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  1. NeilonBoard

    Singapore Port

    If you can drop off luggage early at Marina Bay Cruise Centre it is only a 10 minute walk to a subway station. Travel 2 stops and you are at Marina Bay shopping centre and Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Many passengers kill time here before returning to the port for embarkation.
  2. Cruise ships generally anchor in Patong Bay (west coast) in high season or dock at Ao Makham (east coast) in low season. This is due to the monsoon season that can make Patong Bay an unsafe anchorage. I have never heard of a cruise ship utilizing both locations in the one cruise. Patong Bay is a tender port and you will be transported in to the hub of all dining, shopping and nightlife activities. If the ship overnights in Patong Bay the tenders should run till very late in the evening. Ao Makham is an industrial port where you can walk straight off the ship but you will need to take a taxi or ships tour to visit anything worthwhile. I believe in January the ship should arrive and depart from Patong Bay.
  3. I can only speak from my experience on the Astor (now replaced by Vasco da Gamma) but the only draught beer available was Bitberger which I found quite acceptable.
  4. For our cruise out of Perth all drink prices were in Australian dollars. Unfortunately I have not kept a record of the drinks list. Even though all our drinks were covered by the VIP package I seem to recall the following prices: Beer (draught Bitburger) $6.5 Beer stubbies (local and imported) $7.00 - $8.50 Spirits (including mixer) $10 - $12 Cocktails $9 - $12 Wine by the glass (house) $6 Wine by the glass (select) $8 Wine by the bottle $32 - $38 The prices are on the web site but I think they are in Pound sterling.
  5. On Vasco da Gama many outside cabins have the window directly looking on to the promenade deck. The people outside can't see in but do you really want everyone walking past your window at all hours. Study the deck plan carefully before committing to a cabin.
  6. On our CMV Astor cruise there were no kettles provided in the cabins. A limited number of kettles were available from guest services on request on a first come basis.
  7. On port days the buffet will always be open but seldom do they open the main dining room. You should have no trouble getting lunch in the buffet for a 12:30 boarding. Not sure about the last day but I would suggest a large breakfast around 9:30am just to be sure.
  8. I have just returned from CMV Astor from Perth to Capetown and had the VIP package which cost $42 AUD per day if booked in advance. (every 7th day free) That covered all drinks including specialty coffees except for French champagne and high end wines. The premium package is $10 per day less and you are only covered for house wines and draught Bitburger beers and basic spirits and cocktails. Don't forget both these packages also include your tips so that is a further saving of $10 per day. I found the package to be very reasonable compared to other cruise lines and we certainly got our moneys worth.
  9. We have cruised twice on Pacific Eden which is soon to become Vasco da Gamma. The ship is certainly not new but appeared to be in reasonable shape. I would imagine any small problems which can happen on any ship would be rectified prior to the handover in Singapore in April. The ship has a nice small to mid size feel to it and the facilities seemed to accommodate all passengers even on full cruises. I suggest you study the deck plan closely for cabin selection as the outside cabins on promenade deck have the window directly on to the promenade and not to the ocean. The promenade walkers can't see directly in to your cabin but you would be aware of them outside while you were inside. This problem is confined to outside cabins on the promenade deck only and I see no issues with any other cabins on any other decks.
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