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  1. The thing is, cruising has been shut down for over a year. It doesn't surprise me at all that all the suites would be sold out almost immediately as soon as cruising opens back up. These aren't normal times.
  2. Wow, I don't know if this is a perception issue or what. I've never gotten out of the MDR in less than 1 and a half hours, and usually, it's more like two. As for the specialty restaurants, maybe the slow pace fits better with the less crowded environment so that we don't mind it as much. We're not ones to want to rush through a meal in general. It's weird for us. We used to love the MDR, but over the years and multiple cruises, the shine just wore off. When we get back to cruising, we are planning on the ultimate meal package, and do specialty dining every night. As to the specialty restaurants being "hands down" double the length of time, that has not been our experience at all. YMMV
  3. Too late, it already happened. What's funny is that I don't know who bugs me more, the people who act as if shorts in the MDR is a sign of the apocalypse, or the ones who act as if dress codes are an unamerican commie plot to steal away their freedom to be as tacky as they wanna be. All in good fun! 😜
  4. Alrighty then. It is a fact that they are not violating the rules. It is opinion that they are not being selfish. That sort of thing can't really be quantified.
  5. Making judgments is not the same thing as being judgmental. Making judgments is also not the same thing as making assumptions. Making judgments is how smart people get through life. Intelligent people make judgments, but they don't assume that their judgments are correct. Now, I don't attach a great deal of importance to what people wear in general, but in this particular context, the cruise line has set out some suggestions in order to achieve a specific goal. That goal is to create an elegant atmosphere. Many people enjoy being part of that atmosphere and it is definitely part of the reason that some people enjoy the cruise experience. Others don't care at all about those sorts of things. But the poster you were responding to simply noted that "people" do make judgments. Which is incontrovertibly true. And it is sad that some people do make negative and unfair judgments about others based on their clothes. They think, "look at those trashy, uncouth people." It's not fair, but those attitudes exist. Personally, I don't judge people in that way. I never assume that the outer appearance is a clear indicator of what kind of person someone is. I've lived too long and seen too many horrible people in suits and ball gowns and too many sweet, kind intelligent people in overalls and tee shirts and flip flops to think that people are anywhere near that easy to judge. But, in this particular context, when I see someone dressed sloppily or overly casually in the MDR, I do wonder (not judge or decide), I wonder, are they perhaps placing their own (perfectly reasonable) desire for comfort above the equally reasonable desire of others to have the pleasant, elegant experience that the cruise line is trying to engender. In other words, some folks in this argument may be indulging in snobbery, but some others may be indulging in selfishness. Just a thought.
  6. We had it booked for our last cruise which was cancelled by the big C19, and whenever we get to our next cruise, we'll definitely do it. No problem with the food in the MDR, or for that matter, the Windjammer, but for us, the more we cruise, the less patience we have with the MDR experience. It takes so long, and we are more interested in doing other things, but the specialty restaurants are, for us, a really enjoyable time. It's all about what you enjoy.
  7. Okay, here goes. One more breakdown of some of the top Cruise Vloggers and what I like (and dislike) about each of them. Note that I draw a distinction between what I think is just annoying about the vloggers themselves (too cheerful, too cranky, too boring) and what I dislike about the way they do their videos. Tips for Travelers - Pleasant and very informative, especially if you are looking at UK based European or river cruises. I am not likely to take many of the cruises that he talks about, but I find his tips intrinsically interesting, and thus, at least mildly entertaining. Cruise Tips TV - Sherrie is unfailingly cheerful, but not in an annoying way. I think she is likely most valuable to newer cruisers, as she does lots of packing and planning based videos, but I also find her cruise vlogs engaging and informative. She seems just really, really nice! La Lido Loca - Especially through the pandemic, Tony has emerged as the most informative and even handed purveyor of news relating to pandemic related requirements, legal battles, specific cruise line policies, etc, and he does it in an really entertaining way. I've watched him back when he was mostly just doing cruise vlogs. He has really molded and refined his delivery to be witty, fair, high energy and engaging! Definitely my favorite when it comes to cruise industry news, but also enjoyable as a cruise trip chronicler. Tony makes me laugh out loud more often than any other cruise vlogger. EECC Travels - I don't always enjoy their videos, mainly because they sometimes ramble and take a long time to get to the point, and they spend way too much time on reviewing food for my taste. I totally get that for some people, that's what they want to hear about, so that's just a matter of what you're looking for than more than whether they make good videos. That having been said, I think I would enjoy hanging out with them way more than I like the videos. They are friendly and appealing, and I do watch a lot of their videos, so don't get the impression that I hate their videos, I just have a couple of caveats. Griff and Allyssa - Ditto for almost everything I said about EECC. I must give Griff props for the high quality of his video. B roll and drone footage is way above the average. I find their personalities very appealing, but I often wish they would condense a 20 minute video into a 10 minute video. Again, I feel like they would be a lot of fun to hang out with, but sometimes the videos tire me out. Emma Cruises - Like Tips for Travelers, it's more applicable to UK based cruising, but Emma is immensely likeable and very informative. Don's Family Vacations - Don seems like such a nice guy, but he is a bit more prone to rants than I would prefer. He is very informative and I will continue to watch him regularly. There are more, but I'll have to save them for another post.
