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  1. We are disappointed if Quantum replaces Radiance from Brisbane. Been on Radiance twice and for us it was the perfect size ship. Where will Radiance end up?
  2. Because there is specific conditions for a Lift and Shift as opposed to merely transferring a booking.
  3. We were on the same Majestic cruise and lodged our claim for out of pocket expenses in March. We received notification from Princess with a claim reference number in April. Since then we have heard nothing same as you. We did receive separate cheques a month ago for small amounts with no covering explanation which we can only assume was a refund of taxes and unused port fees. Looks like you have had no result despite many attempts to sort it out with Princess. I will now probably continue to wait patiently. Please post again if your claim does get processed.
  4. I meant almost perfect because MINOR changes are allowed. You can have minor itinerary and port changes and even jump ship if they are the same class. Unfortunately for you they won't budge outside of the four week either side window nor will they entertain changes to the number of nights or cabin class even if you are prepared to pay the difference. The American reference did not come from you or me but from previous posts that had never heard of Lift and Shift and assumed it must have been American. Naturally the policy applies worldwide. Hope you find something that suits.
  5. Lift and Shift was introduced by RCCL a couple of months ago and it's cut off date has been extended.The terms and conditions are well defined and there is nothing American about it. Doesn't matter if you cancel early or RCCL cancel later. I have already suggested in a previous post that not everyone will be eligible if they can't get an almost perfect match for their cruise in 12 months time. The alternative is to either wait forever for a full refund or get the FCC and plan another cruise at a convenient time but then you are at the mercy of rising prices. The main advantage of L&S is avoiding paying the final balance when it is due which seems to be everyone's concern at the moment. I just moved my deposit to the same cruise in 12 months time frozen at 2020 prices and all the balance money stays in my pocket for another year.
  6. Why not Lift and Shift to Sept/Oct 2021. You don't have to wait until Royal cancels you can do it right now and retain your 2020 pricing. Your deposit will transfer and you can pay the balance this time next year. We have already done it for B2B Rhapsody cruises that were to go out of Venice in September 2020.
  7. We also have credit from a partly completed cruise in February that has to be used by February 2021. At the time it looked like a 12 month window but now I doubt there will be a window at all. I will be taking it up with Princess and trying to get the February 2021 deadline extended till at least the end of that year or even further.
  8. Yes you're right - I mistakenly thought the same deal applied to Princess.
  9. Most bars have jugs of iced water sitting on the bar so you could fill your container yourself and then take to a restaurant with you. Of course that self service option may disappear post COVID. Most restaurants pour iced water as soon as you are seated.
  10. We will be overnighting in a Venice hotel before and possibly after our cruise in September 2021 so an airport shuttle is little use to us. I don't know the layout of Venice but maybe some sort of loop service from Airport to Piazza Roma to Ravenna would be better. That service could cater for those already in Venice and those that choose to fly in on departure day.
  11. For me Majestic was missing a lot mainly quiet sit down areas with or without entertainment to spread out 3500 passengers. The smaller older Princess ships have a more open feel to them but Majestic was designed for the Asian market and felt more like a floating apartment building.
  12. Is there a round Australia planned around September 2021? (doesn't have to be Sapphire) If so can you Lift and Shift before before final payment payment is due.
  13. I'm not surprised that Majestic is not coming back. It was always designed for the Asian market and despite a few minor makeovers it was not really popular with Australians. Haven't been on Sapphire but absolutely loved Diamond.
  14. I am sure you are already aware that you must keep the same cabin category to Lift and Shift. As you have pointed out you can change ships but you must leave from the same departure port and travel for the same number of nights in the same location. Unfortunately not everyone has been able to match their cruise 12 months later and the Lift and Shift option does not work for them. Others that have used L&S have found that by freezing their 2020 prices there are considerable savings to be made on the advertised 2021 rates. We booked one night in Venice prior to departure at the Agli Artisti Hotel. Don't know much about it but it's reasonably priced and close to the cruise departure terminal.
  15. We had B2B cruises out of Venice on Royal Caribbean scheduled for September this year. With the final balance almost due and uncertainty regarding a September departure we did a Lift and Shift to September 2021. The non refundable deposit transferred over to an almost identical itinerary and now the balance is not due till June 2021. Also we have our 2020 prices guaranteed. If you are prepared to postpone for 12 months the Lift and Shift option works well to avoid paying the final balance on a cruise you suspect will be cancelled.
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