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  1. Inside room on the bliss with the drink package as only perk. 2300 less. You be the judge of value. Edited to say - cruise is on the Bliss. Also will probably be cancelled. If cancelled will apply FCC to 13 day Breakaway including air and all perks.
  2. This is where some of them are. https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  3. Does anyone know? If you booked the spa and that money gets rolled into a FCC can you use the FCC to book the spa on the replacement cruise? Or DSC, or dining packages, you get the idea.
  4. I plan to take a 125% FCC if they cancel my May 31st Bliss Sailing (which appears likely due to Canadian port closures). The reason being is that I have a Breakaway 13 day cruise that has a final payment date of July. The cruise is November so we should be well past the current crisis by that time. If not then a cancelled cruise will be the least of my worries. NCL could go out of business and not honor FCC but I doubt it. This is certainly crippling to NCL and the industry as a whole but the fundamentals of the economy have not changed. It will be business as usual as soon as possible. Also - whether I go on the cruise and get the value for my $ or don't go on the cruise and they keep the money; either way the money is gone. Yes if I could recover the money it would be great to reassign it to another vacation or some other use but the money was written off as disposable when I paid for the cruise.
  5. There are obviously more restaurants, bars, and various other venues on the larger ships. My question is how crowded is a Jewel Class compared to the mega ships? Does a fully booked Jewel Class feel just as crowded as a fully booked mega ship? I have been on the Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, Epic, and the Joy. I enjoyed all my cruises but finding that I only do such things as the ropes course, water slides about once a cruise or sometimes not at all. Some ships seemed very crowded and some did not. Even on the crowded ships the wait times for bar service or meal service were acceptable. All in all price and itinerary are always the key factor of any decision but their are some neat looking cruises in 2021 on the Jewel Class that I am considering. What do people think who have been on both? Thanks for reading my post.
  6. Why do you think they come across as pushy if they believe a customer is being indecisive?
  7. With the drink package you can order 2 drinks from the server at a time. A double shot pour counts as the 2nd drink. At least that was my experience on the Epic in December 2018. Another passenger near me at the bar asked for a double jack and coke and a beer. I overheard the bartender tell him that was 3 drinks which was 1 to many since he only had his key-card with him. Another thing to note that if you are traveling with someone it has been my experience that you can take both key cards to the bar so only one person has to be present at the bar. In this scenario you can get four drinks but depending on how busy the bartender is they might be annoyed.
  8. Unfortunately no. Always manage to lose it all. Never won more than $20.00 at a crack on the slots on 5 cruises. Just don't have the luck. Maybe on the Breakaway I'll try my hand at blackjack.
  9. Correction to the post above. Genting Group owns Star Cruises which currently holds a 28% stake in NCL. Genting also owns Dream Cruises which operates the Genting Dream and the World Dream which are Breakaway Class ships. Genting also owns a large share in Lloyd Werft which has been NCL's shipbuilder for most of the fleet except for the epic.
  10. I don't buy that the Asian market was unsuitable for the Joy. There are two other little know Breakaway Class ships that do cruises over in that region of the world that seem to be doing fine. Dream Cruises has some kind of stake in NCL's parent company NCLHC More likely it was a matter of Alaska just being more profitable in general rather then Asia strictly being unprofitable. In fact the World Dream entered service shortly before the decision was made to move the Joy back to the US. Bottom line money was the motive but there is more to the Joy than what they are telling us.
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