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  1. La Paz in Bolivia. The view from El Alto into the city canyon was absolutely spectacular and vastly exceeded my expectations. And I loved La Paz itself! Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia. I was expecting a relatively modest geological formation. But Uluru just dominates the surrounding Outback with a physical and spiritual presence. Outstanding.
  2. My wife and I spent almost 40 years doing land-based trips. We only got started with cruises in mid-2019, when in quick succession we did four in a row. So in our case, we revisited certain places by cruise ship, not by land travel. Ports we visited by land and then by sea: Montreal, Quebec City, Reykjavik, Bergen, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Valparaiso (Chile), and Buenos Aires.
  3. Brussels in Europe and Lima in South America. I've been to each city once and don't need to go back.
  4. Ireland is locking down for six weeks as of tomorrow (Thursday). https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/10/20/925811935/ireland-to-impose-six-week-national-lockdown-estimates-150-000-job-losses
  5. In several CC comments -- including four times in this post alone -- you say that folks who choose not to travel right now are "hiding in the basement," as if we're all cowering in the face of Covid. There's really no reason to demean others for their decisions in life. You can enjoy your travels without resorting to unnecessary and belittling language. Try to be a little more sensitive.
  6. According to Bloomberg News, the EU plans to remove Canada from its list of countries whose residents may visit the bloc. The U.S. will remain blacklisted, which is no surprise given the recent surge of Covid cases. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-20/eu-may-shut-door-to-travel-from-canada-allow-singapore-visitors
  7. We had the good fortune to hear Brian on two cruises last year. What an incredible singer! And the talent runs deep in that family. Thanks for posting the link.
  8. Great to see these pix! We enjoyed an absolutely stunning day when our ship stopped in Ushuaia last March. Hope to go back when the area opens up again.
  9. We had to cancel one cruise and two land-based trips (all international). C'est la vie -- no sadness at all. We'll travel again when the stars are aligned. Meanwhile, it's great to enjoy the late summer weather here in the Pacific Northwest.
  10. The US does have the most cases and deaths when measured on an aggregate basis. On a per-capita basis, we're very close to the top in both categories. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality
  11. That's a false choice. If people decide, for their own reasons, that cruising post-Covid isn't for them, they don't have to "stay at home." They can do independent trips where they aren't herded around like sheep. In our case, my wife and I love cruising -- but we also love to travel on our own. Over the last 30+ years, we've made dozens of independent trips around the world. When Americans are welcome again, we hope to resume our travels. Regardless of what the cruise lines require, we're not going to "stay at home."
  12. So would I, sadly. I'm old enough to remember when Whistler was a mid-level ski area with great deals. Maybe that means I'm just too damn old.
  13. Yes, I'm familiar with the Varadero beach ghetto that's quite popular with Canadian tourists. Even if you can get there, however, you won't be mingling with the "nice people" (unless you mean nice Canadians). The Cuban government plans to divide Varadero into one section for Cubans and another section for international tourists. The latter folks won't mix with the general population. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/new-cuban-tourism-system-to-isolate-visitors-from-population-1.1458832
  14. I've skiied at Whistler many times. Great place, though it's gone high-money resort in the last few years. Have you been to Tofino on the Vancouver Island coast? That's another wonderful place, especially in the winter when the storms roll in off the Pacific.
  15. In a few weeks, nobody will want to go to Canada anyway -- it's just too damn cold up there most of the year. Speaking of which...If the travel ban continues, how will Canadians get their warm weather fix? They're addicted to Florida, the Yucatan, and Baja California -- but all three places are closed to our parka-wearing friends.
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