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  1. Thanks. I was thinking they would issue the "remainder" FCC immediately, but thanks for clarifying this.
  2. Make it a therapy Crocoduck, so you can bring it on a cruise.🙃
  3. "Show Me Your Aft"....... WHAT? Ummmmm Before or After the lockdown?😮
  4. Hola! We are doing fine. You have my email, so chat whenever you want to.
  5. Where do I see my FCC, assuming that it has been issued.
  6. By the time the Novel Rumor Virus spreads from Mouth A to Ear D it has already mutated several hundred times. Imagine what it becomes by the time it reaches Ear Z!!!!! And I am only talking about misinformation and rumor. When, how and will cruising resume, I will wait for the authorities to take the decision and announce. Tired of our Cruise Critic Pundits fighting over it. And if any pundit is SO sure about the date of when cruising resumes in whatever year they deem fit, can you please also email me the Pick 5 numbers for the Tuesday Lottery.
  7. EnthDegree thanks for your updates. I love them! Also following Captain Kate.
  8. Thank you for posting about your TA. I wish that rules were different and you would have been able to share his name. But I have a feeling I know who you are talking about.
  9. Just found this! Thank you so much for posting. Need to cruise through someone else's cruise till I can get my restless cruise hungry soul on one. And what better than a Johnand&Lala cruise memoir! I love the Serenade. We did the Boston to Florida Repo every October. This year it is on the Brilliance and cut short of one day. We are booked and hoping it will go. Kisses for Bella!🥰
  10. Just finished reading your review. Loved it! Loved the pictures. Thanks for keeping us entertained. Hope you both are doing well.
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