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  1. I was on it in 2017. My favorite part of the ship is the Waterfront. We would hang out there with our friends in the afternoons on the comfy couches with a drink. We just love it out there. Spent a lot of time in Spice H2O as well.
  2. We had a group of 8 do the Ice Bar in 2017. Back then it was $20/each not sure if it's changed. They gave us warm hooded ponchos and gloves to wear inside as well as 3 free ice bar drinks. Loud music and ice sculptures including an ice throne made for fun pictures. We basically had the place to ourselves and our group had a blast but I can't say it would have been that fun if it was just 2 of us.
  3. How did this work out for you? Was it busy? Open for breakfast? I really enjoyed Margaritaville as a quiet alternative to the Garden Cafe for breakfast. We just booked for Easter week on Escape and it's showing both Margaritaville and American Diner.
  4. As others have said, Breakaway and Escape are pretty much the same (I've not been on the Getaway). The main differences for me were a few of the locations on Escape were more to my liking (brew pub vs jazz club; mojito bar vs. martini bar; Pinchos (my fave) vs. Noodle bar).
  5. I always buy the smallest package before hand. It's cheaper (about $3/per liter) and in the room when we get there.
  6. Got this schedule on the Escape last week from Guest Services.
  7. They call it a Glow Party but description encourages people to dress in either neon or white.
  8. They do on Escape. Just off this morning. Didn't attend but I think it was Thursday.
  9. Zoom in on the map to show more detail of what's available right at the dockyard. Of course there's more to explore beyond there. https://www.gotobermuda.com/profile/dockyard-ferry-dock/1319
  10. We will have our first angled balcony in 4 days!
  11. I'd say I'm somewhat picky about my hairdryer and I found them to be fine. If you do a quick Google you'll find pics -- here's a link to what they look like... this says for Breakaway but they're the same. NCL Hairdryer
  12. I spoke with NCL just last week as the prices dropped dramatically for our upcoming cruise. For an additional payment of $150 pp -- so $300 for the entire week - we could move from our current balcony to an Aft balcony and keep all of our current perks. I wasn't sure we'd want to do that (various reasons) but wanted to know our options. I was concerned because it was after final payment. He said we can always upgrade with no penalty as it's more revenue for them.
  13. I can request a fan? I never knew! It's nearly impossible for me to sleep without one and I hate trying to find room in my suite case for mine. I will definitely try this in...15 days... 😄
  14. My husband had this same experience on the Escape. He likes a quiet cigar in the evening but the cigar lounge was packed with cigarette smokers. He didn't want to even go in there.
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