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  1. Arzeena

    Current Captains Continued

    sorry, got my answer reading further.
  2. Arzeena

    Online Check-In Not Working

    It is a common error. Call them, they guide you through it. I had the same problem couple of days ago and I called. Took less than 5 minutes for them to resolve it, which also included clearing my cache. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. Arzeena

    Allure show recommendations

    That has been my experience too.
  4. Arzeena

    Allure show recommendations

    I was able to make all show reservations today for our Allure cruise on April 28. Mamma Mia, Blue Planet, Ocean Aria, Ice Games, Headliner and Comedy show.
  5. Arzeena

    NCL VIP?

    I agree totally! I have had similar experiences. Like you, I too love to start or join the roll call as soon as I book and chat with fellow cruisers. A couple of times I have started and then moved to a different cruise (for reasons nobody should or has a right to judge! ) and always informed the roll call and introduced the person who will be picking up, personally to the NCL coordinator. I have arranged 2 Meet and Mingles and only in recent years. However way before that I had been given the VIP perks on Gem, Jewel, Dawn and Star. 2 times on the Gem, 2 x on the Star.... Absolutely no clue why on the Dawn and Jewel! Once on the Breakaway and once on the Escape (and that was not including the one where I had arranged the M and G). But it is not right to assume that everyone coordinating the M and G are doing so to get the perks !
  6. Going on the Jewel Feb 15. Who is the CD ? Where is Abe Hughes these days? He is one of the best!
  7. Deb, You will be fine and will enjoy your cruise. You will have a great opportunity to relax and use the sofas and chairs in the public areas. Plus you will get better sleep! Look at it this way......more cruises in and inside or one in a balcony for the same kind money? I will pick more in an inside since I would love to go more often. There! I bet you are feeling better already! Enjoy your cruise! Come back and post about it.
  8. Arzeena

    Non-Refunable deposits - BEWARE!!!!

    Congratulations on your grand baby!
  9. What is the specific difference between a Sail Away Rate and a GTY? I have found that there is a couple of cabins #s attached to an X category and they show up as available when you look under that category....sometimes. I recently inquired about a Sailaway Rate which the rep said is a Gty assignment, cabin will be assigned anywhere from 24 hrs later to the day of boarding. When I went on the website and actually booked, there were a couple of cabin #s I could pick from under the Sail Away category. Location was not bad at all...deck 8 forward near the elevators, so I picked one cabin and made the booking. No perks to pick like in the GTY rate. But I know my location and am very happy with it. My TA was surprised that I was able to pick a room??? Confusing huh? TA should know better!
  10. Arzeena

    Diamond lounge access

    Cruise Critic should include a thumbs down emoji . I would use several for your post. and other "Drink Delinquent and proud of it" kind of posts.
  11. Arzeena

    Switching Ship OBC

    Not correct.
  12. Arzeena

    Switching Ship OBC

    To my experience (from when Royal cancelled our Rhapsody, Vision cruises and very recent Grandeur cruise) it is per cabin not per person. You may have two credit card accounts, but your booking # and cabin is the same. It has always been per cabin and never per person.
  13. Happy for you. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. Arzeena

    All Things Jewel of the Seas

    Is there a thermal suite in the spa with ceramic heated loungers and saunas and steam room like the one on the Serenade deck 11? Thanks.
  15. It is in the fine print. So better to compare which is giving you a better deal. OBC or Balcony/suite discount.