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  1. Could you take what you didn't drink back to the cabin? And is two bottles a day the limit? Asking for a friend 🙂
  2. Sailing Spirit again in April and can't wait to see the changes from our last trip.
  3. We start a 21 day that isn't b2b next week. I will try to remember to let you know when we return on the 30th ..... if I am not in a food and wine coma 🙂
  4. We are sailing Suez in November and I've heard about Pirate Drills. Definitely won't miss that!
  5. Thanks for the input. We decided to stick with the regular beverage package. We have never had trouble finding enough alcohol to keep us happy in the past, and I think it would be best to buy coffee, water and upcharged drinks as we go. For the 7-day it would be great and we may try it for an upcoming 16-day since we're going with friends, but don't want to feel like we have to drink our money's worth every day. We will have a lot of long days off the ship and early morning excursions throughout the Middle East on this crazy cruise we are doing in November. And I forgot we have 3 or 4 free bottles of liquor included with our cabin 🙂
  6. It says we can get two bottles of wine with dinner. I'm assuming we can take it back to our cabin if we don't finish them?
  7. Curious to learn how many think the drink package upgrade is really worth the price? We are doing a 21-day, so it's quite a bit more for that long of time. Has the "regular" drink package been downgraded? We just sailed in April with NCL and our only complaint was that not all of the bars had the wines that were included. Wondering if this is an issue with the Premium Plus too.
  8. As a first time cruiser, I would suggest doing all of your excursions through NCL. They may be a little more expensive and you will have more in your tour group, but you will not have to worry about getting back to the ship on time, etc. We have cruised for 30 years and just within the last 3-4 years are doing excursions on our own or with CC groups, especially when we are out of the country.
  9. We had it last November. If you have a specific person you will be calling, let them know it will show up on caller ID as an odd place. Each time it was different our son said, so we usually had to call twice so he would answer the call.
  10. When our kids were that age, we booked a balcony room for us and an inside cabin right across the hall. You have to have one adult "in name only" for each cabin, but it worked well because they hung out in our cabin, but it gave us two bathrooms and privacy at night.
  11. Not sure who your TA is, but we use cruise dot com, and they give you the option of OBC or sending you a check for the OBC amount after you sail, which we have been doing on the longer cruises that have a higher OBC amount.
  12. That's our issue with NCL, but we continue sailing because of the terrific itineraries. We're doing Rome to Dubai 21-day on the Jade in November, and Spirit Singapore to Tokyo 16 day in April. We always get a very nice cabin and spend a lot of time in it doing our own thing and just relaxing! Also, tend to eat lunch off the ship a lot so we get a variety of food.
  13. Carnival even does a Chef's Table. We did it on a short trip to Cuba and it was wonderful.
  14. We have done a 14 day and it was wonderful. In the next year we are doing a 21 day and two 16 days. You will love it. So relaxing. We still work during the trip so It makes it a wonderful working vacation.
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