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  1. Interesting topic, we have sailed both the older style YC ships and the Seaside class twice, but not Meraviglia, our preference is the older style, as the top sail lounge seems to flow better, be a little quieter and the service at a higher level, we even enjoy the walk to and from the restaurant. We will be on Fantasia next month and trust that the standards will be up to those in the past.
  2. Viking are probably very cautious now with weather related issues and potentially difficult sea conditions.
  3. What noticeably better service are you expecting to get?
  4. He is the MD of the UK business and a very approachable guy
  5. Enjoy, we will be on Fantasia from Marseilles on the 13th, never looked back since we first tried the YC
  6. That works for us, never needed more. Which cruise are you on?
  7. Thanks for this, will be following with great interest, the ship/itineraries all look excellent
  8. This should be an excellent read, SAGA looks to be an interesting option when compared to Azamara and Viking
  9. Large ginger bread house and a number of subtle decorations around the ship, we loved these wooden trees in the spa pool area
  10. We had assumed that we would/ will be allocated the same cabin number, for any number of reasons there probably won’t be a 100% uptake of the free cruise and that will leave some empty cabins, will Viking fill them with VIP or other invited guests or leave them empty? It’s a hard call for them as this will be a unique cruise for lots of reasons and I am sure non Sky guests would feel a little out of place. I also agree that the Chairman will have one or two surprises up his sleeve for us.
  11. We agree, it is going to be fun and great to catch up, as I have said it’s much easier for those Europeans to say yes, would we fly to the US for a week trip, probably not, but this trip is unique for so many ways.
  12. I have to say the we are happy with the dates, timing etc, readily accept the flying to and from London makes the equation much easier.
  13. Step 1 start reading topic Step 2 notice the implied criticism of passengers from Countries without an obsessive tipping culture Step 3 Don't read further
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