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  1. Lovely Pauline picture! She looks like a classy model. The lunch pictures were yummy. Glad to see you out and about Graham.
  2. There is a possibility that someone wants an email to the top person to write about a positive thing that happened on their cruise or to describe in detail how a special crew member made it for them. There is the survey, too, but some people want to take it up a level. And it is OK to ask.
  3. Thanks. I remember Ricardo. He used to be on the Anthem deck 12/concierge lounge.
  4. Like Wonderland on RC's Quantum class? OMG you cannot pay me to go to Wonderland again! But DH liked it. Different strokes for different folks. Never done Le Petit Chef. I went to look, they explained, saw the menu......came to the conclusion that it may not be for me. I prefer the other specialty restaurants.
  5. 👍 Thanks. I got this link via email yesterday. And someone from Celebrity's offices called about it replying to an email I had sent.
  6. Susiesan, St Martin is not on "mandated ship excursion" now. I got an email yesterday re my Edge sailing, with the link that says so. This is the current info. It could change, so keep checking. I know how upset you were with the older information (read your posts) so this is good news. But do keep checking, things change in the wink of an eye!
  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and pictures. Thank you so much for taking time to do this. I had an exciting time goign between Jim's travelogue and yours. Have a safe journey home. When is your next cruise? I will look forward to it as much as you! 😁
  8. Jim and Ian, Scott and Sophia, Thanks for your posts, reviews and pictures. Really enjoyed following you all! Will be feeling kind of lonely after this fantastic travelogue. And what a great thread with other contributors as well. Thank you. Have a safe journey home and let us know when you cruise next.
  9. Mac, who is the D Club concierge and sutie concierge? I was wonderign if one of them was Claudine?
  10. Luckynana, I think you need a good drink after all the mental exercise of dealing with passwords! 😁
  11. Right, many times it is a canned predefined response. However, at times, I have had different experiences: In my experience the call back person has been a very efficient supervisor and either helped resolve a problem themselves or directed it to someone in the executive office or resolutions who has promptly called /emailed and resolved problems/answer specifics/ helped move reservations and find lost OBC etc etc etc.
  12. I hear you Reina Del Mar. It is a nightmare to coordinate a group of people stuck to specific dates and I hope your problem is resolved. I commend you on doing your own research and work for trying whatever it takes to get your problem resolved, no matter how much others will flame you. Would you be willing to get another category of suite and adjacent cabins if such a configuration does not exist on this particular ship? Best of luck.
  13. I am done with the flu shot. Not eligible for the third shot yet. I got a similar generic email from CVS too to schedule both together. I asked about the details. Was told that it is not a booster (especially Moderna), but it is jab # 3 of dose # 2 of the vaccine and eligibility currently is certain groups over 65. OK I will have to wait. I was also told that an actual "booster" will be coming out which is able to fight future mutations.
  14. Virtual group hug to this family!🥰 Including the puppies and kitties.🥰
  15. I see it on and off. Sometimes I am logged in sometimes not.
  16. Although I do not have to justify my statement to someone like you, a poster on a board, I will be very happy to email you (if you provide me your email) how they conned us. Will provide you specific proof that you ask for above.
  17. Andrew,😭 I lost your Alaska cruise review link. Would you post it for again, pretty please?
  18. If you do not agree fine, but please respect others' experiences. THEY ARE CONS. It is not unaccurate or unfair. This is our experience with them. Lack of response is one thing but conning your customer in other ways is totally not good. Yes I repeat THEY ARE CONS!
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