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  1. If you haven't passed your final payment date, I would call them and see if you can get the lower cost. I was able to do that for our cruise last week. (Our final payment date isn't until Sept 2019 though...) Good luck! Let us know how it goes! 🤞 As for the how or why I got the email? I am pretty sure I signed up for their emails/ads when first researching Princess Cruises. 😊
  2. I'm not new to cruising but am new to Princess so didn't know. At a glance, they looked like good deals. The link was from an email I received. Thank you!
  3. We can't take advantage of it but someone else might be able to! https://book.princess.com/html/global/cruisedeals/last-minute-cruise-deals/?cid=dm_email_promo_internal_dropandgo_dropandgo_pf9dg016_190419__LBGATFAPJKJBJ2QBXJRMD7G7SM&eccn=LBGATFAPJKJBJ2QBXJRMD7G7SM&rrid=690317781B&mi_u=690317781B
  4. Thank you for your report! Right now, we are thinking we will request the barrel chair in our balcony (December 3, 2019 Hawaii cruise on Grand Princess) but if we can't get one, your appreciation of not having one is encouraging! 😁
  5. I spoke with my PCP yesterday (btw, December 2019 cruise prices dropped and still has the obc! If you haven't checked pricing for a while, now might be the time!) and she said Corporate handed out a memo on the matter stating (in effect) to reassure clients that they will do every thing asked of them to be in compliance with the judge's requests and that pax have nothing to worry about. 😉
  6. We too are HAL Loyalists and will be sailing Princess for the first time this coming December. We love the HAL Balconies and are not sure how we will like the smaller - no sofa - Princess balconies, but we will see! Thank you for the review!!!
  7. Have a wonderful Cruise! We will be following along too!
  8. I believe I found your travelogue using the search tool and using the key word "Hawaii" in the Princess forum. I "clicked" on the post because of the title. It sounded like it would be thorough. I am so glad I found it! As it is our first cruise with Princess AND a first to Hawaii, (I was in Honolulu for a week 42 years ago so no help there! And DW has never been) I gleaned copious amounts of information and have two lists as a result! But probably the biggest take-away was the "feel" of the day to day life on board... the activities available... And the vivid descriptions of navigating the ports. The pictures brought my imaginings to life! And your dry humor throughout it all - even when your disembarkation process derailed - added levity and charm! Because, as we all know, Sh** happens! But there are no bad days cruising!! Thank you again!!
  9. Mark, your terrific travelogue is as relevant today as it was over two years ago!! I can't thank you enough! We are going on the Grand to Hawaii 12-3-2019 and will be referring to this Trip report over & over as we plan different aspects of the trip!!! btw, your pics are still downloading well! 😉 Thank you SO Much!!!
  10. We will be sailing Princess for the first time in December so have no first hand experience but Found this in the "Cruise Answer Book" on Page 23. " Stateroom Amenities The little extras you find in the best hotels — fresh fruit ( by request), evening bed turn-down, chocolates on your pillow, complimentary shampoo, conditioner and body lotion — are provided in every stateroom. Bathrobes are available upon request from your stateroom steward for your comfort and convenience ."
  11. Helen: WOW! Good to Know! We are feeling really lucky with our cabin choice! Thank your for offer with helping with questions! I go have a couple quick questions: I've read that the storage is tight in these balcony staterooms. I always unpack everything and shove the cases under the bed. Does that work on the Grand? Also, this being a 15 day cruise, we plan on utilizing the laundry facilities. We've never done that on a ship before. Do you have any experience with that? Again, thank you for all your help!
  12. We are so Excited! VictheParrot: I L-O-V-E Chocolate!!!! I googled "Love Boat Dream" Mmmmmm! It's now on my list of "Must dos" ...btw, we already have Godiva chocolate liqueur in our "collection" at home! 😁 KevintheIrishDJ: We won't be able to buy shares at this time (have considered this before) but thank you for the reminder! We did sign up for a Princess CC and intend to use that to process the payment and redeem the rewards for onboard credit! btw, I am half Scottish so I am sure we are cousins! Ha 😉 Jwattle: That is a creative way to use your "Adult" beverage package! We got "creative" with our last cruise/beverage package too! I think the bartenders and servers enjoy helping us be creative! 😎 When we were researching this itinerary, I had read good things about the Hawaiian Ambassadors & the guest lecturers and intend to immerse ourselves in the culture before arriving in the islands... I was in Honolulu 42 years ago so time to refresh and learn new!! Caribill: You are correct about "fuming" in the cabin being acceptable. I know most folks wouldn't think so but my DD does it in her home and car and there are NO lingering odors. It's water vapor! 😊 probably the only reason it's banned on balconies is because non smokers may not know the difference and become alarmed. 🙄 Thank you EVERYONE!!!!
  13. Wow! Thank you AF-1, Joy and Skynight for all of the input! Yes, I was asking about the Adult beverage package (Hee hee!) Glad the specialty coffees are included! I really do believe that having the package is going to work for us! Thank you for for the input regarding our cabin location too! I was pretty sure that it would work but am confident now that we made a great choice! Now... On to the excursions!!!! Yippee!!!!!
  14. We have booked the Princess Grand 12/3/2019 sailing! I have been reading a lot of your posts and was sold on the Itinerary and love of the ship!! The Refresh is just another bonus! I struggled with the decision between the Balcony and Mini Suite (this will be the first time without a sofa) but decided that ultimately, we wouldn't be spending a lot of time in our cabin. We've sailed HAL and Costa (Costa still allows smoking on balconies - sadly we are still smokers) But I've been sailing since the late '80's. ...RCCL... Norwegian We booked A742 (BE). We chose this cabin because it was close to the aft exit with only a couple of stair ways to the smoking area outside The One5 Lounge. Can anyone help confirm that? I've looked at copious pictures and think it would work, but would love feedback and suggestions! We can always select a different Cabin! Also, we will have a semi aft view which we loved on our last cruise 2 years ago... Late at night during a torrential storm, listening to my music, I sat late at night on our balcony and it was an amazing experience! Question about drink packages: We've considered them before on other cruises and determined that they were not economical but on Costa - a 10 day cruise - they were very reasonable! They included specialty coffee since every bar has an espresso machine. Also, I would order virgin banana coladas in the morning so as to get bananas! How Does Princess drink packages fare? For me, planning and anticipating a cruise is part of the Vacation vibe... I will be researching and reading about this Hawaiian cruise for the next 9 months! Any and ALL advise and input is greatly appreciated! What else should we be thinking about?
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