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  1. Good news! I checked this morning and mine is working again. The Manage my Booking button goes to the correct cruise and the Purchase Shore Excursions works so it looks like they found a fix. Now to book some excursions for the 12/28 trip on WindSurf! BTW, looking at the choices, there a couple of 4x4 open-air vehicle trips. Has anyone gone on one of these? Are you alone in the vehicle or sharing with others. Thanks!
  2. We changed our Star Pride booking for December over to the WindSurf when they changed the embarkation to St Martin. Since getting the new booking, I cannot Manage my Booking on MY Windstar. When I click on the button, it takes me to a 1-day Ghost Sailing back in San Juan! My TA worked several days with WS management and they said it’s a common problem with their system when a booking is changed...and it can’t be fixed! So now I have to book any excursions directly through WS or have my TA do it, so can’t see if the excursions are available until I call WS. Oh well, but wanted to let you know
  3. We have always done the All-In package. We find it just makes things so much easier. No signing for drinks or wine and we just don’t worry about the number of drinks we ‘need’ to consume to break even...but we have found on each trip that the bartenders enjoy finding a new drink of the day for us or a different red wine they think we may like. Also we have found the WiFi, though spotty, sufficient enough for our needs each day. Gratuities are included but we do usually give more to those that take extra special care of us. Laundry is free for a two plus week trip but if not, it’s a must for us
  4. I would agree. Most of the after dinner crowd tends to hang at Compass Rose or out on the open decks, especially in the warm Caribbean. We are excited to be on Wind Surf again so booked the suite and are sure it’ll be fine. Counting down!
  5. RemPuck, we were wondering about the noise of the more forward suites as well. We rebooked our relocated San Juan Star Pride over to a Suite on Wind Surf for the 12/28 trip. Our TA talked with a rep who said they don’t often get noise complaints from those suites located beneath the lounge so we booked #348 and we will see how it goes. Definitely wanted a suite as the two bathrooms sounded wonderful for such a long trip. Thanks for the confirmation, Ski Mom!
  6. We just changed our relocated San Juan booking on Star Pride to the 12/28 18-day Cruise on our beloved Wind Surf! So excited! We figured if we have to sail out of St Martin it may as well be on the sailing ship. We booked suite #348 on Deck three. Any feedback on this cabin? I was a bit concerned that being under the lounge it may be noisy. Anyone have experience?
  7. Strenz and SB, thanks for the recommendations for hotels. I’ll check them out. And good idea going down a couple days early, especially if we’re leaving from snowy Portland Maine!
  8. I agree that in Europe you really need to be able to explore on your own, so much to see and culture, art and food to sample on your own. We do a couple excursions with WS but mostly choose to explore each port on our own. I hope your trip is a go. Too bad we will just miss you on the Surf in December. It would have been nice to meet up for a cocktail. A question...we will probably fly out a day or two before, in case of stormy weather on the day of. Are you familiar with a nice hotel on the beach in SM? Not one of our favorite islands at all, but figured we’d make the best of it
  9. We were booked on a two week trip out of San Juan on December 4th but just got notified by both WS and our TA that they are changing the embarkation port to Saint Martin due to the tight government restrictions in SJ. Our TA told us they are in the process of updating the itineraries for the Pride and it would be a while before they are back up on the WS schedule. In the meantime, we’ve decided to switch over to a 12/28 WindSurf Cruise out of St Martin as we are a bit nervous that the Pride may be slow completing its renovations by our 12/4 trip. Besides we love the WindSurf saili
  10. Just wanted to give a heads up that I received a recent email from Windstar offering a 21% discount on 2021 cruises as part of their Milestone Birthday Promotion. We had our TA look into re-pricing our 12/4 San Juan Caribbean StarCollector and we were thrilled to save a substantial amount on that trip! We did lose a previous OBC perk but the savings was well worth it. Definitely worth looking into for booking a new trip too. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed the cruise is a “go” ... we are ready to go!
  11. So we received our cancellation email Wednesday afternoon. Not surprised but still disappointed. We are working with our TA to book either the SanJuan tail end of the trip this November or the Boston to SJ next October 2022. Next year may be a safer bet as by then they may allow passengers to go ashore without a ship excursion, which is a no-go for us especially in the Caribbean. If the TA has the scoop on the Pride, I’ll let you know!
  12. Thanks, We figured that was the case. We are just surprised we haven’t heard from WS yet as some on the Roll Calls have been notified of their cancelled September and October cruises. I’ll talk with our TA tomorrow as we’d like to reschedule to another late 2021 cruise if possible.
  13. I’m a bit nervous about our October 2021 New York-Bermuda-San Juan 21-day cruise. It has disappeared from the WS website, as have all Star Pride cruises from the end of August through November 3rd. The pre-August Iceland itineraries are all Call for Availability which is never a good sign. The cruises scheduled from August through October were in Canada/New England then heading to NY the end of October for our trip. I’m sure with Canada’s restrictions, WS has had to reschedule the ship itineraries for that time period. Just curious if anyone else has heard anything or had their Star Pride crui
  14. I’m happy to report I received a Windstar email. Thanks to Sarah for working her magic!
  15. Strenz, I did the same thing, requesting they add me back to the mailing list - And was pleasantly surprised when Sarah sent the same message. Let’s hope it works! Also glad to see that maybe someone from Windstar Customer Service or PR may periodically read the forum threads and respond to questions or concerns. I know some of the other forums, such as Sea Dream, does that.
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