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  1. Our favorite Prinsendam followed by Massdam, Statendam, Ryndam and Amsterdam. All gone now. Never sailed on Volendam but will be sailing on her next Jan 22 Grand S.A. And Antarctica.
  2. Next they will be limiting the number of chickens that roam around town
  3. We booked this cruise yesterday just as soon as we heard it was open for booking. This has been one of our favorite HAL cruises. This will be our fourth time we will be doing it. We had done this three times on the Prinsendam over the years. Also hit Antarctica. In February of this year on the 2020 World cruise on the Amsterdam. We absolutely love the Antarctica experience.
  4. Finally got all four of ours. Came in good condition except for one bag badly stained with something and very dirty. Contents in fine condition, nothing broken. Chocolates. Look a little whupped, tasted one kind of borderline ok!
  5. We usually loosely pack 4. Suitcases and ship them. This way we have room. for some of the gifts we get. Also quite a few items are consumed on board creating more space for the return trip. We don't buy many souvenirs but we have plenty of room for the stuff we do buy. We than each carry a small travel bag each for the trip home
  6. Finally as of yesterday two of our bags are traveling home together. Due to arrive tomorrow. As of this morning a 3rd bag left Fla. with no delivery date yet and five minutes ago our last bag was released and scheduled to be delivered Monday. We now have all fall and winter to go through them. Might even wait until Christmas morning to open them.
  7. I've been saying this since the day the luggage was supposed to leave customs. Also we will NOT. Be on the next World Cruise.
  8. 4 bags all still pending. They must be shipping out very few bags each day as they had been in Fla for almost two months already and so many people have not received anything yet.
  9. The same goes for the Carnival stockholders benefit, one per booking
  10. I'm starting to think that HAL is having a cash flow problem and trying to o figure out how to pay FedEx to ship our luggage
  11. I believe that that is a small town in Brazil that Bridget Bardot used to love to visit and that's a statue of her. I can't remember the name of the town We visited there several years ago on the Prinsendam
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