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  1. So maybe that's not a good spot to meet up with a non diamond member for a few drinks. Guess Ill have to use the drink vouchers somewhere else.
  2. I see that.. We're used to the Anthem. But we will find our way around a lot faster on this ship... I'm excited for a quiet relaxing cruise.
  3. We will be meeting friends there. Its our first time on this ship for all of us. So we are trying to establish a meeting spot. (We are diamond, but they are not) Thank you for the name. ☺️
  4. Sorry, do you know the name of the lounge outside the Diamond Club?
  5. First time on Grandeur next Saturday the 30th. Is there an overflow area outside the Diamond Club? I'm hearing there are usually a lot of D and D+ on this ship.
  6. Thank you so much for this review! I know its months later but I will be on this ship for the first time in 10 days so I was searching for some tips. Your review was so thorough. I feel like I was already there... lol
  7. Do you tip the guys that show you to your loungers? If so, how much?
  8. I will be in cabin 2132 on Nov 30th. How are the seas and how is the rocking?
  9. Good to know. Never booked an ocean view, always had balconies. Also, it’s my first time on Grandeur. So was getting a little nervous when I read about this. Thank you
  10. Did you ever notice an issue with a sewer smell? I’m booked on Nov 30th Deck 2 aft. I heard there’s an odor coming from the bathroom.
  11. I will be sailing on her November 30th for a 12 night cruise. I'm from New York and always cruised out of Bayonne. I also only cruised on the big/newer ships. How does an older ship compare when talking about rocking and bad weather? I don't get seasick, but I am packing some Bonine just in case...
  12. I have Bay Gardens booked with transportation included. Anyone have some info on the timing of their pickups? Should I worry about missing the cruise on the way back or do they plan for that?
  13. I will be going to Sandcastle on my Nov 30th cruise on the Grandeur. I believe the taxi is $6 pp each way. The $25 day pass is a better deal for us. We have access to the pool also. And I'm assuming rest rooms. Not sure if you just use the beach and rent chairs.
  14. Thank you! Was wondering how that would work...
  15. If they assign it when we get there, what happens with the luggage we dropped off before parking?
  16. Sooooooo…. About that chocolate breakfast..... Is it every morning in the MDR? On a specific day?
  17. I wanted to do the same. They offer the 3 nights special. Did they charge you 18% on top of that?
  18. I may just book it beforehand if that's the case. They have a pre-cruise discount going on right now. So it seems that's the better deal. Thank you all!
  19. I've been hearing that they really push the specialty restaurants when you're on board. Is it the same price whether you book before the cruise or when you get on board? Can you haggle the price with them at all?
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