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  1. That's exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you so much. We'll continue on to escambron.
  2. I'm glad to hear it's walkable from the pier. Can you speak to safety? It seems a little hidden.
  3. To back up alfaeric, it is the small beach down a steep set of stairs behind El capitolio.
  4. I really wish Carnival would add a package like that. We'll be on our first RCI cruise in January (only sailed Carnival up till now), and from my research, that's one area RC is going to beat Carnival for me. Bubbles is great, but a package between Cheers and Bubbles for non-alcoholic drinkers would be awesome!
  5. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2666267-recent-pride-cruisers/?tab=comments#comment-57558050
  6. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2657394-boarding-time-on-pride/?tab=comments#comment-57327604
  7. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2681447-pride-when-to-arrive-at-the-port/?tab=comments#comment-57953691
  8. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2665275-carnival-pride-arrival-time-at-port/?tab=comments#comment-57532346
  9. From my understanding from asking several questions about the Pride and Baltimore exclusively, everything is usually about an hour behind the other ports. I've also read on here that they won't let you park until nearly 3/4 of the previous cruise has left the parking lot and the police make you circle the parking lot until they clear you to park. My husband and I are on the Pride in November. You might want to limit your search on here to posts about the Pride. I'd just hate for you to have stress related to the port situation and getting there too early. I'd also hate for you not to get full advantage of your FTTF. I'll try to find some previous threads relating to this for you if I can.
  10. My husband and I rented a car on our own in St. Thomas and drove to Magens Bay. That was in 2010, and the rental office was just outside the port area. Very easy process. But be sure to book the car in the name of the person who will be most comfortable driving in very mountainous terrain and on the left side of the road. Found that out the hard way! Going to Barbados in November. Planning to either walk or get a taxi on our own to and from either Brandon's beach or one of the beach clubs on Carlisle Bay. Theivery is a problem according to the state department website, but we're willing to chance it. Planning to either walk or ride the water taxi to Holland House on great Bay beach in St. Maarten. We've booked an excursion through the cruise line in St. Kitts. I did this because I've read there's a lot of people trying to get you to hold monkeys and then make you pay them for the privilege. I think it will be an issue on the excursion, but figure I at least have some recourse if I'm bothered to the point of not being able to enjoy myself. We're also considering walking to Palm Court Gardens on our own after the excursion. I'll add that, up until this cruise, we've rarely gone off on our own. From now on, that's what we plan to do. I think research is the key for being comfortable with striking out on your own. You'll enjoy whatever you decide!
  11. Playa Pena--Walkability from pier? Safety? Info and opinions appreciated. TYIA
  12. I can't say with any certainty because I don't cruise until November (and we are doing Chef's Table), but I have read that the menu changes yearly. So if what I have read on here is correct, the menu should be different than 2017. I hope that helps a little!
  13. Speaking from personal experience with my Mom regarding this exact thing ("I don't think I could do a cruise because of my anxiety"), they should substitute "anxiety" for "control." That's what it comes down to. This will be the rule and not the exception in your dealings with future SIL. And, I'd venture to say, if you think back, this isn't the first example of it. I'm sure you'll enjoy the cruise more without him, but I sure hope you don't lose much money! And ignore the snarky comment about it being about the giver and not the receiver. Not true, but who cares anyway? Some people can't enjoy anything unless it was their idea and they're in charge. Run from those people.
  14. I'm trying to imagine a world in which someone, anyone, particularly someone I care about (family), being willing to book and pay for a cruise for me, let alone my entire family, and me not wanting to go or turning it down or "changing my mind." Ya'll who do it are saints, and if you need new family members, I'm nominating myself!
  15. Thanks, all. Now I know there's such a thing as an upsell vs. an upgrade!
  16. I got an upgrade offer yesterday. First off, let me say, I got a really good deal on my current inside porthole cabin. Anyway, the upgrade Fairy offered me an ocean view for $405 more. I did a mock booking. The upgrade only saved me $25 over the current oceanview rate. My question is, are there actual upgrade offers that are really good deals? Or are they generally just a few dollars off what you would've gotten if you'd just booked that upgraded category in the first place?
  17. Is YTD check-in on the HUB app available on the Pride? TYIA
  18. I'm not the best person to answer you, but since no one else is, I'll try my best. I've not sailed the Pride or out of Baltimore or had FTTF, but I think, from answers to questions I've asked and answers I've seen given, the point would be about your room being ready early. Apparently, Pride rooms aren't usually released for occupancy until 2:30 or after. So, without FTTF, you'll be roaming around ship with your carry-on until at least 2:30. With FTTF, you'd be paying extra for your room to be ready as soon as you board. So check-in time is not related to room ready time. FTTF (or suite or Platinum/Diamond) speeds up your room being ready and, supposedly, your luggage delivery. Among other things, but again, I'm not an expert. Hope that helps.
  19. I asked about this on another thread. The general consensus was that taking on all your luggage would be just fine in Baltimore after 2:30. My husband and I plan to do so. Enjoy your cruise!
  20. I think if I get to the library to use a computer I'll be able to see it. I signed up for airtable, anyway. Your link at least got me that far. My phone is so old I don't have enough space to download the airtable app. So thanks! I think I'll eventually be able to see this now!
  21. That was the general idea I was getting from unofficial sources. Thanks!
  22. Same problem. Link won't work for me. And I don't have Facebook. If someone could be so kind as to look up the CD on the Pride on the 11/3/19 Journeys cruise, I would really appreciate it!
  23. You're welcome! Enjoy your cruise!
  24. My husband and I are on the Conquest in January. This is our plan. https://www.beyondships2.com/cruise-article---a-walk-to-seven-mile-beach.html
  25. Is the spa hot tub open and able to be used as soon as you get onboard? The one in the spa, not the outside ones.
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