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  1. just to be fair, they don't have to tell you when promotional prices end. However, they did send out multiple emails over memorial day weekend. Also always expect prices to go up the closer to the cruise you get. There is mention of this all over the forum and facebook.
  2. That’s vegan junk food and a fairly western/American phenomenon. There aren’t plenty of plants to eat with out all that fake stuff.
  3. Huh? No it doesn’t! It’s just different grains, rice, veggies, fruits, potatoes.... and sometimes tofu
  4. Great in theory but by son having an amazing vacation is more important than $60. Do I won’t revolt. ill maybe do a couple slides in the morning and I’ll be thrilled that my kids had an amazing time
  5. So I just reached Diamond on RCCL and we've been talking about doing a special vacation in 2020 or 2021 for just my husband and I. What are the differences? What are your favorite ports? I'm just starting to look into this so interested in any and all advise.
  6. This just came available for our cruise. But I can't get a response back on cost. I'm guessing $300ish for each buggy right? I'm not sure if I should go. Its my husband and I and our 12 year old. But I think the boys will adore it but I don't want to pay another $300 for me to go. Would you just meet them at the beach?
  7. So I'm just about to purchase drink packages as they are $49 per day and I don't want them to go up. However, if they have a better sale Memorial Day weekend I will want to cancel and repurchase. My question is....if I use my onboard credit will there be an issue getting that refunded as well so I can purchase at the new price? A Candice
  8. Do drink packages and such typically go on sale for Memorial Day?
  9. Thank you! So much! I just contacted them. I really appreciate you letting me know. Are you on the Symphony?
  10. I don't know why the link isn't showing up. Try this... click here
  11. also because the only bahamas port that can hold the ship is Nassau and quite honestly...it sucks.
  12. Ok so we are St Kitts on August 13th. I originally tried to book Javin (myislandtours) and they are on vacation that day. So then I contacted the dune buggy place....also on vacation. UGH. It seems all that is left is just a basic rainforest hike or car tour (I HATE car tours). I just don't travel to spend the day in a car. I don't see the point and I get car sick. I love to zipline but my husband almost killed me last time I made him go. He has a major panic attack...so that's out. ARGH.
  13. I haven’t read the rest of the responses but... I really feel you about crowds. I hyperventilated trying to watch PitBull on NYE. I had Black Friday shopping and in general I don’t like festivals either. But I love the oasis class ships. Being bigger means people are MORE spread out. Less lines. More planes to go without people. I love it. I now feel claustrophobic on the smaller ships
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