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  1. I’ll take the stones of the southern governors having their citizens try to get back to some sort of normal. This thing is going to get you or it’s not... your apparent insatiable desire to get your behind in the buffet line while sailing away can stand second to an everyday fight landside. Paychecks, jobs, mortgages, rent, don’t get squared hiding in the closet. Get a flight to Cozumel, spend a week at the Explorean if you are so hell bent on getting away. We have to start somewhere with this.. not hide so maybe The Escape might be able to sail in November.
  2. Thank you for sharing this. We were on the 11/9 sailing and attended the Veteran's Day reception they held in that same location. I was very impressed they thought to commemorate the date and even though we have never served we attended... that morning I was reading the news and came across the story about the USS Grayback being discovered off the coast of Okinawa 75 years after it went missing with a crew of 80. Reading that story from the comfort of a poolside lounger really made us realize how much more grateful we should be.
  3. Hopefully it’s deteriorating enough for those who think it is that demand will go down. Try booking the Haven or RC Star Suites for the same YC dollar.
  4. Picture was taken last week on the sailing OP detailed (very nicely). We enjoyed the food as well.
  5. Quite the comedians those two, the pan mic'd for effect
  6. Yes I should have mentioned we coming from the Seaside perspective.
  7. Will do. He said he was going home not sure how to read whether he is coming back. Great gentleman, great service. Oh and we don’t give a good god darn about the Pringle’s. Don’t touch the Butlers, one pool bar and grill, Aurea spa included, priority lines, topsail lounge, YC restaurant, gelato, venchi, pax to space ratio, concierge, Isabelle in the topsail lounge, I’m sure I’m forgetting some things that more than make up for the minibar and Pringle’s.
  8. I can't speak to the Divina, but from Seaside as of now fridge drinks, alcohol or not, and snacks, NO CHARGE.
  9. Yes, currently on 11/9 sailing in YC. No worries on the mini-fridge, our new friend Lezle has re-stocked with no word of charge. Gelato and Venchi drinks are green light as well.
  10. You can drill it down to specific ships, sail dates, date ranges, cabin class etc. I have a few different searches saved to watch for Star, Sky and Haven.
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