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  1. Advice please.... my trip was also cancelled. I had booked with a travel agent, told her I wanted cash refund. She said she filed the claim and it takes up to 90 days. In the meantime I emailed her 3x asking about the refund. After the 90 days reached out to her again. She said she contacted her BCL rep but now sits too late for cash so I have a FCC👹. I told her how I didn’t want that, I trusted her.... she said she did her job,NCL messed up but I can try to call and fight with NCL.... gee thanks! Why did I use an agent? before I call I want to know if anyone had this issue or luck with f
  2. Excellent points... thanks! I think the tripod will be left at home!
  3. Hello, Im interested in trying astro photography while on board. Has anyone tried this? didn't know if moving ship would inhibit the long exposure. Thought...???? experiences????? Any tips would be appreciated. thanks
  4. So are you able to take a bus to the lighthouse? Then catch another bus to go back or to another stop? I’d like to have a drink at the Fairmont after the lighthouse. Is the lighthouse near Horseshoe? No, I’m not considering walking, just trying to plan out the day. thanks
  5. 3:00 cookies.... tell me more, I love cookies!!!
  6. Has anyone had success with this? I’d love a diet ginger ale and whisky....
  7. So basically for $10.00 pp per trip you can text with others on ship?
  8. If I had to pick one it would be Horseshoe!!! Better beach, cheaper food/drinks, easier to get to. Tobacco was a decent walk from ferry beers were $10.00 per can. Lots of sharp coral. Nice but in my opinion HSB is the way to go.
  9. Thank you all so much for your responses!!!!
  10. Anyone know if there are mini fridges in the balcony cabins? Could I have one delivered for medicines? TIA
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