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  1. We've never contacted the cruise-line to inquire about an upgrade/upsell but have received a couple email offers in the past (Not from Princess) so I just now sent an email to our PVP and she is on vacation! Ha! Wonder if she is on a cruise!!
  2. It's not just Europe that has kettles... We first experienced one in our hotel in China! That said, there are no "Hobs" in cruise cabins so where is the fire hazard? I think the REAL reason you won't see them often in mainstream cruise lines out of the USA is: marketing. The more time we spend out of our cabins, the more the cruise line can potentially add to their revenue. Las Vegas is a perfect example of this kind of marketing strategy. It's a science (of sorts). The City has an ordinance banning coffee makers in hotel rooms for sanitation reasons. Not true, they want you in the Casino getting your "free" coffee - potentially spending more money in the Casino. Also, have you ever noticed that there are NO benches or other seating along the strip or around their outdoor entertainment features? It's because they know people eventually need to sit down and will be forced to return to the Casino for that relief. On a cruise ship, if you have to go out to get coffee, you may buy a fancy coffee or a cocktail for walk by a store and see something you want to purchase... walk by the Future cruise desk and book a cruise... or the Excursion desk and book an excursion... or the Specialty dinning room and make a reservation... You get the idea.... You probably can think of more things than I just did! Ha!
  3. I believe the Kettle the OP is referring to are like this: It has no open burners/warmers, auto shut off as soon as the water rapid boils... We had one and loved it! I used ours for Pressed coffee.
  4. Really??? that's encouraging! Our next 2 cruises are on the Ruby which is Crown class... and I love the Espresso at the international cafe...
  5. Oh I would love to know this also!! Hate Princess syrup/coffee!!
  6. A-G-R-E-E We don't want to sail with UN-vaccinated pax either!!
  7. OMGosh!!! SO excited for all of you and SO excited to follow you on this Voyage!! We have all missed cruising and we are excited for you all!! Travel safe everyone and we will await your posts and updates!! (We don't sail until January) 🛳️👀😁🥳🍹🚢
  8. On the Grand Princess (Dec 2019) we met up at the Wheelhouse Bar (at 6:30m I think) I liked the earlier meet-ups because some of us would venture out to other activities together afterwards!
  9. My wife & I sailed Grand Princess Dec 3 2019 out of SF and had a BLAST!!! The last healthy Grand Princess cruises before COVID! Yikes! There were only a few lesbians and the rest were guys but we are mostly all couples and met every night!! We even had a dinner together one of the formal nights! Because we don't get to experience "family" often, we decided to book 2 more cruises out of San Fransisco! Ruby Princess RT Hawaii Jan 16, 2022 and Ruby Princess Panama Canal SF to FLL February 10, 2023! We will definitely be attending the LGBTQ (FOD) meet ups on both of those cruises! Hope to make new friends and maybe meet up with old ones!!
  10. Sue and I are booked for Jan 16, 2022 (SF to Hawaii RT 15 night Ruby Princess) And Feb 10, 2023 (SF to Ft Lauderdale Panama Canal - New Locks - 15 night Ruby Princess) Is anyone else on these cruises with Us? We did the same Hawaiian Cruise Dec 3, 2019 (Grand Princess) and had a fabulous time! There was a HUGE LGBTQ group and we met up every evening in the Wheelhouse bar! One of the nights, about 25 of us did dinner together! It was the warmest group we've ever experienced on a cruise! That's why we are sailing out of SF again on our next two cruises!! 😉
  11. EXCELLENT Questions!!! I want to know everyone's impressions & experiences too! Also, I read this today: https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/covid-19-protection-program/?fbclid=IwAR0PCfZ6SDbh6ZGYHLBkkm5vMbVCFOO6Znova5D4Jdwfw8IyIVzsP0Mlzuc feels like a completely different tone from the Pax agreement we previously accepted.
  12. In Dec 2019, we did Taxis and Uber in Maui, Kauai and Honolulu (to the Memorial) but then used the Bus to get to Waikiki (Wanted to see the Royal Hawaiian that I'd stayed in back in 1978... Things had really changed and it was really crowded but still managed to enjoy the beach!) For us, Uber or Taxi was easiest. We haven't planned what we are doing on the Jan 16 2022 Hawaiian cruise but will probably use both again. Reading all your posts are giving us ideas!!
  13. I read elsewhere that Emerald was going to Dry dock but don't know details... Anyone else know more?
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