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    Horseback Riding

    My wife and I used Ronys Tours back in December for a tour of Roatan which included seeing the monkeys an sloths, some shopping and site seeing. Then horseback riding through the hills and in the water where you can get your picture with the ships in the background while on the horses and in front of the Roatan sign. Was a really great tour and if you get Willie as your guide you will have an enjoyable and happy time. Highly recommend them. The Ump John
  2. Supplies are ordered and supposed to be there. But being first time doing it kind of scary if we board ship and it not there then what. As far as machine yes we will be carrying that with us but not sure I want to try and carry that and 4 or 5 more boxes as carry ons. John
  3. When you reserve a show does it go on you sea pass card or do you have to carry your phone and show the app? The Ump John
  4. Anyone who has cruise out of Galveston and taken their own solution and supplies with them, Do you take it in the boxes or do you pack it in a suit case. If in a suit case wonder if it will end up in the naughty room. This is first cruise needing it, have it ordered but thought about bring it also just in case. The Ump John
  5. Thanks for the information. Wanted to be sure after last night kept getting check in has checked out message and when I did get in it would let me update anything. I remember people saying they didn't have to show the cards when boarding but I thought it still had to be scanned at check in time. The Ump John
  6. I just check in for my December 11 cruise and after multiple problems after midnight i was able to do it this morning. Only when I went to put health information in it says there will be a notice on December 10th. I thought you had to scan your covid vax cards when you do the check in. The Ump John
  7. Back a few years My wife and I were on the Majesty and ported in Costa Maya on Christmas Day. The port was lively and we were suppose to go to Mahahual but it was raining off and on. Not sure about church in Costa Maya itself but we had a midnight service Christmas eve on the ship. Was interesting since the ship was rocking some and people trying to walk up and take Communion was channeling. So you might want to check your compass or with the crew to see if they are having a midnight mass. The Ump John
  8. NOt sure about now but in the past have done it. The Ump John
  9. Last time I bought the bucket of beers was before the pandemic. They came in either a plastic bucket or a carry case with ice. They only opened on and you could as you say take and put in the fridge in your room. IO also have taken the unopened can bottle back to the bar and exchanged them for cold ones. Again this was a few years ago. First time we did it our steward kept them on ice constantly during the day. Was a very nice touch. šŸ™‚ The ump John
  10. I have the RCCL app on both my phone and tablet, the other day the tablet got stuck on the deck plan but phone was fine. Now the tablet is fine and the phone app keeps giving me the Term of US. even though I hit accept it just keeps going back to it. Any ideas? The Ump John
  11. It might have been the Happy Together CD. šŸ™‚ Enjoying your review. My wife and I are on the Allure in December with Firefly. Can not wait. Haven't been on this big of ship and we are looking forward to it. Love the Liberty, Mariner, Freedom so curious to see what all this will be like. I am a planner and will have to plan out shows and excursions more closely this trip. The Ump John
  12. Thank you. Appreciate the response. Since she had to switch to the sugar free from diet coke for medical reasons (they said root beer or some reason was ok) she doesn't like the taste of the diet coke. The Ump John
  13. Anyone that has been on Allure of the Seas or going on it soon I have a question. We usually get the soda package since we use to drink a lot of soda but my wife now only drinks Sugar Free Root Beer. Does anyone know if they have this in the free style machines. Planning on bring some with us in December but just curious on getting the package or not. The Ump John
  14. It was fun except for one night we went to just watch and there were groups there that had paper sacks with the items in. Sort of that the fun out of it in my opinion. The Ump John
  15. CAsh is best to use, Credit Card in foriegn countries is iffy to use but if you are use a regular card not a debit card. You will also need to notify your card holder were it might be used before going or it might get declined. The Ump
  16. My wife back a few years ago in Roatan missed a step at a resort on West Bay and broke her foot. We were on a private excursion (first stop of the cruise) and we had to see th doctor when we got back. They took xray, gave her crutches , wheel chair and meds and checked on her the rest of the cruise. They medical people and all the RCCL staff took really good care of her the ret of the week. We did have to pay for the medical service and meds but turned it into our insurance when we got home. The Ump
  17. You can look at Rony tours, christopher tours, victor borden all have tours that go to see monkeys/sloths and beach combos.
  18. theump

    Leon Tours

    when was your cruise? Did you use Leon for the tour if you are back.
  19. What shore excursions was this. Didn't see in the RCCL Shore Excursions for our cruise in December. Sound interesting.
  20. Has anyone been on a cruise that does night time in home Dialysis and if so what all did you have to do to get equipment and solutions to the ship? The Ump John
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