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  1. We were on and in the lounge with a glass of grape juice at 10:40. Because the ship was only half full before us, embarkation was super speedy. Absolutely no waiting
  2. Those that may be driving long distances may find themselves in the position that we did two years ago this time of year with Irma: all of Florida was driving north and it was nearly impossible to find gas or lodging. For that reason, we made the decision to cancel.
  3. Hope you have a great trip. Take good care of Harmony; we will be on for 2 wks in Sept.
  4. I second Smiths for Airports. Have used them several times. They are reasonable and dependable.
  5. They did this on Allure in June and even with the entire ship invited the aqua theater was only about one quarter full! I expect to see it discontinued before long.... it was pathetic
  6. Sorry to report that he passed away a few months ago. He had a running yearly blog over in the float away Lounge.
  7. I don't know what happened to tapatalk. I used to use it all the time but it is not functioning well at all for me now!🤬
  8. Great tip! Hope everyone will use it. I must have missed it elsewhere....I’ve just been deleting the pictures.🙄
  9. Don’t know if you followed Trainman or not but he used a site for all of his photos. There are many years of his threads so I can't search, but I have asked there if anyone remembers. Will let you know if I get an answer.
  10. Harmony is scheduled to be in PC through next Sept. Haven't checked beyond that..... just checked, make that March 2021.
  11. I It is the same property. The condos right on the beach are part of Frenchman’s Reef. I don’t see the condos and wondered if they were gone or just out of the picture. We haven’t been over that way in a while but used to stay there a lot....before discovering cruising.
  12. Was Morning Star demolished or is it just out of the picture on the right?
  13. I feel like I have to say this.... your pictures are wonderful, but the photobucket atomic bomb in each one is an abomination! Disgusting. They could make it a bit smaller and place it not right smack in the middle.
  14. Are people still being successful getting the SH discount along with balcony discount--as long as it was booked after June 1?
  15. Exactly! I felt the same way about the show on Symphony. Always enjoy the show on Oasis and Allure. To each his own, I guess....but I have to wonder what they were thinking on the newer ships.
  16. Not John, but here is my take: Ninja turtles on acid. Left with a headache.
  17. We are b2b next month on Harmony. Hope everything is AOK.
  18. Well, no alcoholic drinks....but there is the coffee machine.
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