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  1. Get in line behind the woman behind the man behind the lady with the chocolate cookies!
  2. Via zoom! Online learning. I miss those good times so much! Thank you for touching my life and leaving good memories. Hope we can meet again soon.... Anthem 1/9/2022? Oasis 7/30/2021??? oh wheneverrrrr!
  3. Don't forget to look who is standing on the other side of Dani!😇😊And don't forget to count the cookies often.😋
  4. This thread is like checking up on family. Perhaps a little argument with Uncle Joe and Shmoe somewhere along, some recipes from Auntie Jane, a little chat with cousin Sue, some pet stories, some pictures, some prayers, some tears and some smiles.....don't know about others, but it really keeps me going. I wish someday I can see you all in person on a cruise.....I guess there will be no need for introductions.
  5. Your choice. Thanks for giving it up and saving other lives. You are a kind and considerate person.
  6. So sorry to hear about the kitty and other family members. Prayers for all.
  7. I am interested in reading about it. So please post when you get back, perhaps in the islands thread?
  8. I read (or rather I was read to🙂) that the volunteers were to be from among the crew members and employees, no cruise line passengers.
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