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  1. sunshine55

    Live Breakaway Repo NYC-NO with crazy start

    Wow!! You two have had some eventful cruise!! Sorry to hear of the theft but at least you are home safe. Sounds like you had a good time. Hope to see you on a cruise. Linda
  2. sunshine55

    Live Breakaway Repo NYC-NO with crazy start

    We've been there. Could get crowded very quick!! The Hell post office is further down the road. If you want to send someone a postmark from Hell, that's where you go. ☺
  3. sunshine55

    Live Breakaway Repo NYC-NO with crazy start

    Sounds like NCL had the adults celebrate Holloween the day after Holloween 😨
  4. sunshine55

    Live Breakaway Repo NYC-NO with crazy start

    We were in Tortola 6am-11:30 am on 10/16 cruise ...
  5. sunshine55

    Live Breakaway Repo NYC-NO with crazy start

    We just got off the Breakaway. Syd's has a good band playing there but we miss the Blues. We like the booths but think it has less seating than before. The Rock of Ages group that joined the set with the band were great.. Linda
  6. When you get on ship go to the location for reservations..ask crew they'll tell you where..you can change then. NCL only allows so many reservations on-line before cruise so you may be in luck. Must do as soon as you board.
  7. No need for Invites..
  8. sunshine55

    World points redemption

  9. sunshine55

    Anyone remember this show?

    Yes, loved it and Sinan was a blast. Sadly he jumped ship and the fountains stopped.
  10. sunshine55

    Drinking straws

    LOL!! Bought the same package of straws. You just have to remember to take your straw out of the glass We just returned from a 7-day cruise. On the 6th night I put my empty glass on bar at O'Sheehans without taking out the straw and walked away. Took me about 5 minutes later that I realized my straw was still in the glass. Went back and waved down the bartender and he was nice enough to put the glass in a secure area and picked up the glass and I took it out. So don't forget to take the straw out...lol
  11. sunshine55

    Drinking straws

    Sailed the Escape last week..no straws...brought my stainless steel straws with me. Everyone wanted to know where I got them.. Linda :)
  12. sunshine55

    Semi live Norwegian Gem May 5th-12th

    What at great shot of the Bliss & Gem!! The size difference really shows in this pic. Thank you for sharing..
  13. sunshine55

    Escape pizza

    Pizza in NCL buffets are made from frozen dough..Pizza from LaCuncina made with fresh dough..big difference..this was per Staff.
  14. sunshine55

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    I agree with you about the bare feet. The one woman has a small suitcase next to chair..hope this pic was taken on boarding day..if not she moved herself in the LO...lol The chairs don't look like they are made of material that you can wipe down...it looks like material that will breed germs..yuk!
  15. sunshine55

    Everything.. Norwegian BLISS! - launch April 2018 -

    Per the Live TA thread this note was on the bottom of the daily: OBSERVATION LOUNGE For the comfort of all guest utilizing the Observation Lounge, please refrain from lying on the furniture or using the couches, chairs, and tables as foot rests.