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  1. The far end of the beach area (in front of the cabanas' plunge pool) is quieter and removed from the music. It's to the far left side of the beach when facing the water. The On the Rocks Bar was also quieter and away from the DJ, but they had a live band playing, so it was a different kind of loud music. Between sets it was quiet, though.
  2. There was a pasta station up front and stir fry in the back.
  3. No Celebration Table. No Izumi in the Park. No Desserted. That could change. I know some Star folks had a pow-wow with one of the officers this morning to give feedback. Still $20 at each venue once a day.
  4. The ala carte places included are Izumi Sushi (not Izumi in the Park), Basecamp upcharges and Pier 7. Giovannis Wine Bar snacks and Trellis Bar snacks are not included. No other new specialty dining. We canceled our UDP onboard and have been partaking of mostly complimentary items and Coastal Kitchen instead.
  5. The Solarium Bistro is all ages, it's the actual Solarium that's 18+. You enter the Bistro by the walkway by the elevator banks and do not have to enter the Solarium to eat.
  6. Travel insurance won't cover it if Royal didn't cancel the cruise. They're still moving you from Vancouver to Honolulu.
  7. Half cream and half milk..so they're only half lying.
  8. Royal will have a daily drink of the day which is usually a few bucks cheaper than the normal price.
  9. Some Cafe Promenades have a "spirited coffees" menu..there are both cold and hot drinks on the menu.
  10. The last D+ letter I had excluded Izumi Hibachi from the BOGO, but it may differ from ship to ship. I was on Wonder.
  11. The BOGO price is based on onboard pricing, not the discounted price in the Cruise Planner. What you are seeing in the Cruise Planner is the Izumi Hibachi experience..the teppenyaki meal, same as you would get for dinner. Don't know what to say about the missing gratuities..chalk it up to good old Royal IT.
  12. If you have 3 in your booking, the oversell could have to do with muster station capacities. They book more 3+ rooms over the holidays and spring break. Once a muster station is full, they can't just squeeze another person in to that particular muster station. That's why you hear folks get denied adding more passengers to their cabins later in the game even though the cabins have the berths.
  13. Yes. The Genie will take care of that for you onboard if you can't cancel the purchases in the Cruise Planner prior to sailing.
  14. They were referring to the plain San Pellegrino from glass bottles, which is unflavored sparkling water. The canned drinks you are referencing are a different product.
  15. Windjammer (buffet) will likely have them as well. You can also order them in the dining room.
  16. You need to look at the specifics of your travel insurance policy if they have coverage for canceling due to Covid. To get the refund from Royal you have to cancel everyone in your cabin. It can't be either or. Usually travel insurance would cover the increased cost for you to go solo if your traveling partner has to cancel for a covered reason, but if you can mitigate the loss by getting a full refund from the cruise line's published policy, the insurance carrier may deny the claim. Either way, you definitely need official lab results of a positive test.
  17. If you want to try to reprice upcoming cruises with your new Diamond status, it would have to be done before final payment. It likely wouldn't be a savings since you'll pay the current prices. Who you quoted was referring to the 340 point level where you get a discount on the solo supplement.
  18. Aside from changing plans to get to Orlando earlier and potentially sit through a storm..not sure what else can be done at this point. It's a wait and see game. There are so many moving parts that can be disrupted. We went through this with Hurricane Dorian in 2019.
  19. Maybe try contacting Crown & Anchor and verifying your C&A number and then contact the casino make sure that's what the casino has reflected and associated with you?
  20. Yes..is it use it all or lose the rest? That is unclear as well as can you get $20 of food at Playmakers and $20 of Portside in the same day. Being able to pop in whenever for a snack at Playmakers was a selling point for me that usually tipped the scales to buying the package. Now I will forego it and use my the D+ BOGO and pay the entirely reasonable ala carte prices at Playmakers and call it a day.
  21. Thank you for being the guinea pig for this sailing..I guess I will have something to look forward to.
  22. It was a subtle change in the Terms & Conditions of the package. Still leads to interpretation issues for ships with multiple ala carte places (looking at you, Oasis of the Seas).
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