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  1. How about " 1 fish 2 fish Red fish Blue fish"
  2. Your itenerary shows you going to Juneau Tuesday morning from 7:00am to 1:30pm. You then travel to the Endicott arm (dawes glacier) in the afternoon/evening. That is scenic cruising with no port. Then Wednesday you are in Icy Strait Point from 7:00am-3:00pm.
  3. You can't finish the checkin process until you are within 21 days of your sailing. That being said, Saturday was our 21 day mark. Even after fully completing the checkin process I was unable to print the e-docs. I opened a chat session on the NCL website and they were able to fix the problem.
  4. 29 days, 2 hours and 14 minutes until sail away. But who's counting.
  5. I just did this. You have to call 1-866-954-4077. You need to have your cruise confirmation number.
  6. I am highly dissapointed in the BOGO airfair offer from NCL. I have never used a cruisline book my airfair in the past but decided to give it a try this time. We are on the Encore Setp 18th cruise out of Seattle and live in the Sacramento area. When I got my flight information last night I realized that I made a costly mistake. The departure times were great leaving Sacramento at 7:25am and arriving at 9:45am. That is where the good news ends. The flight is on Delta and if for their Basic fair. This means that you can't even choose your seats until you arrive at the airport unless you wish to upgrade for $30 pp. So now I'm up to $279. You have to pay I believe $25 for each checked bag. Between my wife and I that would be $75. Now at $354. The return flight is on Alaska Airlines at is horrible with a 9:27pm departure arriving in Sacramento at 11:30pm. This on we would also have to pay for checked bags, another $75. for a grand total out of pocket of $429 minimum. I checked Southwest airlines and round trip for 2 people $376 with the same times going and 11:45 am returning. I email my PCC to try to cancel the BOGO only to be told that it is too late. She says that I had to cancel before final payment which is impossible since I just got my flight info last night. Do I have any recourse on this one???
  7. There is an all you can eat Dungeness crab fiest offered as an excursion in Ketchikan. It is pricey but well worth it in my opinion. We were there last year while in Alaska for a fishing trip. Since there were no cruise ships it was mostly all locals. The crab was great and they just kept bringing it.
  8. I had trouble reaching the PCC that i booked with. After several calls she did call me back. On that call I made sure to get her email address. Since then she has been very responsive and helpful.
  9. Expect breathtaking scenery, amaizing glaciers, and wonderful wildlife. Everything else is just secondary.
  10. I am on the Oct 16-23 Bliss cruise. I received an email yesterday with an itenary change. I am hoping that they are just in the process of changing the itenary on the website.
  11. Te revised itenary for the Bliss Oct. 16-23 shows Glacier Bay from 7:00am to 6:00pm. That is what I am looking forward to the most on this cruise. A full day in Glacier Bay sun up to sun down.
  12. I booked this weekend. We are on the last Bliss sailing of the year. I sure hope that things keep moving in a positive direction!!!!
  13. I rebooked our Oct 2021 cruise on the Breakaway to Canada on Friday. We saved $500, kept the same mini suite and got 2 more perks. We did loose the prepaid gratuities but the shore credit pays for that.
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