  8. I think the burning question for many is, Can I wear Crocs? Obviously, the formal black ones.
  9. Well, to be fair, it would have been clearer. The lawsuits have caused a whole lot of these last minute changes.
  10. In my experience, there are lots of cruisers who don't really read the fine print. Time and again, I have overheard conversations revealing that people don't understand the tipping guidelines, or they didn't know they needed a reservation for certain shows, or didn't know that they couldn't bring a bottle of whiskey on board, and a dozen other such things that we understood from our very first cruise. The thing is, it's not that people are stupid, it's just that cruising is a unique sort of vacation that you can't get the best out of without really doing some research. Beyond that, with the whole COVID situation, making sure you read the fine print is more important than ever unless you're ok with being left on the doc because you didn't know what the requirements were. It is sad that they missed out on a vacation, but ultimately, I don't feel sorry for the unvaccinated, unless they die, in which case I have the normal human sympathy for them. I hope the experience leads these folks to get their vaccinations, instead of just complain.
  11. This window into the early years of RCCL is really cool to see, Bimmer. Can't wait for more pics!
  12. One thing that has been referred to but not expounded upon are the factors that determine the percentage of dressy dressers on a cruise. Someone noted that different ports seem to have different rates of dressing up or down, but to me, the biggest factor is the length of the cruise. If you're on a 3, 4 or 5 day cruise, you're not going to see many (if any) tuxes or suits. But on a 7 day, the percentage of dressed up diners goes up significantly.
  13. Why not, all ships tender in Grand Cayman. Not sure about Belize.
  14. In doing a little Youtube research, we found that Sabor, at least on Harmony, is priced ala carte rather than as a per person charge, like it was on a Voyager class a few years back. But on the RCCL website, Sabor still shows up as a Prix Fixe charge. Is it different on different classes? I wonder because we want to try it again on our Liberty sailing next year, but I'm really not as interested in the ala carte version. Also, the reviews of the ala carte version were uniformly negative. We had an okay experience (not great, but not terrible) a few years back, but I just wonder.
  15. I did. Voyager Class is 121' wide and Freedom Class is 184' wide. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_of_the_Seas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voyager_of_the_Seas Also, I've sailed both classes and the difference (in more than just length) is quite obvious. I'm not trying to be contentious or make Merion Mom feel bad, just correcting a factual error. Lots of new cruisers come to this site looking for information from more experienced cruisers, and it doesn't feel right to let them be misinformed.
  16. Actually, that's not correct. The Freedom class ships are about 60' wider and significantly taller than the Voyager class ships. It is the Radiance Class ships that are stretched Voyager class ships.
  17. Several have suggested that upgrading to an Oasis class might be pushing the limits of demand, but honestly, every single cruise out of Galveston has been filled to capacity and I see no reason to think that won't continue. Suites and balconies mostly sell out well in advance. Someone else also mentioned limited destinations, but that is a red herring. Galveston ported 7 day cruises have gone and can go to: 1) Cozumel (obviously) 2) Costa Maya, MX 3) Progresso, MX 4) Roatan, Honduras 5) Belize 6) Falmouth, Jamaica 7) Ocho Rios, Jamaica 8. Montego Bay, Jamaica 9) Grand Cayman 10) Key West 11) CoCo Cay That's just the destinations I know of for sure and I have personally been to all those destinations except Belize and CoCo Cay. I have no doubt that an Oasis class ship sailing out of Galveston will fill up just fine, along with at least two other ships doing shorter itineraries.
  18. The "do we or don't we" question on the drink package (at whatever price you may find on a given day) is really one that depends entirely on your drinking habits, and not just as it relates to alcohol. For my wife and I, we are Diamond, so that covers drinks in the early evening, but we also like a beer or two by the pool, wine at dinner, a post dinner cocktail or wine, and, if we go dancing, which we often do, a couple of more beers. If that was all of it, the package wouldn't even come close to being a good deal. However, we both drink lots of bottled water and we both prefer the darker roast coffees from the Seattles Best counter. Figuring about 8 bottles of water a day for the two of us and 3 to 6 coffees a day, the price becomes a little bit better than what we would pay ala carte, but the convenience and the fact that we have it paid in advance (and don't have to think about the drinks budget onboard) is what pulls the trigger for us.
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