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  1. Depends on how you addressed your request with the TA originally. If you stated in writing you wanted an oceanview balcony guarantee or have it on your invoice as such, you need to work with the TA to make it right.
  2. I don't recall seeing the parade on my Thanksgiving cruises. They do serve turkey and pumpkin pie in the main dining room on Thanksgiving Day and they do start putting up the Christmas decorations. When considering a Thanksgiving cruise, do NOT forget to factor in the cost of getting to the port and remember to add extra time. Flight prices go insane for Thanksgiving travel and the airports are also much busier.
  3. New shows finally showed up for the first post-AMP sailing.
  4. Exactly. If they refuse to do this, then they aren't working for you and you need to remember this the next time that you take a cruise and fire them.
  5. That was another cruise line that has banned door decorations.
  6. Yes, got a completely new email. My TA did send me an updated invoice when I made the upgrade, so perhaps that triggered it?
  7. I got a new RoyalUp within hours of taking a free upgrade (due to drastic price dropping after final payment) from a CP Balcony to Spacious OV Balcony. But I think they're really having a hard time filling this sailing...prices are getting stupid cheap.
  8. Start by looking at the costs of the risks that would be most devastating financially. For most people that would be the costs of an evacuation off the ship. They do have policies just for the evacuation and medical coverage out there. Then you can see if it's worthwhile to get a policy that includes trip cancellation/delay/interruption. Typically the financial outlay of a loss for cancellation is just limited to the cost of your cruise and any other pre-paid expenses that you lose. The more money you shelled out for the cruise and prepaid things, the bigger financial hit you would take if you walked away. Trip interruption can be more costly because there may be costs incurred for last minute flights and accommodations if you have a covered event that triggers the loss (for example a death of an immediate family member back home). A standalone policy can cover the entire trip from the time you leave your house to the time you return. The cruiseline insurance typically is only insuring the cruise portion.
  9. Agree..it's like a casserole version of french toast, which is also different everywhere you get it. Sometimes it's dry and sometime it is wet and eggy.
  10. The CocaCola Freestyle machines will dispense ice and water into any cup.
  11. You should be able to access them in your cruise planner and print them yourself. But otherwise you can just show up with your passport and they will look you up on the manifest.
  12. I'd assume they're going to update the Aqua Theater with perhaps some new technology. I don't know that the new cast will be able to rehearse prior to the first sailing post-AMP. Perhaps on the media sailings that are scheduled for the day before? But I'm guessing until they can be sure of everything they don't want to set a schedule for the shows.
  13. Someone in my roll call for the Nov 24 sailing said Royal told them that they won't be having reserved productions for our sailing because it's going to be an entirely new show and a new cast, so likely we will be able to walk up and watch rehearsals and the like.
  14. BUT..if someone in an inside has a bid for a balcony room and that amount PLUS what you bid on the JS will net them more money than your GS bid, they make take the JS bid. RoyalUp is not a highest bidder wins auction..every bid acceptance has a snowball effect.
  15. You CAN pay with your Starbucks app but you can't redeem stars on board. Remember that you need to be able to pull up the app on your phone which may require Internet access..the alternative is to screenshot the pay screen before you cruise and use that.
  16. Effectively you're gambling with losing the cost of the cruise plus any extra costs you incur if you DID miss the ship or had to catch up to it and travel delay insurance coverage can help mitigate that to some extent. If you're comfortable enough to take things as they come in the event that you do have to spend the time in Singapore instead of on the cruise, I see no reason to not take the gamble.
  17. So where are the deck plans for the week of April 26, 2020 - May 2, 2020? They sure seem to have an organization-wide issue with change management. Do the different departments even communicate with each other?
  18. Prices keep dropping on the first Oasis sailing after the AMP...current sale plus D+ balcony discount and senior discount nets under $800 for a neighborhood GTY for a solo!
  19. They have them in storage areas near the muster stations. They did point out where they were stored during muster drill on Allure. You report to the muster station and if needed they hand them out.
  20. I've always gotten a receipt showing a zeroed out charge with the line for an additional tip even when sailing Star Class. I don't know why they don't automatically offer this to everyone on the packages as there's not really any other way to "ask" for a tip.
  21. It seems that from the things that you outlined you enjoyed from this sailing, you probably would enjoy the older, smaller Royal ships. Although I have yet to find a cruise ship casino that wasn't stinky and smoky, but I'm highly sensitive to it.
  22. Correct, the OP nearly two years asked the question and received the official answer, which is NO. Royal Caribbean does not officially have a policy where they give discounts for bariatric patients. Anytime that they have it was up to the discretion of the restaurant/food & beverage manager just as it is whenever you eat anywhere and ask for the same accommodation. But this is a message board where all yes/no questions devolve into discussions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and by reading through all of them perhaps folks can understand why a large for-profit corporation doesn't officially make this kind of exception but also be able to see the plight of post-operative WLS patients. I mean I had the surgery and I'm going to struggle with my weight and food for my entire life similar to how an alcoholic has a lifetime struggle. I didn't see anything in this thread that struck me as an attack on my chosen lifestyle (and medically necessary or not..having this surgery IS a choice)
  23. They don't "serve" anything. It's a self-service machine that makes the standard espresso-based drinks. You have to be creative to come up with all the fancypants drinks from what is available to you (e.g. snag a chocolate milk carton to add to your latte for some mochaness...or use the hot chocolate packets...). During happy hour you can spike your coffees too if you can handle the late afternoon caffeine buzz as decaf is lacking 😈
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