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  1. Travel insurance for medical is especially important if you are on Medicare from the US. Medicare part A, B, and D will not cover services on any cruise ship or port that is more then 6 hrs from the US. Some medicare advantage plans may have more extensive coverage so they need to be evaluated separately. https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/11037-Medicare-Coverage-Outside-United-Stat.pdf Advantage plans: https://medicarepartc.com/medicare-advantage-traveling/ Mike
  2. I was on that cruise also, we only booked it because we had never been to Portugal or the Azores but we still had nice times and decent weather but no refunds. I asked why and was basically told to read my contract, all they have to do is start in the posted port and end at the posted port. Oh, well still a good time. Mike
  3. The upgrades were an unusual program and was based on someone wanting or needing your room and willing to pay a higher price then you paid for it. Then royal found an empty room they hadn’t sold or were not likely to sell in a higher category and you were awarded an upgrade. It was usually waitlisted people or families trying to get rooms together. Ultimately they didn’t loose any money by moving you. Now they decided to just let money be the deciding factor on upgrades. My wife and I had 1 upgrade in 28 cruises. I a willing to place a low bid for an upgrade esp if I have an inside room that was purchased at the lowest possible fare. Im not sure what Barnum would think because I don’t care.
  4. I was just awarded a balcony from an inside room for my upcoming repo on Serenade. A number of us went from inside to balcony for what the system called a weak bid. That is a two step upgrade. Strangely when I got the email to bid, the min bid for the balcony was lower than an ocean view with just a window, no balcony.
  5. We and another couple who had winning bids are diamond plus. Our bids were considered weak by the system when entered but we both won an upgrade. Not sure if status had anything to do with it but the fact we were in low priced inside rooms that got released and repriced for apx 50% higher may have have something to do with it. Not sure, I figure they have an algorithm based on the price they can resell your room for and the amount you bid and general availability.
  6. Interesting, we are on a 12 night repositioning cruise on Serenade at the end of Oct. my wife and I were in an inside room which I got for a very low price. I put a bid in for $10 over the minimum bid on a balcony and found out yesterday that we got the bid accepted. I checked online and the room I gave up was now selling for $1300 over what I paid and the room type I got was no longer available but at one point was selling for $2000 over what I paid with my bid. Best news is the bid didn’t change my taxes and as the agent for my trip I got an increased commission. So all in all it was a good experience for me and not a large investment to go from a 4v inside to a 1d balcony. mike
  7. If you are first in line you should be through customers by 7:15 usually. With some delays figure 7:45am. I've seen the line start filling around 6:30am. It is a bit of a ride to LGA from Cape Liberty, hopefully you will get a car service. No traffic it is a 35 min ride start to stop, with traffic 55 min to an hour. I would suggest no earlier then 11 but i would shoot for 12 noon. I would always suggest using Newark as that would be the easiest one to get to. i have caught flights out of Newark as early as 10:30. TSA at Newark and LGA can really be unpredictable.
  8. Great review so far. My wife and I are on next years cruise which had no sail by of the islands but we got a 6th fl obstructed balcony for $2363 total. Hopefully we can also catch a few price drops. If you get a chance can you see how bad the obstruction is on the 6th fl balconies? Obviously only if you meet someone in one, lol. Mike
  9. It’s labeled as suggested attire, it’s not required attire for formal night. I’ve never worn a tux, used to wear a suit and tie and now wear nice slacks and a collared shirt and no one stares or makes comments. I’ve seen people in the windjammer in tuxes and always give them an appreciation nod of my head and smile. OBTW, Royal has started a new program on shorter cruises called “wear your best” nights and eliminated formal night. As others say, your on vacation do as you want within reason.
  10. Fortunately we leave today so we can pack for warmer weather. We only booked this cruise to catch ports we haven't been too but this means more time to relax I guess. See you on board. mike
  11. Just got the following email for my trip that leaves this Monday. Booked it because I had never been to these ports now I'm going to ports I've been to, oh well hopefully it was the best thing they could do. Dear Guest, We look forward to welcoming you onboard Jewel of the Seas this Monday, November 5th, 2018. We have an important itinerary update to share with you below. Along with our Chief Meteorologist, James Van Fleet, we have been closely monitoring the trajectory, speed and size of multiple storms covering the Northern Atlantic Sea. Unfortunately, this unforeseen circumstance will affect our crossing to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and we will be unable to visit Valencia, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, and Ponta Delgada, Azores. Instead, we will avoid the inclement weather and visit Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Canary Islands, and Philipsburg, St. Maarten. We are sorry for this unexpected change and the impact to your vacation. Please know, we evaluated all options, and determined this was the best decision to ensure your safety and comfort, and avoid unpleasant weather. Although not the ports planned, these three new destinations provide a vast range of exciting activities. From exploring volcanic craters on 4x4s, hiking hidden valleys, and sipping on Spanish wine, to kicking back on a sandy beach and admiring crystal clear, turquoise waters. You’ll savor each and every moment! Below, please find our updated itinerary. If you have any Royal Caribbean International pre-purchased shore excursions in Valencia, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, or Ponta Delgada, Azores, you will receive a credit to your onboard SeaPass account. You’ll also receive any taxes and fees associated to missed ports as an Onboard Credit on your SeaPass account. Please visit the Shore Excursions Desk on Deck 4, should you have any questions or if you’d like to make new reservations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please contact us at 1-800-256-6649 if you have any additional concerns, or once onboard, please visit Guest Services on Deck 4. We will continue to monitor the weather, and you can expect daily advisories from our Chief Meteorologist onboard. Please know, your safety and comfort is our top priority and we are confident once onboard, you’ll have a wonderful time with us! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  12. Interesting observation, my wife and I have been on 28 royal cruises and have always enjoyed all dining experiences including the windjammer. It's a Buffet and I know what that is. I'm glad you think it has improved. I think the world is moving towards this kind of dining so an investment in any attempts to improve it will create many positive observations. Mike
  13. Thanks, yes we will be claiming bags in PHL and then reloading them the next day. AA says since its a continuation I wont have to pay again, we will see. I had planned to try insurance since it will be a 12 hr delay vs the original flight but since it is booked well ahead of the date I would be surprised if they give me anything. We are staying at the Hampton Inn on Bartram Ave, they have a shuttle, decent prices and good ratings. Oh well its just a short stay. Mike
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