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  1. My "My Account" looks rather different and I don't get the "Coupons and Credits" portion - just ads. I don't know if it's because I'm in the US? This is what I see:
  2. Are you able to see your Cruise Next certificates in your account? The same process was done for me with my FCC however I'm not able to actually see my CN cert. as far as I can tell. NCL PCC assured me "they're there" but in times like these I like to see for myself. Edit - I found them! Didn't realize you have to actually click on "make a payment". My Cruise Next certificates are noted at the bottom of that page with their expiration date.
  3. Not sure about cruise excursions but I've vacationed many years in Puerto Rico and our bioluminescent tours have always been very relaxing. We've never kayaked -- always ridden in a boat, sometimes on a larger with an open canopy to see the stars as well. Once we rode in a local's wooden rowboat that had an electric motor. He took the 4 of us out for $5.00. We tipped him well at the end.
  4. How utterly depressing. Imagine flying in, boarding (maybe purchasing your Vibe passes), getting your first cocktail, sitting down for a nice lunch and then told to disembark. Ugh.
  5. I doubt that too. There was some brief talk about a Cruise sector bailout today at the press conference.
  6. I wonder how the refund works with a Visa gift card? My sisters used them (they were Christmas gifts) as part of their payments. Unlikely they still have the actual gift cards to credit but NCL says they will refund "in the original form of payment."
  7. I see the global COVID-19 map that Johns Hopkins is maintaining has added a category for "Cruise Ship" as if it were a country.
  8. The Getaway would be most similar to the Escape if that matters to you. The Epic wouldn't have The Waterfont (my favorite feature on the the Breakaway Class ships).
  9. This makes me sad. 5 o'clock somewhere is always our first stop when we board. A great place for a waterside drink and getting into cruise mode. We will be on the Escape in April... I wonder what will take its place. I'd heard about the changeover for Margaritaville but hadn't really thought about the 5 o'clock somewhere bar - which I should have, of course. Bummer.
  10. 5 O'clock Somewhere bar on the waterfront for a drink before going to the MDR for lunch.
  11. Yes, your drink package works in Vibe. They'll bring treats at certain times of the day too, fruit on a skewer, cookies, ice cream. There was no extra charge for these.
  12. I was on it in 2017. My favorite part of the ship is the Waterfront. We would hang out there with our friends in the afternoons on the comfy couches with a drink. We just love it out there. Spent a lot of time in Spice H2O as well.
  13. We had a group of 8 do the Ice Bar in 2017. Back then it was $20/each not sure if it's changed. They gave us warm hooded ponchos and gloves to wear inside as well as 3 free ice bar drinks. Loud music and ice sculptures including an ice throne made for fun pictures. We basically had the place to ourselves and our group had a blast but I can't say it would have been that fun if it was just 2 of us.
  14. How did this work out for you? Was it busy? Open for breakfast? I really enjoyed Margaritaville as a quiet alternative to the Garden Cafe for breakfast. We just booked for Easter week on Escape and it's showing both Margaritaville and American Diner.
  15. As others have said, Breakaway and Escape are pretty much the same (I've not been on the Getaway). The main differences for me were a few of the locations on Escape were more to my liking (brew pub vs jazz club; mojito bar vs. martini bar; Pinchos (my fave) vs. Noodle bar).
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