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  1. Remember England is not the only UK country. Mask wearing is still the normal in Scotland. I am not sure about Wales and Northern Ireland. Maybe P&O recognise this.
  2. How was Caribbean Princess looking when you were last on her? I see she was refurbished in 2019. Is she still a good ship to go on?
  3. caber

    Quiet beach

    I am looking for recommendations for a quiet beach. I don't mind going a bit further away from Bridgetown. It doesn't need to have any fancy restaurants, just a beach bar, chairs, umbrellas and half decent toilets. I would like a sandy beach with no rocks or coral blocking my way to the sea. Any suggestions?
  4. Our 17th January Cruise now has Martinique instead of St. Vincent. We got an email telling us there were no berth available in St. Vincent.
  5. I have finally had an email back from P&O about my complaint about the canopies. We also are to get £50 each obc. I wanted the sun but maybe it will be OK. There isn't a lot we can do about it anyway. There aren't any other suitable cabins available now which we would want. They had offered to swap us to a side balcony but I declined because of the size.
  6. Glad you spoke to someone in the "normal balconies adjacent" . It makes me feel better too. I have seen a lot of photos of the end suites but not one of the in-between balconies in the sunshine. I will be in A725
  7. My granddaughter's school had a bad outbreak last week. My granddaughter was kept away on Friday and was fine. There was supposed to have been a deep clean over the weekend but this morning she, and quite a few others are sick.
  8. The one thing I don't do with heels on is use the stairs. I have nearly slipped on the carpet a couple of times so it's the lifts in the evening.
  9. I certainly hope they will be cleaned regularly. We had a bad experience looking down on a very dirty lifeboat top. It had dead insects and all sorts. They didn't clean it until we'll into the cruise.
  10. I am waiting for a reply from my T A about this. I booked an aft facing cabin on A deck as it was large and part shade, part sun. Now I am not sure if I will get and sun at all.
  11. Don't know about a shuttle but there is a hop on hop off bus goes from near the ship. It's in two stages. The first stops at the Acropolis where you can change onto a round Athens bus. I think you can buy a ticket for either one ot two routes.
  12. Having lunch in a 5 star hotel in Glasgow a man took his little girl to the gents toilet. Both emerged and walked straight out without washing their hands. What an example to set a child 😞
  13. I know what you mean. Might wait until we get on board to decide. I would like the experience.
  14. It's 17th January cruise. The acts are 4 poofs and a piano, Claire Sweeney, Gareth Gates and Ben Richards
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