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  1. We put colorful duck tape on our luggage for recognition. Since there is no luggage verification system at pier when leaving, luggage has walked off and obviously not by its owner and not by mistake.
  2. Need to have Military ID form filled out under NCL website before booking. Once that's done your account will show Military for future bookings. It's good for Veteran and spouse bookings.
  3. Last I read they are waiting for results of tests and did not have a confirmation of anything yet.
  4. We book through TA all the time. TA can see how many certificates we have available and applies to our booking immediately. TA also makes sure military discount is applied .
  5. If concerned about show, book early dinner and tell waiter your going to a show and waiter will accommodate you.
  6. I was educated on cruising through Cruise Critic and continue to do so. Arranged or attended many M&G and additional activies for cruise critic groups. Just getting back into cruising and discovered many use F-B which I dislike for many reasons. IMHO It seems particpants on F-B hop on for fast answers and do no research on their own. Cruise Critic gives a wealth of info ..if one researches. Roll calls on Cruise Critic I found are much more enjoyable. Whole different generation of cruisers now..
  7. Haven Penthouse on 14 is great!! Cabin was near elevator so we just had to jump on elevator to get in Haven facilities. Cabin is bigger than basic Haven cabin in the proper. Butler was great..took care of all our needs.
  8. Thank you for your support! It's appreciated.🌞 Unfortunatlely, we can't please everyone.
  9. the font is size 18 in my comment above..enlarged for those who have problems with eye sight....sorry you don't appreciate..I'm not a keyboard warrior...please just scan right by and have a good day🌞
  10. Just checked with my TA..we're booked in H9 on Breakaway in Sept.24..my printout shows H9..NCL website now shows HI. He said they can call it what they want but I still have the Spa on this booking. I checked to see if they even show Haven Spa Cabin...nope..Fully understand this is a business to make money and someone has come up with this idea..Guess they forgot to forwarn the public ahead of time that this was in the works before they just changed the system...NCL's biggest weakness is Communication. It's all about the money...When we started cruising the spa was $99 for a week and over the years it has just kept going up.
  11. It's saving NCL from paying for a production show..all about the money
  12. Shows on TV have changed to many game shows..all about the money...NCL following the same marketing. If the passengers BUY into it, it will stay unfortunately
  13. Sailed this month first time with Military discount and enjoyed the Military event they had on ship. Was impressed.
  14. Yes, we order our omlettes..etc to our cabin that morning so we don't have to deal with the crowds..very relaxing.
  15. I've read more horror stories than good on NCL booking air tickets. Plane cancellations are so common now a days...not worth the stress of NCL air. Book your own and have a plan A and plan B. Never, never fly in same day as cruise
  16. If you upload pic several times, the system eventually lets you bypass..which happened with mine. Spouse pic I sized pic to portrait size and it worked. Both times it gave me 100% for docs.
  17. I know someone who was given Paxlovida and was told it made her worse than covid without it. She was miserable!!!
  18. You obviously know how to roll with the punches. Life is short. You are making the best of life...Enjoy!
  19. Go in eat dinner at Flanagans on balcony andh you'll have front row seats..Something different. Small street fair
  20. Yes, I'm talking potato chips..We've sailed a lot..they have been in buffet for some time also at O'Sheehan's or Local. Bring a baggie and fill it up.
  21. Since you never been on smaller ship, take the Gem. Great Outdoors is great place especially for breakfast in the morning on warm days. When there are no daytime activities in Spinnaker in the Winter, you can enjoy a hot chocolate and enjoy the views. We enjoy both ships!
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