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  1. Sorry, but I think the song business is pretentious. Just put up the sails. Or do it the first time the sails go up on a cruise, and leave it at that. No reason for it on the motor yachts.
  2. Transferred on hangers. Just take clothes in drawers and lay them flat in your suitcase. Then put them, as they were, into drawers in the new suite. Almost painless. Butler and housekeepers will move you.
  3. Well said. Does anyone think Azamara cancels cruises just to annoy its booked passengers?
  4. Usually can make specialty reservations at the b2b meeting on the last full day of the first cruise.
  5. I like this process. It discourages people from booking in advance every excursion they might possibly consider doing and then later canceling when they find a private tour or decide to explore on their own. Paying when you book makes you put some skin into it. Your payment goes back to your credit card or OBC account if you later decide to cancel...no big deal. Also, this is another reason not to allow specialty restaurant reservations prior to boarding.
  6. Everyone uses the services of the crew.
  7. Nearly all non-mass-market, or higher end, cruise lines include gratuities in their fare (see the list above). Cruise lines like Carnival, NCL, RCCL, HAL, Celebrity, MSC, Costa, etc., do not. Windstar should see themselves as higher class than those mass-market lines.
  8. Anytime after boarding...for the entire cruise.
  9. I'd guess MDR reservations will end post-Covid.
  10. You must know the answer, else why would you have made such a derogatory statement about them?
  11. I hope not. On Regent we were up at midnight Central US time scrambling to book our one allowed pre-booked reservation, with an earlier booking date for bigger suites. Azamara has always been first-come, first-served, as it should be on a one-class ship.
  12. If you don't spend the $400 from the big box store, Azamara will put a credit on your credit card on disembarkation day. Book the excursions you want and get the $400 back later, if you haven't spent it on something else while onboard.
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