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  1. Last trip to Rome we did the Jewish Getto food tour through Viator. Very good food and interesting history that we never would have found on our own.
  2. Last time there we booked a food tour through Tour by Locals or Viator, I can't recall. It was wonderful and took our small group to various off beat places. Lots of fun and great food.
  3. I just cancelled two for an upcoming cruise to do private excursions. Does Princess automatically credit my credit card?
  4. We just used Rapid Test and Trace today. Very easy and great email communication. $20pp if you have your own tests.
  5. We tend to like the NCL European ports offered. We stay in a higher end suite and love the service. It's all about the dates and itinerary for us! Doing a Princess repositioning to try that line because it fit our schedule.
  6. In today's world, I think you have to be prepared for anything!
  7. It depends what you are doing in port. If we take a cruise ship excursion, we leave them in the safe. If we do a private excursion, or just go out on our own, we take them in case of an emergency. If you don't already have one, I highly suggest getting a pouch that attaches to your belt and can be placed inside your shorts/pants...... in our case, my husbands! We have one that is the size of passports and he carries them there along with some extra cash. Amazon.com | Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Money Belt Travel Pouch + Credit Card, ID, Passport Holder for Women & Men, Black, One Size | Travel Wallets
  8. So is it easier to just park first and take our luggage rather than deal with a crowded drop off and then try to park? We are in a suite, so not worried about the line. I know at some ports, it's hard to drive in, drop off and then get back to park.
  9. Are you cruising on a Friday? We are sailing next Sunday and was thinking we need to schedule for test Friday.
  10. First time sailing from PC. Can you drop off your "checked" bags and then go park? Or is it just as easy to park and roll them with us?
  11. I read on another board that it is still covered by MEdicare.
  12. I just booked with Quest for July 15th and it said I qualify for a free test. No questions about needing it for travel. I checked No Symptoms. You can schedule as far out as you want.
  13. The only thing we do differently during this time of the year is to book excursions either through the cruise line, or make sure they are 100% refundable if the ship can't dock and we do them on our own. Just makes life easier!
  14. Thanks. It's my husband who likes to use it or purchase a pass. Assuming there is a men's sauna too!
  15. I have looked online, but can't find anything other than "pamper type" spa services. Is there a sauna, whirlpool, steam room? And is there a daily pass?
  16. Go to Manage My Cruise. Should be able to View Boarding Pass or Edit Check In. Then click on the arrow that says View More Details and there are your EDocs.
  17. My cruise docs say 1:00. I would go by Edocs.
  18. I was just researching it over the weekend so the other thing I saw is priority disembarkation at TENDERED ports. So you might check your docs to see if any are tendered. None of ours were. Then I looked at our suite to see what was included because the wifi with Key did sound like a good idea, but everything but the rock climbing and those activities which we won’t do were included with suites. Hope this helps you decide! FYI they drink and wifi package is a good deal too if you are doing it.
  19. If you have a Suite, most of the Key perks are included already.
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