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  1. UPDATE: Cabin was just assigned. 4D Balcony, Deck 7, near the elevators. Very pleased with the assignment.
  2. Very sorry to hear this. Get better soon. Will keep you in my thoughts.
  3. Booked on Friday. Sailing in 2 weeks. Categories available to book: Inside GTY, Neighborhood Balcony (one cabin showing) and XB. Booked XB. Received Upsell offer today for JS and above. Will not bid. No cabin assignment yet.
  4. Following along. Excellent review and pictures as always! Looking forward to more. Sakari looks lovely! I love that hair!
  5. Please forgive me if this sounds cold, but it comes across as an excuse on the OP's part for something in return, be it $$$.
  6. Thank you for your post. We appreciate your two cents as much as we appreciate other peoples' two cents. We read everything and it is good to know what everybody thinks. Glad you posted. We are planning to go to Fort Jefferson when we are in KW for a few days.
  7. Yacht Haven Grande is right next to Havensight and if the ship docked there it would be very convenient. But I believe you will be docking at Crown bay.
  8. Cut off is 12. Perhaps this is for next year and your child will be 13 at the time of sailing, and the system is calculating it that way. But for the 10 yr old, I don't get it. Do call Celebrity and ask.
  9. Thanks for the review and slideshow. It looks very nice. How do we make sure that we do not fall in El Faro's trap?
  10. Nobody is twisting your arm to attend that dinner. Freestyle, remember.
  11. Like Jelayne said above, you can cancel the one in Pending status. The one that is accepted cannot be cancelled. Mentioned in the TLCs.
  12. Yes, it was a "borrowed boat" much smaller than the NCL "pink" ferry. In fact there were two boats and separate lines. The times I ferried to Hamilton: the regular "faster" one and Bermudian were used. The Bermudian takes forever to load. Once they had a problem (on harbor nights) and it was delayed. So took a mini van shared ride for $10 pp to Hamilton. There were a couple of shared ride mini vans waiting by the ferry dock.
  13. I don't see anybody flaming you. I understand the need to be close to your kids. And even when they are 50 they will still be your kids. In fact, I found most of my questions answered by the helpful folks here. But I would love more info on whether if if was an inside, ocean view or balcony GTY they booked and what cabin they got.
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