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  1. Yes, the captain informed us at approximately 3:50pm of the negative results (we were very confident of this outcome all along) and the remaining passengers were able to begin disembarking shortly there after.
  2. I guess maybe because of taking the tour, just at the end of the tour both times they offered anyone that signed up right then the discounted price. I just assumed it was the standard operating procedure.
  3. On both of my Alaskan Cruises ( May '18 and May '16) I booked our couple's pass on embarkation day. Both times I took the spa tour and they gave us the couple pass for the price of a single person pass. Of course your experience may vary.
  4. I had a very similar experience about a month ago for our flights in March. There are 5 of us booked together and we did an early morning flight to FLL and then were staying 1 night in FLL the day after our cruise cause the flight the next morning was so much cheaper the difference for 5 people easily covered the additional days expenses. Anyways SW moved the departure time of our original flight up by 10 mins. Because of this change I was able to rebook both legs of my flights to much better flights for the no additional costs as well and I don't have to spend another night in FL
  5. Looks like the exact same mailer I got in the mail just the other day. I have never had an issue getting a free drink on a HAL ship. Honestly, the craps crew kept me very well hydrated on my last cruise. I also had chocolate covered strawberries sent to my room and dinner at tamarind comped. I play craps almost exclusively. Usually just place the 6&8 for $30. I also tip the crew regularly. Last cruise was a very good gambling trip covered all of the costs associated with the Alaskan cruise.
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