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  1. I personally wouldn't want that stress at the end of my vacation!
  2. I'm not convinced that they won't end up cancelling it. But I'm cautiously optimistic. Fingers crossed.
  3. I'm personally happy that Infinity is set to sail on the 11th. I really would like to go on my cruise!
  4. I work for WDW so if I'm off for 2 weeks i might just book this. Waiting to see.
  5. With so many other cruise line suspending cruises for 30-60 days is BPCL also doing this or are they still sailing Grand Celebration's cruises?
  6. It was possible to do on the cruise planner. It showed me the option to book times in Celebrity Select Dining. Honestly I just assumed this is Luminae since that is what we get with the suites but now you have me second guessing. I'll check when I get onboard, and if it's just the MDR, then I'll cancel them and we will walk up to Luminae when we are ready. Tuscan Grille (Or S.S. United States as it was back in 2010) is the restaurant my Husband and I had our first date in when we worked in Entertainment onboard. Really looking forward to revisiting the ship that started it all for us. Thanks for your help!
  7. I am sailing on Infinity with friends in side by side Sky Suites. Is it possible to open the divide between balconies on this ship?
  8. It does worry me somewhat as to the financial stability of the line. Part of me wonders if the decision was made because they simply would have gone under continuing as they were in this difficult climate. I don't cruise all that often, but at least once a year I like to get away on this line! I'd hate to see that option disappear.
  9. I read somewhere that they had plans to do some work on the ship late this year or early next year. When the other cruise lines started dropping prices for 4-5 night cruises into the realm of BPCL's 2 night cruise it absolutely took some business away from the cruise line. We are all very aware that as a budget option BPCL runs on a tight margin of profit. The best way to ensure financial success throughout this difficult time for cruise lines was to remove one ship from service lowering their daily overhead considerably. I think it totally makes sense to pull a renovation forward when passenger count is lower than ideal due to corona virus, and have both ships back in service when the industry picks up again.
  10. When you book a cruise with a cruise line, you essentially enter a contract with them. There are expectations laid out for both the cruise operator and the passenger. These expectations are that you will cruise in the room that you have reserved and held from other guests booking. This is why they have a cancellation policy with increasing penalties for cancelling as you get closer to the sailing date. This is what the cruise line expects from you. I think they have done a great job with the Cruise With Confidence in allowing some flexibility due to the current situation. That said, on your end you can expect to be provided a cruise vacation on the vessel booked in exchange for the funds you pay. If Celebrity cannot provide this for any reason you are owed a full refund. In most cases this will be offered with several other good will gestures such as FCC and compensation for flight changes etc. Because of this they will have to refund you in full if they cancel. Therefore it is in the best interest of the cruise line to wait this out and only make decisions when information about your precise sailing date is available. Hang tight, they will make all changes necessary to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable cruise vacation, but cancelling is a last resort and likely wont happen too far in advance without major changes in the current situation.
  11. I'll be celebrating my birthday with a big group of friends on that cruise!
  12. It seems to me that your Travel Agent should have confirmed the details of this before cancelling the sailing. At least then you would have been able to make a decision with all of the relevant information pertaining to your booking. It seems like the terms are laid out for the original FCC and it's not to do with the current CWC offer. Sorry you lost out! but thank you for sharing because no doubt it will help other people who may have used a FCC from a previous issue.
  13. What 5 night are you on? I'm on the Infinity 4/11. Really looking forward to it. We also were very happy with our deal for the Sky Suite and a FCC wouldn't touch the sides for a similar cruise this time next year. However, I'm putting the big difference down to the Revolution (renovation) of the ship in November. It's the most extensive renovation X has ever done across the fleet. Much more than the Solsticizing they did 6-7 years ago. The prices were dramatically higher next year even before any of this was going on. (I've been shopping around for a while) I think the prices on the Infinity this year were a little lower than normal, because she is ready for a renovation, and next year are a little higher than normal, because she will be brand new. That said, the FCCs will come into play with the future price changes. Although, not to gouge us, but to keep the company fiscally healthy, and in part to encourage those who can, to keep their current sailing. For all of the reasons above, if Celebrity doesn't cancel, I'm cruising!
  14. Looking to find out the type of schedule the ship is running for the evening shows. Anyone sailed recently? I have some reservations for Luminae and the specialties but want to make sure we can catch the shows too.
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