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  1. I agree. The same government also brought us Duck and Cover as a viable method to survive a nuclear explosion.
  2. I had the same line of thinking as you. I am booked on the same cruise except 1 week before yours. If I actually get to go I'll tell you what to expect.
  3. Its actually $1438 more dollars to book the same cabin as of today. Below is a screen shot of a mock booking. I hope we both are cruising safely soon but I won't hold my breath.
  4. By PvP I assume you mean PCC (personal cruise consultant vs Player vs Player) :) Did she reveal any details regarding the discussion to get cruising going in November? I have a Western Caribbean scheduled to depart January 31st on the Breakaway and if cruises start in November that makes January sailings more confident in terms of fleet redeployments. I snagged a Spa Balcony with all 5 offers for $2300 bucks and will be disappointed if it doesn't sail :) However if it doesn't sail I will just try again.
  5. Here is an article from Marketwatch.com Its about Carnival but near the bottom is a paragraph about optimistic talks with the CDC. I am as skeptical as anyone else about cruises restarting anytime soon but I still wanted to share. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/carnivals-stock-takes-a-dive-after-plans-for-stock-offering-increased-ship-disposals-2020-09-15?mod=mw_quote_news
  6. Maybe this is the reason they moved them to Europe. Hard to move out of a hurricanes path if they are essentially immobilized.
  7. I am referring to businesses closed forever, people separated from their families, total upheaval of people's lives as massively difficult. I am not referring to masks and staying 6 feet apart. I guess I could have explained better.
  8. When we don't cruise we typically visit National Parks and rent a vacation home as a base. South Dakota Black Hills and Yellowstone usually but not always. However with social distancing, state travel restrictions, and virus prevention measures making travel increasingly difficult we are staying home and working on some long overdue projects and renovations. Being that staying at home may be required for nearly another year it would wasteful not to take the time to buckle down and knock out some long standing items. Normally we work so much that when we have time of
  9. If cruising resumes while the need to wear masks and social distance still exists I agree that 2019 style cruising will not happen. That being said this pandemic will end. How or when it ends remains to be seen. When it ends you will see the protective measures end with them. They simply are not sustainable forever and are proving to be massively difficult to deal with in the present. My opinion ( and keep in mind that my whole post is based off my own personal opinion) is that there will be very little difference between the cruise experience of 2019 and the cruise
  10. I think that everyone is missing something here. If they roll pre-paid gratuities, shore excursions, and whatever else into FCC instead of refunding them separately and then refusing to allow you to use the FCC to repurchase these same items then its obvious that Cruise Next Certificates are being placed back into account specifically to force as many to expire as they can. To roll them into a FCC would allow them to retain some value that would help the customer and of course NCL can't have that.
  11. The drink package can vary. But in a nutshell the standard drink package when taken as a Free at Sea perk includes all alcoholic beverages that have a menu price of $15.00 or lower. It also includes soda. That is the short version of the drink package explanation. This link to NCL's drink package may be able to answer some more questions. https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/beverage-packages
  12. First let me preface my comments by saying that I am a big fan of NCL. I have had minor issues in the past on cruises but they were just minor like you have during every vacation land or sea. Every cruise I have been on has been quite enjoyable. Here is my history of cruising in just 5 years. Norwegian Jewel - December 2015 Freedom of the Seas - August 2016 Norwegian Escape - December 2017 Norwegian Getaway - September 2019 Norwegian Epic - December 2018 Norwegian Breakaway - September 2018 (booked but cancelled by NCL due to Hurricane Dorian) N
  13. Inside room on the bliss with the drink package as only perk. 2300 less. You be the judge of value. Edited to say - cruise is on the Bliss. Also will probably be cancelled. If cancelled will apply FCC to 13 day Breakaway including air and all perks.
  14. This is where some of them are. https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
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