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  1. Artist Loft Question for anyone currently onboard Vista. Curious if anyone has attended a class and what the project has been, instructor, sign-up, when they are offered, etc. And is the same instructor continuing on from Miami to LA?
  2. Thx. These are most of the same ones we thought would be good from watching You Tube videos!
  3. We are doing that tour later this month. Did you choose wineries before hand?
  4. We are Miami to LA in October on Vista and have been watching for any changes. Pls post what you find out.
  5. I have the Royal Up opportunity from a JS to four other suites. We sail in 4 days and RCL and various other sites aren't even showing any cabins available of any category. Is this odd to still be offered the Royal Up?
  6. It’s not just one cruise. It’s this year and next so can’t believe it would have to do with capacity. Financial reasons seem logical since the one article I posted mentioned loss of revenue for the canal with the low water levels and not as many passing ships through.
  7. From what I read on the RCL board it was for all of 2024 too.
  8. This is the reason. Doubt anything to do with the cruise lines. We are on Oceania Oct 2023 Miami to LA. Will be surprised if we get to do that sailing. Cruise ships won’t get priority over cargo ships.
  9. You can have the booked reservation transferred to the PCC from the cruise line.
  10. Being an animal lover she will enjoy the one being pulled through the area by sled. You also get to hold puppies and learn a lot about the sled racing and their training at summer camp. We followed our driver online who ran the camp through a couple of racing seasons afterward. Well worth the excursion.
  11. Haven perks are great for getting off the ship on port days! Just meet your excursion bus and grab the front row seats. We also like being a little more secluded the rest of the time and the breakfast in the Haven on port days is fast 🙂
  12. We are getting $1700 OBC per cabin for our $29000 cabin from our TA. Then the O perk we chose.
  13. We have the Oceania Suite 11080 for our sailing on Vista because we like the back of the ship better than the front as mentioned above. It has the wrap around. Way too windy in front unless you are in port.
  14. Thanks. This will be our first Oceania but our 30th something cruise. I have been reading the board as well and have learned a lot. We are Panama Canal in October 2023 in a PH1 and I can only book culinary classes. From all I have read, restaurants are 75 days out for PH. Hopefully a glitch in your favor! Thanks for the reply.
  15. How did you go about upgrading the beverage package before the cruise? Oceania told me we could do it onboard but prefer to do it before. Thanks
  16. So they are letting you take wine bought off ship straight to your cabin? Wonder when that changed or has it been a Princess thing?
  17. Looks about like us! See you on board the TA!
  18. ShipGo is who we plan to use. Thanks for the reassurance!
  19. Following ...I was thinking of sending ours to our hotel in Rome.
  20. We always have the drink package on various cruise lines and have had to pay taxes on embarkation day while in port if in the US
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