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  1. We've been following the market for about a month... I have a standing order for a lower price.. We'll see if it happens... The Markets are a little unstable right now so it could happen... 😎
  2. We will be on Princess for the first time in December. (Grand Princess to Hawaii) I'm sorry to see this tradition go away because it was unique to Princess and we looked forward the experience. But I am sure there other things unique to Princess that we will also love experiencing. The thing is, times are changing. We all (human race) need to become more environmentally aware/responsible. These things - billions of rubber pieces - end up in landfills (at best) and in the waterways. I know we will still enjoy our cruise... I am lucky to even be on the ship! Peace to all! Happy cruising
  3. Mek, Have a wonderful cruise!!! I am sure that Princess will try to accommodate you as best they can! We will be on the Grand in December (first time on Princess) and are planning to ask for the chair. Guest Services confirmed (over the phone) that it is a first come- first served basis but I am not worried. I know we can always bring in a deck chair.
  4. I don't know. Seems - from what others have said - the Grand Class ships don't. Others may know more. I would look at ship photos of the specific ship you will be sailing on. Maybe others can answer here?
  5. You both are welcome! Yeah, I tried the email and it "failed" (returned) so then I tried the message format under Captain's Circle, and had no response. So I requested it over the phone while making final payment and she found the code and sent it through! Good luck to you both!!
  6. Update: We just paid off our December cruise yesterday. I requested the hand held shower at that time. There is a code that the TA processes for the hand-held shower so we are all set!! Go for it!!
  7. You are welcome! We requested one too so we will see what happens... happy sailing!
  8. I've only been studying Grand Princess because we are sailing on her in December and they do not have them. I don't know about other/newer ships. Can anyone else offer any information?
  9. They would replace the shower head with the handheld apparatus. Very easy. I would think customer service or your Princess Cruise Consultant would make the request. I do think that they have a supply on all ships because they provide them in ADA accessible staterooms.
  10. Shhhhh, don't tell everyone but you can request a hand held shower in your cabin before you cruise and it will be waiting for you in your stateroom!!! See the review below: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=658495
  11. We are sailing Princess for the first time 12-3-19. We've sailed other cruise lines before but never booked airfare through the Cruise lines. For this Cruise, we booked EZAir (domestic) for $195.94 in April. In August, I changed the airfare: (Flying in 2 days early instead of 1 day early and selected a non-stop flight.) The new pricing is $285.28 ($89.34 increase) This is still well below what I would have paid privately ($906.20) So we were very happy. Then last week, Princess Cruise fares dropped dramatically. $410 pp. I called to inquire about "re-booking".
  12. Loving every minute of this post! Thank you both for all your information! And a Most Happy birthday Melissa!!!!! Have a wonderful evening!!🎂
  13. This will be our cabin 12-3-19!!! Can't wait to see pics!! Curious... Do the bedside lamps have USB plugs? Thank you in advance!!
  14. I don't know why they were originally removed but some of us would still like to have them so since it's not standard cabin furniture, I will request it be put in our cabin.
  15. Thank you!! I may start campaigning early then!🤞
  16. I thought I read that you just have to ask your Steward for a barrel chair if you want it. Can someone clarify? Thank you!!
  17. Thank you everyone for the quick responses about the Oasis Bar! I think the Oasis would be a fun area to hang out but realized there must not be many people who venture there which must be why they don't maintain the Oasis Bar. That's okay, We will find lots of fun places to hang out! BTW, we are going on the Hawaii cruise on the Grand Dec 3rd. SOOOOO excited!!
  18. Does anyone know if the Oasis Bar is still utilized? I didn't see mention of it from the Grand princess patters I've studied. Thank you!
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