It involves a more complicated process as well. I knew the transfer had to be completed prior to final payment being made but didn’t know there was a time limit as well. We booked a cruise for November in mid-August and final payment was due tomorrow. I had called my big box travel agent to transfer the booking shortly after booking it but the wait times were really long. So I decided to transfer the booking when I was ready to make final payment. Well…2 hours and 30 minutes later I was able to achieve my goal. They finally ended up cancelling and rebooking. The price had not increased and we each got $50 onboard credit that was a Princess promo after we did the original booking. This in addition to the benefits the travel agent was offering, which was the reason for the transfer. The cruise was also $2.00 cheaper. 😂 I asked about Celebrity as we are planning a Galapagos Island cruise for 2023 and she said with them we had only 30 days to transfer the booking. I will probably just book direct with the travel agent going forward. Sadly it seems more and more that travel agents are being squeezed out.
  9. My husband had both hips done 8 weeks apart…with the anterior approach. If the anterior approach is used PT has you doing stairs the evening of surgery and you can be discharged same day. My husband stayed overnight because of an over abundance of caution related to a different health issue. Our house is a 5 level split and he maneuvered the home stairs the second day post-op. It’s a different ball game with the anterior approach. I would not have the surgery any other way. To the OP my husband definitely would have been able to do a cruise at 4 weeks post-op. I wish your wife the best.
  10. Yes I posted the link since this was discussed at length when the murder occurred and it seems like his death provides closure of some sort. I agree…prayers for the children. RJAM3 you are welcome to ignore this thread.
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/19/us/cruise-ship-killing-man-found-dead/index.html I didn’t see this reported on CC yet. If it was I apologize.
  12. I’m LOVING your review! We generally cruise every 2 years or so. (We own several timeshares and do other land based vacations.) I didn’t realize how much I miss cruising until I started reading your review. Thank you for taking us along on your cruise. I agree with others, you have a beautiful family.
  13. We booked a Med cruise today on the Regal for fall 2022. This is to replace one cancelled by Princess. On our original cruise we had M108 booked. The best we could do this time is M106. The cruise is port intensive so hopefully we won’t be in the cabin much.
  14. We received an email notice that final payment was due just prior to the email informing us that the cruise was cancelled. I agree with the poster who said one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.
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