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  1. I’ve actually got a gamble I’m playing to make the 2022 inflated prices more affordable to me. By booking a June/July cruise that I’m positive won’t sail, and paying in full, I feel like I’m more or less guaranteeing myself a 125% FCC to use to then book the higher prices next year. Let’s see how it goes! 🤷‍♂️
  2. That might be a bit harsh... but top deck aft port side only, that would be fine!
  3. Oh I hope this is true! It would be a great move to send the smoker outside! FOREVER!!!!!
  4. I’m kind of curious, since the announcement of the June 5th restart from Nassau, why is RCCL still selling Florida departures in June. Isn’t it kind of clear that they won’t be going? Or am I missing something? Do they think there is still a chance?
  5. I’m looking at Coco Cay Cabanas on my September 2021 4 night cruise from Port Canaveral on Mariner. Cabanas are anywhere from $1199 - $1899 I’m just, kind of in a state of disbelief... Is this for real? Am I missing something? I’m frustrated because I am traveling with 8 people and this would be perfect, but that’s literally more than the cost of the cruise. I just don’t get it! If I don’t get a cabana, will we still have a good time by the pool? I just don’t want to waste the day by it being too busy!
  6. I personally wouldn't want that stress at the end of my vacation!
  7. I'm not convinced that they won't end up cancelling it. But I'm cautiously optimistic. Fingers crossed.
  8. I'm personally happy that Infinity is set to sail on the 11th. I really would like to go on my cruise!
  9. I work for WDW so if I'm off for 2 weeks i might just book this. Waiting to see.
  10. With so many other cruise line suspending cruises for 30-60 days is BPCL also doing this or are they still sailing Grand Celebration's cruises?
  11. It was possible to do on the cruise planner. It showed me the option to book times in Celebrity Select Dining. Honestly I just assumed this is Luminae since that is what we get with the suites but now you have me second guessing. I'll check when I get onboard, and if it's just the MDR, then I'll cancel them and we will walk up to Luminae when we are ready. Tuscan Grille (Or S.S. United States as it was back in 2010) is the restaurant my Husband and I had our first date in when we worked in Entertainment onboard. Really looking forward to revisiting the ship that starte
  12. I am sailing on Infinity with friends in side by side Sky Suites. Is it possible to open the divide between balconies on this ship?
  13. It does worry me somewhat as to the financial stability of the line. Part of me wonders if the decision was made because they simply would have gone under continuing as they were in this difficult climate. I don't cruise all that often, but at least once a year I like to get away on this line! I'd hate to see that option disappear.
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