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  1. Hmm not sure another cruise will actually be sailing either unless the Canadian ports are the problem. Of course I'm flexible if the itinerary interests me (non-caribbean) but the selection is limited as it's max 7 days and no Edge/Apex. Maybe the best would be to move the date to May 2021 and use the next comp for a B2B / different route next year. The cruise fare is stored/listed as $1,120 but then deducted in another line.
  2. I feared that. Will make it substantially more expensive for the OP. Of course it depends what kind of "contactable" he is talking about, maybe he can get away with "Surf".
  3. Apparently this is the current schedule: XCELERATE UNLIMITED INTERNET PACKAGE Onboard Price Starting From Sailing Lenght 1 Device 2 Devices 3 Devices 4 Devices 2 to 3 Days $95 $143 $190 $238 4 to 6 Days $175 $263 $350 $438 7 to 9 Days $265 $398 $530 $663 10 to 13 Days $325 $488 $650 $813 14+ Days $335 $503 $670 $838 SURF INTERNET PACKAGE Onboard Price Starting From Sailing Lenght 1 Device 2 Devices 3 Devices 4 Devices 2 to 3 Days $59 $89 $118 $148 4 to 6 Days $89 $134 $178 $223 7 to 9 Days $129 $194 $258 $323 10 to 13 Days $179 $269 $358 $448 14+ Days $199 $299 $398 $498 Are you sure the B2B is counted as one 25 night cruise per system?
  4. I have two comped cruises in the next 6 months that were booked through MGM Noir (7 day cruise + $300 OBC). One of these was an Alaska sailing that I already moved from May to August and hope it's going forward. Now if it doesn't I had a couple of thoughts. Considering these cruises are technically zero fares I'd say they aren't eligible for any FCC, let alone the OBC am I correct? The comps would just expire. The way it shows up on my Celebrity confirmation is this: Cruise Fare 1120.00 MGMPlayerRate 0.00 MGMPlayerRate 0.00 YCF1-CELJNKSLT -1120.00 Total 1120.00 0.00 0.00 -1120.00 199.68 Taxes, fees, and port expenses Total Charge Amount Paid Balance Due 199.68 Before the whole comp expires maybe I could try and see if X would consider this $1120 plus bonus as FCC. Any experience how they treat these bookings?
  5. I had my May 10th cruise moved to August 16th (ex Vancouver) and hope it sails. If not that will be bad.
  6. United and Delta have also extended the elite tiers for an additional 12 months. Nice!
  7. Jesus... take it easy. Ok a few people were sick but there won't be thousands of Covid Zombies running through Gaslamp Quarter.
  8. 25 cents on the dollar is highly optimistic in case of bankruptcy. Probably more like 1-2 pennies on the dollar.
  9. Bought out by whom? If RCL goes under you bet that all other lines are done as well.
  10. So they mean EXACTLY the same cruise not the same routing. But even that... should they "reactivate" the cruise after cancelling it then why shouldn't the customer be able to rebook it? People should just take the money and run, then look for a good offer in the future.
  11. The Cruise with Confidence FCC cannot be redeemed to repurchase the same sailing where the original booking cancelled. What does this mean??
  12. Pretty much all airlines right now offer you a refund or stored airline credit so that's safe. As far as the hotels are concerned that pretty much applies as well with all chain hotels. If individual properties that don't belong to a chain they might waive it. I'd give Ultimate Rewards a call and check.
  13. Usually when using Chase UR points for example I get a receipt that shows a monetary value and then the amount of the points so you should be able to claim that back from insurance if your policy covers it. Many "non-ref" flights and hotels have a waiver and the carrier will refund you anyway. Did you book a chain hotel?
  14. I was on the May 10 Eclipse to Alaska. As soon as Trudeau held the presser I was on the phone and had Celebrity change my date to August 16th. Didn't ask for a refund.
  15. Such offer do exist but usually for cruises cancelled as part of isolated incidents. Not a widespread "grounding" of the entire fleet. Agreed, 25% extra isn't worth it. I'd take the cash as long as they can still pay.
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