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  1. My wife and I got back from a Baja whale cruise with Lindblad in February. · The purpose of the cruise is gray whales, gray whales, and then more gray whales. · You get gray whales, gray whales and more gray whales. Oh, and some visits to local, undeveloped islands to look at flora and fauna. · On the Zodiacs, or the local Pangas, while out whale watching you might see 5 whales blowing, spy hopping, or breaching AT THE SAME TIME. They estimate there might be 250-300 in the areas where you are watching. · No promises,
  2. Try this from Amazon. Great for pre-post on a cruise and on board. Fits everywhere in the world except South Africa and a few nearby countries, even North Korea! Has 4 USB ports on the site. One size fits All. $22 https://www.amazon.com/s?k=B01DUT3EMI&ref=nb_sb_noss
  3. There are probably 1000 or more reviews of the QM2 and I wouldn’t imagine that I could really add anything significant to what is already been said. But I do feel I should pass along my observations, as a fairly experienced cruiser, and see what other people would say. First, a little about my cruising history. I wife and I probably take in 30 cruises on all categories of ships. Of course we prefer a ships at the Seaborn level, but we’ve tried several different brands have generally been satisfied for what we got given the money we paid. Right now, Viking Ocean would be of first
  4. 1. Here is a link to stateroom info. https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/ships/viking-orion.html#noscroll 2. Veranda and deluxe veranda are the same size - locations are different. We stayed in a Veranda. Our theory is pay for space, and not identical cabins in different locations. 3. We got all the shorex we asked for. 4. I had miles, so got own air. Went is a day early - ALWAYS!!!
  5. The cruise was from Tokyo to Vancouver, 23 days. We had a Standard Veranda cabin which was okay. Next time, and there will be a next time, we’ll probably try the next size up which is a Penthouse Veranda. A few more square feet would have nice, but not essential. The ship is new and was spotless. The interior design is very Scandinavian, clean lines with lots of very light-colored wood panels, white, and very sharp and crisp. We would agree with the founder of the cruise line that it is things the ship doesn’t have that attract us (NO casino, fresh flowers, formal nights, facili
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