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  1. We are finally at our hotel. Great views of the port area and intracoastal. Lionesss, best of luck with the wedding. I KNOW it will be fantastic, with all the love and effort you put into it. Dani, I am excited to meet Captain Kate and Bug tomorrow.! How am I going to be able to sleep tonight!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you for this review, your thoughts and pictures. Enjoyed reading.
  3. None for upcoming cruise for STT (yet). Test given onboard for those visiting St M. This is according to our latest email. Anything can change with the wind.......We will blow with it.
  4. We are on our way to Florida today. 3 days till we get on the Edge. We don't have George's royal suite😁but will pretend we do!😁😁
  5. Thank you for the picture George! I will say MY OH MY!!!!! It is gorgeous! That tub with the jets! Oh WOW! I am happy you and Mrs enjoyed it. Will you ever book anything else again on the Edge class? Beautiful!!!!!
  6. My take on Jamaica: We love Jamaica, so I would be the first one out there. 😁 Many do not care for Falmouth. But everybody's comfort/tolerence levels are different. From Falmouth we have taken cruise ship excursions and done day passes directly with hotels or third party booked in advance...Doctor's cave beach MO bay, all that, and Rose Hall Hilton was my favorite AI day pass place which we did on our own. We always tried to see if there was a small group or couple of people from the roll call who would like to go. From Ochi we have wandered off on our own many times, done day passes
  7. We too are thinking of staying on the ship this time. Maybe we will just stretch our legs on the pier. Our stop is 7 am to 2.30 pm.
  8. Scroll back a few pages. He has answered in one of the posts.
  9. San Juan was replaced by Nassau 🙄on my upcoming Celebrity cruise as well. Not a recent change though. I love SJ and prefer it to Nassau.
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