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  1. We took advantage of the per bag option a few times when it was $25. Per bag. An alternative to the packing tape is lining the flimsy paper bag with a hotel plastic laundry bag. It will reinforce and allow you to Roll and stuff more into the bag. I learned this trick from someone here on Cruisecritic. Just made Elite, so we are going to be exploring the 20-30 items on our next cruise. Thanks for that tidbit.
  2. We did this cruise last August on the Silhouette. We did not find the either crossing to be rough. We did have high winds and rain one of the days while in Iceland, but the ship was docked. We may have been very lucky on the weather during the crossings, but that was our experience. We really enjoyed the cruise, it was a first time in Ireland and Iceland.
  3. We did a B2B in Southampton last September. As stated, we were not required to leave the ship. We had breakfast, and then went to a designed room (I think the movie theatre) to trade sea pass cards. We expected to have to wait in there, or some other space while they cleared, and cleaned the ship, but we were allowed the run of the ship. The hallway doors were closed, but our room attendants told us we could push them open to come and go, if we wanted to return to the room. We ended up relaxing in the solarium to stay out of the way. It could not have been more organized.
  4. We sailed Silhouette in September, and the Lawn is there. The middle section of Lawn is flanked by the Lawn Club Grill and the Cabanas. We never saw anyone on the lawn or cabanas, but this was a colder climate cruise. I suspect no one would care if you sat down on the lawn with drinks. There is also lawn on the starboard and port side of the sunset grill.
  5. You will be very happy with 1561. We spent 3 weeks in 1566 on Silhouette last year, and the rooms are parallel, port and starboard. As mentioned the room is under the solarium, so you don’t have much movement of chairs, like the main pool deck. There is a sliding glass door, and I had reservations that we might hear noise fromy that or the whirlpools, but we never heard anything in the room, or while on the balcony from above. We we love the overhang, but as you, avoid the sun, and have enjoyed the Protection from rain and wind in the colder climate cruises. We were so happy with 1566 that we booked it again for a cruise next year on Solstice. Enjoy your trip.
  6. Ken, your description wasn’t off base from what we experienced in Iceland in August. Numerous excursions returned at once, and we were in a very long line waiting to get to the gangway. It was windy and cold. The Celebrity staff was handing out the tiny cups of coco and soup to warm people up, and making the best of the moment. All of the sudden someone walked the line asking if anyone was Suite Class, and pulled them Out of line to the front. It suddenly felt colder than before. [emoji846] We paid closer attention, and there was almost always a Zenith/Suite boarding line at each port. It was a separate gangway most of the time, and they were herded off to the left or right, so it was much more subtle than this particular day in Akureyri. It didn’t surprise us either that Celebrity offers that perk to frequent customers and those in suites. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. SHIP: Silhouette CABIN #: 1566 DECK #: 11 CLASS: Aqua AREA: Midship, closer to bow elevators BED NEAR: Bath QUIET?: Yes BALCONY VIEW: This balcony has the large overhang above with support poles. It provides additional protection from sun and rain. The poles do obstruct view when looking to the front and aft. Not suitable if you are looking for direct sun on the balcony. BALCONY SIZE: Standard Veranda, deck chairs include foot rest WIND A PROBLEM?: no SOOT A PROBLEM?: no PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Room is starboard side under the Solarium.
  8. Just off Silhouette. Laundry was in the $6 to $8 for pants or shirts, and $3 for a pair of socks or undies. We were offered a bag for $20. For Select level in captains club. I believe Elite and above get a bag or two for free. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. We are on the Silhouette now, using the internet, and it is running well, as I could open the link. It says 3.18 for download. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. Had this same password log in problem too. Using email or username, still did not work. I reset using my email, and was able to log in, but... now I am attached to my husbands account. He reset his password to his email and he is now signed in as me. We are in a standoff on who is going to try to call Celebrity to fix this. Wish they would have switched my account with a Zenith!
  11. Most tables are for two. They will push them together for groups. They have several larger tables which they usually use for larger groups. On several evenings when it was very crowded we were given the option to sit at a shared table. I don’t think this is usual. Bob Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. They work well for cruises. I don't bother with them for short trips, because I typically have access to an iron in a hotel for a quick press. As others have stated, with a little preparation when packing for a cruise, I find that the clothes come out less wrinkled, when they are tight in the cubes, and not shifting all over in the suitcase. They fit in the bin above the bed on Celebrity, so it eliminated the need to unpack at embarkation. We pulled out an outfit each time, and put the cubes back above the bed.
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