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  1. Same is true for Celebrity. Mass-market cruise line in disguise.
  2. Treating me like a child by unnecessarily telling me when I have to wear a jacket or suit or tie is enough of a "difference" for me. After 30+ years in business and nonprofit organizations, I know when and where such attire is appropriate...and when it's just a charade. I don't need a cruise line to tell me. So I cruise lines that treat me accordingly.
  3. They have in mine. You're supposed to be a moderator. Act like one.
  4. That would be nice, and well-deserved. If so, his title should be changed with a new photo.
  5. Brava, Petoonya. I can't imagine anyone expressing it better. Thank you.
  6. Where, o where, is Iwan? Not listed on any of the ships.
  7. I didn't tell anyone what to say or not say. Really. So you didn't understand all my sentences. What I said was "writing anything that might discourage others from wearing masks is just counter-productive to our successfully and quickly surviving this pandemic." And I firmly believe it is. You have every right to write whatever you'd like. I have the right to express my opinion on what someone else writes. That's the purpose of a forum.
  8. I can understand your first sentence. But wearing a mask for an extended period, even "throughout the day," is a non-issue. Really. And writing anything that might discourage others from wearing masks is just counter-productive to our successfully and quickly surviving this pandemic.
  9. I am baffled by the refusal of some people to wear a mask.
  10. I am hoping that the motor yachts will not feel crowded after the stretch, with 100 additional passengers on board. The Yacht Club, Compass Rose and Lounge will not be increased in size.
  11. Yes, good that he came up on the hotel side, not finance. A good bean counter is a necessity to an organization, but should not be running the show.
  12. Nor have I..on 46 Azamara cruises. I'd have told 'em to pound sand. Never seen it in the Cabaret, either.
  13. Agree. There should be a penalty for booking several cruises and then deciding at some later time which one to take. Makes it difficult for a cruise line to run its business.
  14. We've found N2 suites to be quiet. If you're booking Pursuit, however, try to avoid the most aft N2 suites as they might get noise from chairs moving on the outdoor part of the Windows buffet above.
  15. If this was the evening where a small orchestra and vocal soloists performed a dramatic piece by a local composer while an appropriately violent thunderstorm raged, memorable it was. Captain Jose had the buses pulled right up to the tent to keep us dry for the ride home.
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