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  1. Hi Chris, any news on a new contract after this one. Wife and I will be on Oasis May 10th , hoping to see you and say hello / thank you for your efforts with videos etc
  2. A few days ago I booked a noon lunch in chops grill for wife and I embarkation day. Oasis 5/10/20 sailing, booked it in cruise planner
  3. Are there any other locations besides the 2 Just mentioned, ? Thanks
  4. I have not been on Oasis yet , do both Cage Promenade and Park Cafe make specialty coffee drinks? ( mocha, latte, etc)
  5. After refurbishment what are the options for specialty coffee (latte etc) that’s included in refreshment package. I know that Starbucks in still an upcharge how about Cafe Promenade? Park Cafe ? - Even better if someone on board could chime in or post coffee menus for Cafe Promenade Park Cafe and any other premium coffee opportunity Thanks
  6. Chris , you look dapper, comfortable , and competent in pic , you are exuding confidence and an eager willingness to help guests have a great Royal experience. I hope Royal realizes that your social media presence is a boost to the brand. Good job !!! - hope wife and I get to meet you and thank you in person for your efforts and dedication 👍🏻
  7. I have a question that might not be affected by refurbishment, on Oasis is there a lower deck you can walk around on with views of ocean off sides of ship , other than running track. - on Summit and on Anthem you could walk down each side of ship on a lower level ( dining room level area ) if my memory serves me correct , Summit for sure , there were doors near upper level of MDR , then a few as you walked forward on ship as well - hope Oasis is similar, but it looks like just running track 😑 - if you have been on Oasis please chime in Thanks
  8. Yes , but after sunset on a hot Caribbean night , might be amazing
  9. Pit groups? I haven’t seen pics of new solarium yet could you kindly post some pics and or explain Thank you
  10. Good morning and I hope you have a great first day on board Oasis - when you get a chance , can you let us know if seapass cards and still the magnetic strip type , or if they changed to newer RFID type ( tap card on reader rather than old swipe ) thanks in advance We are Mark and Brenda
  11. PS , you had us nervous with “was I fired “ video title , lol
  12. Hi Chris , congratulations on what appears to be a promotion and a great opportunity We just found you on YouTube in the last week , watched a couple of your videos = great job. Wife and I will be on Oasis in May 2020 If you are still there it would be nice to meet you Have a great day 😊
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