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  1. I would definitely, but everyone would have to be vaccinated, and I would gladly wear a mask if required.
  2. I think the teens will enjoy Royal much better, they have better entertainment.
  3. I asked the same thing. I was told they were cancelling the Edge cruise I had booked in 2022 and replacing it with a Silhouette cruise. I asked why and the rep actually said because we care about our staff and customers. When I asked why they didn't care about the staff or customers on the other ship of course she couldn't answer. I said I was fine with transferring to the Silhouette, was assured same length and itinerary. They would send an invoice in 48 hours. I waited a week, called today and found out that no such replacement cruise existed. They said they would call me back tomorro
  4. Exactly, by not wearing a mask you put others at risk. I really don't understand why anyone wouldn't wear one.
  5. Personally, I have no intention of sailing in any kind of cabin until there is a proven vaccine, don't really understand how others are ok with the risk. In answer to the original question though, I have stayed in all manner of cabins on different lines, for me, balcony offers the best of both worlds. We mostly eat in specialty restaurants, so for us an Aqua or Concierge are both wastes of money.
  6. I know this has nothing to do with the buffet, but what about the pool area and the loungers? Are they going to remove some to allow for the following of social distancing guidelines. One of my pet peeves is that they are always right on top of one another so that getting or out without sliding on the chair is impossible. This is also a means of transmission. Or the theater, how will that work? I for one won't be on a cruise before a proven vaccine is found.
  7. I agree. I won't feel safe until there is a vaccine, or better yet a cure. I would also like to wait and see what safety precautions are put in place on ships.
  8. I agree, I can't myself getting on a cruise again without some sort of vaccination. I love cruises, but to be honest, I have ether gotten sick on or shortly after a trip. I think It will take a long time before I feel comfortable on one again, but definitely not before a vaccine is available.
  9. How could he have possibly known what is was? Doctors can't tell for sure without the test? Was the ship equipped to test for that virus? At this time of the year, many are sick with flu, colds, etc., and many of the symptoms of those are the same.
  10. Yet some claim the service is stellar. Apparently you are not the only one to see this.
  11. I love it there as well, great food with bit of entertainment on the side. Never understand the negative comments, especially those that have never eaten there.
  12. Seen that behavior a few times myself.....how do people know someones CC status or the room they're in, because some are only too happy to tell you. Ever notice how many posts start off with...I am Elite + and I've earned this or that....you didn't really EARN anything but instead you Bought it.
  13. Not hard to research, the list is right on celebrity's website.
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