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  1. Thank you so much TSGarp. On Princess there is a different process for in-transit/returning guests, it seemed logical there would be one on RCi. We are going to go to church in the morning, come back and eat, then go back out to see Barcelona. We are getting very excited! We leave a week from Friday and will spend 5 nights in Rome pre-cruise. We were so fortunate to get Scavi tickets. I’ve just bought the book “The Fisherman’s Tomb” to prepare for that tour.
  2. Thank you so much for your responses! I think we will sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, take a walk and leave Rome around noon. Regarding getting off and on the ship in Barcelona, I’m assuming we don’t have to wait in the initial embarkation line?
  3. We are on the August 8 sailing out of Civitaveccia. I have searched CC and google for answers to the following questions and have come up blank. We are usually Princess cruisers but are trying RCI for the first time. Thank you in advance for your responses! -On this particular route, do most passengers board in Barcelona? -Since we have no priority, what time should we arrive at the port? -Other than the buffett, is there a dining room open for lunch on the Civitaveccia embarkation day? -Will we be treated as “in transit” passengers on the Barcelona day, meaning do we use a different exit/entrance area than those embarking? Thank you again.
  4. I can’t thank you enough for posting this! We have a private food tour for 12 of us in two weeks in Aix. We will either Uber or take the bus.
  5. Most of what I’ve read about the crowding is attributed to the “Rick Steves” effect. Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate Rick’s wealth of knowledge but it’s kind of like the blue Hawaii Revealed books. By publishing all the undiscovered places known only to locals it brings the masses. (I know I am one of the masses.) Then the little unknown gems become overexposed or closed off by those in authority. What really annoyed me though was a recent video by Rick Steves where he scolds cruise ship passengers for going to Cinque Terre. If he hadn’t done an ENTIRE SHOW on Cinque Terre, it would not be so popular!
  6. Although this was not what I was hoping to hear, thank you for your replies. :) Unfortunately we don’t get into port until 8:30. If we arrived earlier I would be up and out as soon as the captain gave the all clear. One woman in our group went in October 2017. She said they parked above one of the towns, walked down to the water and found people next to their boats offering private tours. They accepted an offer and had a great day hopscotching from town to town. She said it was not crowded and the weather was very mild. I think we will do an alternate tour and time it better next time we are in Italy. Thank you all again.
  7. We will be in La Spezia in mid-August from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. I have done exhaustive research on visiting/touring Cinque Terre. Initially I wanted to find a private boat tour (for a group of 6) that allowed us to visit 2-3 of the towns. I have several email inquiries pending for the boat tours. I also researched taking the train or ferry and going on our own. Everything I read or viewed on YouTube states that Cinque Terre has been over run with mobs of tourists (yes, I realize I’m one of them...LOL) from 9-5. Since we arrive too late to get started early, I’m wondering if anyone has toured later in the day? Say from 2:00 pm - 7:30 pm. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  8. Thank you for your time writing your cruise experience. I rarely read general reviews anymore, but yours was so entertaining! Please come back and finish the cliffhanger about the stowaways!! I too checked in frequently yesterday to see if you had finished. I NEVER do that anymore. When I was reading your review I was laughing so hard my husband came in to ask what was so funny. He loved it too. Especially the curse of Brandon. Ignore the grumpy, self-important boors. They are the primary reason I don’t participate in cruise critic much anymore.
  9. Thank you for your review. We are planning a Rhine River Cruise in 2020 on the Viking Mani. This may seem like an odd question: is the soda onboard only from a can or do they also have the fountain or soda guns? Do they have Coke products? thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it. As I said, that is surprising to me. If you don’t want soda in a can, RCI really forces your hand. Of course I can always just drink water. 🙂 This is our first time on RCI and I have to say it is much more expensive overall than Princess. I’ll be curious to see if the product is worth the higher price. Thank you again.
  11. Really? That’s surprising. I don’t like the freestyle machines and was hoping to walk up to a bar and order a fountain Diet Coke. Also order it at dinner. Thank you for your quick response. Has anyone had a different experience?
  12. I’ve just tried multiple ways to do a search on this topic with no luck. I’m sure it’s been asked repeatedly, so I’m sorry. What is the cost for fountain soda per drink on Oasis? At dinner do you pay per soda or do the servers charge once and then refill as needed? We are Princess cruisers and usually just buy the package. However the RCI package for the two of us in August is $179! That’s a lot of soda. I’m not sure we will get our money’s worth since this is a port intensive cruise with full day excursions in every port. Thank you.
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