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  1. Given the large number of ships of various operators and sizes selling UK cruises, I suspect problems are inevitable, sadly, be it passenger or crew infections, refusal of local authorities to allow a ship to dock etc etc. I am not implying it will be Viking, I suspect they are better prepared than most, but an issue for one will become an issue for all.
  2. We are very much wait and see, the devil will be in the detail.
  3. Good advice from Phil, easy to do by train, tickets from the Tourist Information Office, you should get a combined ticket that includes either the cable car or funicular. If you are a foodie consider booking at Tickets , part of the Elbarri group of restaurants. Albert Adria is the owner of the group and the former astray chef at elbulli.
  4. I do hope that those on future northern lights cruises can get a sense, from our thoughts and pictures, of what a great trip this is even given how our once in a lifetime one ended
  5. Being on the ship and walking through some areas once we were released from the theatre the extent of the damage in areas such as the gym and shop was truly amazing, when we got back to our cabin the fabulous steward was there and brought us clean towels, soap shampoo etc and we able to get cleaned up and changed, little things, a live demonstration in 24 hours of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
  6. Interesting seeing the last picture as onboard we had no idea how close we were, we were all surprised once the big tug was connected that they announced that we would be going out to sea and then turn, all made sense once we understood how close we were to the rocks.
  7. Not us, we were in 3040, handy for the theatre, only 1 flight down. It was on the stairs down that day we saw a lady have a major panic attack and the crew managed to get her away and I guess settle her down, in the whole 24hours plus that was the only incident like that we saw.
  8. Hi John We did Cities of Antiquities & Holy Land in November 17, the weaher was perfect and this has to be one of the top 3 trips we have ever done, loved it from start to finish, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did
  9. This one was taken outside the science museum in Tromso, it was a beautiful day and the fabulous cathedral in Alta
  10. Haworth


    We did the Rome to the Alcazar trip in 2014 with Captain Carl, at the time he said it was the last time that they would be allowed to do the full transit up the river. It is the perfect location to tour Seville and take in the many highlights its all in walking distance of the ship. if you can find Monty Don's paradise gardens the Alcazar gardens feature in the first episode.
  11. We also had AZ, a little lethargic for 24 hours and felt a bit "heavy legged" on our regular walk the next day, all passed within 24 hours
  12. Just a few images, we did the Tirpitz museum tour in Alta, brilliant guide and you could still see the craters from the bombing around the mooring. Glorious weather early in the trip.
  13. Thanks for posting these, it's good to look back on a memorable trip.
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