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  1. I'll be on Valiant on the 7th (repositioning to San Juan) and only part of the lineup is currently available. The app starting showing part of the schedule at the 45 day mark but it's only the evening shows and almost none of the day time activities or live music around the ship. On my last voyage the full schedule wasn't available until you got on the ship. I always just get on the ship and then pull up the schedule. Pick the activities we want to do and then try and modify our dinner reservations to fit the shows we picked. It would be so much easier if they would release a bit more of the schedule at the same time as the reservations open.
  2. Agreed. Just something required so that those of us who actually have cruised with VV get a benefit for doing so. I have cruise 5 in two weeks and 6 in August. I'm totally fine with them giving some benefits for a status match but not the same as for those of us who have cruise multiple times already.
  3. Agreed....So many people have status now. I think if you want to make it easier to get status for now that's fine but at least require a cruise or two first. Not just for first timers. This reward program has been delayed so many times I'm thinking it's not coming again early in 2024 like they have said. I have been looking forward to the details since I became a Sea Blazer. I'll have at least 5 maybe 6 cruises in now before this is even announced. Hopefully the new program is worth it.
  4. I agree that having multiple tiers are critical for this to be beneficial. I am a Sea Blazer with my 5 and 6th cruises in 2024. I'm very interested on how they will reward the Sea Blazers when setting what level of status we will get to start. I think keep some sort of laundry perk, even if only on longer perks would be nice. We typically only travel carry on only, so on longer trips that can get a bit difficult. On NCL they offer excursion discounts, free behind the ship tours, spa discounts, cabin upgrades, free cruises, etc. Some of those would be great as well. I am also hoping that this will all combine with the Virgin Red program so that you can earn/spend points across the Virgin brand.
  5. Wow that is quite a bit of a drop. Are these amounts supposed to be available to anyone regardless of cabin category still?
  6. I've seen some people on this forum and on reddit that have had some success getting authorization to bring their drones ahead of time. They were able to contact VV and get in writing that is was ok to bring as long as they never flew it while onboard the ship. Something maybe worth checking into. I have never tried to bring my drone, though I would LOVE to be able to. Little FPV around the islands!
  7. Did you ever find out why you got these? Are they just gifts for December to everyone?
  8. Enjoying your live so far! If you weren't aware you can download Google Maps for the area to use offline, with no data. While you are on the hotel Wi-Fi download whatever region you want and the you'll have access to maps while you are exploring.
  9. In the app you can add your friend as a contact and then you will be able to make reservations for both people right in the app. The balcony can be opened up to combine them. Just ask your room steward on day 1. They may have you sign a waiver before they open them. No robes in regular rooms. The soap has been black on some of my cruises but I believe the last one it was white. Temperature on the ship has always been great. Outside can be a bit chilly at night while moving.
  10. Sorry, the ship has none is what I meant.
  11. mbfrenc0586

    Roatan Port

    When I’m Roatan is there a place at the port to buy sunscreen? The ship has nine while they are changing suppliers.
  12. With the Deep Blue Extras it says there is expedited boarding but does that mean I can board at anytime or just a dedicated line when it a my boarding time? I have a 3:30 time currently but was unable to make any dinner reservations on the day the app opened at 6pm…never happened to me before. I was hoping to get in by 2 so that I could make reservations. I’m nervous I won’t be able to get one at 330-4pm.
  13. Thank you everyone for your responses. I'll talk with them as soon as I get on board next weekend!
  14. Is it possible to find out which days will have menu A or B in Test Kitchen ahead of the cruise? We are on the Valiant Lady April 16th for a 6 night. Thank you!
  15. I have cruised VV 3 times with #4 in April and #5 for this upcoming New Years. Frist 3 cruise no issues with restaurant reservations ahead of time overall. This April cruise I was unable to book any restaurants ahead of time. I was on the day the reservations opened and there was nothing for any restaurant, any day of the cruise before 9:15pm. Little frustrating but I know from experience that more times will be open when I get on board and I'll most likely have little issues getting reservations, may have to be a little flexible. You can also go to the reservation help desk on embarkation day and they can help you as well. Plus you can always walk up to a restaurant. They always have cancellations. You may have to wait a little but you should be able to get in. I truly wouldn't stress over it. VV is an amazing cruise line and you will have an amazing time.
  16. Thanks for this. I was just reading this actually. Just haven't had this experience with my first 3 cruises. I was able to get all the my reservation done the day the system opened. Probably a bit busier on this cruise.
  17. I will be going on my 4th VV cruise on April 16th. We were able to make restaurant reservations yesterday but there are no times for any restaurant on any day before 9:15pm. I have never had this issue before. Anyone else have any issues recently with this? I know that they don't open all time slots until after you board but to not be able to get a single reservation any day seems unusual. Thank your for any information!
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    Draught Haus has by far the most options. If you are an IPA person then your options are a little limited though. Just 2 or 3 options across the ship that I remember seeing.
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