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  1. I live in Kuwait. They started with healthcare workers and the elders (65+). They were getting Phizer. Once they started receiving the Oxford vaccine, they started doing younger people. First they went with 55+ then 40+ then 30+. They also started vaccinating 16+ with Phizer. The thing is, they only vaccinate those who signed up for it. So its voluntary not mandatory. Not many people are interested at getting the vaccine at this time.
  2. I took my first dose of AstraZeneca 10 days ago. Only felt a very very light headache for the next 24 hours, and that was it. I'm 45 with no medical problems. 2nd dose will be in 8 to 12 weeks.
  3. I don't get the opportunity to cruise often because of where I live. That's why summer vacation in the US is happy time for me because its the only time I can cruise.
  4. I'm just waiting for the airport to open and my August 1st cruise to go as scheduled
  5. My TA got an email regarding final payment of my August 1st cruise is due tomorow. So I guess its still 90 days.
  6. Hello from Kuwait. Schools were suspended from the 1st of March. The following week, cinemas, theaters museums and shopping malls were ordered by the government to shut down. From the 12th of March, all workers (public and private sectors) were ordered to stay at home, with the exception of essential personnel. Airport was shut down and borders were closed. Its been a week now since a partial lockdown was put in place, no one is allowed outside between the hours of 5pm and 4am. Personally, I have been working on little organizing projects at the house and
  7. You can call US toll free numbers from any where in the world if you use Skype.
  8. I agree. That's why we are waiting to see what the outcome is before deciding. We are 4 months away and - like you said- a lot can change 😊
  9. I'm from Kuwait. Although we don't have many infected (72 as of today), Schools and universities were closed for 2 weeks. Today, it was announced that the whole country will shut down for the next 2 weeks, and all commercial flights to be suspended. Borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia were closed earlier in the week. There is so much fear, mainly when seeing the sharp increase in confirmed cases in Europe. The family plans on travelling to the US in July/August. So far, we haven't talked about cancelling that trip but we will get to it next month probably, when it bec
  10. Hello everyone. We are going on our first NCL cruise aboard the Pearl out of NYC, sailing in a Haven suite. What time would be a good time to arrive at port for check-in? How early would our cabin be ready? The door to our cabin is facing the door to the Haven courtyard. Should I be concerned with noise throughout the day? I have an 11 years old twins. Would it be acceptable for them to use the Haven pool, or would other passengers have an issue with them? They are quiet and respectful. Figured we would use that pool on Sea Days, and the main pool on
  11. Sort of not related to the original topic, but how does tbe overnight stay work? Do you have to spend the night onboard? If you do, is there a curfew? If you spend the night in town, do you have to inform the ship? If guests are free to spend the night onboard or in town, would doors be closed at a certain time at night and reopened in the morning?
  12. You can drop off your luggage and not proceed to check-in. You can do whatever you want to do, but MUST report to check-in counter before the time set by the cruiseline. In general, there is a set time (I think 90 minutes) where they stop allowing passengers to check-in, in order for them to deliver the trip manifest to the authorities.
  13. You are trying to something you are not supposed to, and you worry about following snorkeling requirement!!
  14. Going in August - first time on NCL. Will be interested to know as well.
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